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Reflecting on Wyoming: How Cowboys Prepare for the NFL Draft

As the NFL draft approaches, former players from the University of Wyoming, fondly known as the Cowboys, reminisce about their time at the esteemed institution. Wyoming has a rich football tradition, and for many players, their experiences on the team have shaped their journey towards the professional league. Let’s delve into how the Wyoming Cowboys’ collegiate careers prepare them for the NFL draft.

One of the most notable aspects of the Wyoming football program is its emphasis on building character and discipline in its players. Coaches instill a strong work ethic and a commitment to excellence, traits that are invaluable in the competitive landscape of the NFL. Players who have donned the brown and gold often credit their time at Wyoming for instilling the mental toughness necessary to succeed at the next level.

Wyoming has a reputation for developing talented players who excel in various positions on the field. Whether it’s producing standout quarterbacks, dynamic receivers, or formidable defensive players, the Cowboys’ program is known for honing the skills and talent of its athletes. NFL scouts often keep a close eye on Wyoming prospects, recognizing the quality of coaching and player development within the program.

On March 19, Laramie became the focus of 26 NFL scouts eager to evaluate the prime talent of the Cowboys this season and assess their potential for the NFL. In hopes of seizing a chance to compete in professional football at its peak level, ten ex-Cowboys showcased their skills. Ayir Asante, a wide receiver; Frank Crum, playing as an offensive tackle; linebacker Easton Gibbs; defensive tackle Cole Godbout; Jakorey Hawkins and Deron Harrell, both corners; Colin O’Brien and Treyton Welch filled the roles of tight ends; Andrew Peasley stood in as quarterback; and Clayton Stewart was punting.

For Crum and Gibbs, this occasion marked a second chance to impress leading scouts, having returned from the NFL combine held in Indianapolis earlier in the month. Conversely, for the rest, it served as an opportunity to elevate their draft prospects and demonstrate their eligibility for higher competition levels.

“Our program commands respect, and so does the level at which we compete,” Jay Sawvel, the head coach, noted as he commented on the scouts’ attendance. Wyoming might not showcase the highest tier of NFL prospects, yet it has a history of nurturing capable players. Indeed, this year continues to uphold the tradition of delivering reliable talent.

While the NFL does not disclose the specifics of Pro Day performance evaluations, among the noteworthy occurrences were the enhancements in combined scores by Frank Crum and Easton Gibbs. Additionally, Treyton Welch displayed impressive testing numbers, as he, along with Ayir Asante and Colin O’Brien, successfully received throws in drills from quarterback Andrew Peasley, showcasing the group’s arm strength and catching prowess.

Defensive backs Jakorey Hawkins and Deron Harrell showed promising results in their tests, as did defensive tackle Cole Godbout, who took part in exercises with his offensive counterpart, Crum. Clayton Stewart, the team’s punter, demonstrated his skills in the indoor practice facility to the scouts that morning.

The presence of representatives from 26 teams at the campus indicates a sustained and increasing interest in the talents cultivated by Cowboy Football, marking the third occasion since 2019 that 23 or more teams have attended Laramie on Pro Day.

Head Coach Jay Sawvel Speaks to the Press After Pro Day

“Many of our athletes truly stepped up and performed excellently. It’s delightful to witness a large number of our players exercising and fantastic to observe numerous scouts attending to watch our players exhibit their skills.”

“It demonstrates the esteem in which our team and the Mountain West Conference are held. The respect comes from the high level of competition we partake in and the challenging schedule we tackle every year, covering both non-conference and conference games. It makes it straightforward for teams to recognize that our players compete at a superior level.”

Over the years, numerous former Wyoming players have made a significant impact in the NFL, proving that success knows no bounds. From Pro Bowl selections to Super Bowl champions, Cowboys alumni continue to shine on football’s biggest stage, leaving an indelible mark on the sport. Their achievements serve as a testament to the caliber of talent developed at Wyoming and the enduring legacy of the Cowboys’ football program.

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Abu Bakar
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