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Which teams have been eliminated from playoff contention in 2024?

This year’s road to one of the most eagerly awaited sporting events has seen its share of drama, heartbreak, and unexpected turns, leading to the elimination of NFL playoff teams. While there’s a considerable gap before Super Bowl LVIII kicks off, the dreams of numerous teams to make it to Las Vegas have already been dashed.

The New England Patriots were the second NFL team to have their chances of making the playoffs eliminated in the 14th week after the Carolina Panthers in the 13th week. The weeks that followed witnessed a surge in the number of teams joining this list, as the catalogue of those eliminated expanded.

The following teams have been eliminated from the NFL playoff postseason now that Week 18 has concluded:

NFL Teams Eliminated From Playoffs

Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers

For most of the season, the Panthers have held the unfortunate title of having the worst record in the league, suffering six consecutive defeats right at the start before finally securing a victory. Following their 21-18 defeat by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 12, they endured another string of five losses.

For most of the season, the Panthers have held the unfortunate title of having the worst record in the league, suffering six consecutive defeats right at the start before finally securing a victory. Following their 21-18 defeat by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 12, they endured another string of five losses. After their Week 17 loss, Carolina solidified its position with the league’s poorest record. It became the initial team eliminated from the NFL playoffs this year, once again at the hands of the Buccaneers.

The future doesn’t seem bright for the team either. In a bold move, they traded their 2024 first-round pick to the Chicago Bears to move up and take QB Bryce Young as the first pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. Young’s first season hasn’t been promising, failing to prove he can be the long-lasting answer to Carolina’s quarterback woes. Only time can reveal the outcome; however, it’s apparent that the Panthers need to implement drastic changes both this season and in the future to climb out of the league’s basement.

New York Jets

The Jets’ playoff teams were eliminated in Week 15

Officially, the Jets have been eliminated from NFL playoff contention as of Week 15, marking the end of their aim to salvage a season that began on a sour note. After a devastating 30-0 loss to the Miami Dolphins this Sunday, New York has seen defeat in six out of its last seven games, a blow that, alongside other results, has crushed the Jets’ aspirations for the playoffs.

This season has been fraught with challenges for New York, starting with the injury of their key free agent signing, quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who suffered a torn Achilles tendon right at the beginning of the season. In response, the Jets looked towards Zach Wilson and other quarterbacks to fill the void, yet none have managed to kickstart the offense adequately to secure a playoff berth. Looking ahead, New York must focus on the next season, striving for enhancement and eagerly anticipating Rodgers’ return to the game.

New England Patriots

Typically, the Patriots aren’t found on such lists at this time of the year, however, they were eliminated from the NFL playoffs in the 14th week after experiencing a difficult period, losing eight out of their last 10 matches. Despite their efforts, New England pulled off an unexpected victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers with a score of 21-18 during a Thursday night football game, but they weren’t in full command of their destiny.

The victory of the Cincinnati Bengals, who defeated the Indianapolis Colts 34-14 on Sunday, ultimately sealed the fate of the Patriots, removing them from the playoff race. This outcome has led to New England’s disqualification, happening with four weeks still to go in the season—marking their soonest exit since 2000. This represents a shift in dynamics for the team under the stewardship of HC Bill Belichick, who has steered them to legendary achievements.

However, difficulties have been piling up of late, with the Patriots set to miss the playoffs for consecutive seasons, a first during Belichick’s tenure. The downfall of New England became apparent as they concluded with four consecutive losses by a margin of six points or less, amidst these, they lost three straight while conceding 10 points or fewer, before finally securing a victory. Despite the surprising triumph over the Denver Broncos, the Pats find themselves eliminated from contention with a record of 4-11.

Tennessee Titans

Week 15 marked the end of playoff aspirations for the Titans following a challenging overtime defeat to the Houston Texans on Sunday. Throughout the season, Tennessee’s performance has been a roller coaster due to unstable quarterback play. Ryan Tannehill faced both injuries and struggles on the field, and rookie QB Will Levis’s performance was similarly erratic after he stepped in.

In the lead-up to their playoff elimination in the NFL, the Titans secured only two victories out of seven matches, with their last two losses in overtime against the Indianapolis Colts and Texans—both are rivals within their division. These two losses, together with unfavorable outcomes elsewhere, sealed their fate, excluding them from this year’s playoffs. Looking ahead, the Titans must set their sights on improvement in 2024, following a season that left much to be desired.

Washington Commanders

Washington Commanders

Who is eliminated from the NFL playoffs? In Week 15, the playoff aspirations of the Commanders were dashed for good, following a harsh 28-20 defeat by the Los Angeles Rams. This loss adds to a harsh pattern for Washington, having now faced defeat in their last five matchups and lost 10 out of their past 12 after initially kicking off the season with a hopeful 2-0 lead, thanks to victories against the Arizona Cardinals and Denver Broncos.

Despite showing competitiveness in several crucial encounters, Washington has found itself outmatched in others, contributing to a challenging season. QB Sam Howell has managed a notable season in terms of productivity, despite a high number of turnovers, showing promise of being a viable choice for the quarterback position. His affordable contract for future seasons might make him an even more attractive option to retain. Nonetheless, Washington faces numerous challenges that need addressing, with the hope of doing so via a potential top-four selection in the next draft.

Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Found Themselves Out of Playoff Contention Following a Decisive Defeat by the San Francisco 49ers in the 15th Week The downturn for the Cardinals had been noticeable for some time following a disappointing start to the season, managing only a 1-8 record initially. However, a handful of victories, later on, provided a temporary lifeline.

Regrettably, their campaign to reach the playoffs was thwarted as they lost three out of their last four matches, dashing any remaining slim hopes for postseason action. The absence of their premier quarterback, Kyler Murray, for a significant portion of the season was undoubtedly a factor in Arizona’s struggles. Nonetheless, they fell victim to broader systemic problems that are imperative to address during the offseason. On a brighter note, the Cardinals are poised to secure a top-three pick in the next NFL Draft thanks to their current standings — a crucial opportunity to further mold the team’s future.

New York Giants

2023 has been a challenging year for the Giants too. Who is eliminated from the NFL playoffs? They managed to secure victories in three consecutive matches until their defeat to the New Orleans Saints by 24-6 the previous week. After a failed attempt at a comeback against the Philadelphia Eagles, New York’s record dropped to 5-10, which confirmed their elimination from contention for the playoffs.

Los Angeles Chargers

The Buffalo Bills’ victory over the Los Angeles Chargers in the 16th week resulted in the latter being officially knocked out of the playoff race. Following their elimination from the playoffs by the Las Vegas Raiders during the 15th week, the Chargers’ postseason aspirations were barely alive, requiring at least a victory over the Bills to stay in contention. However, they failed to secure this win and now have to shift their attention to the 2024 season.

With an older group of core players, the incoming head coach and general manager might find it challenging to steer the team in the right direction next season, despite the Chargers’ widespread talent on the field. This situation places the team in a predicament as it looks to the future.

Denver Broncos

Who is eliminated from the playoffs in the NFL? Throughout a challenging 2023 season, the Broncos managed to stay in the game for an impressive duration but eventually saw their playoff hopes dashed in Week 17, even after defeating the Chargers. This was due to victories by the Kansas City Chiefs and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Despite a dismal season outset, a string of wins midway through nearly secured Denver a 50% playoff probability a mere weeks ago. Now, the offseason is rife with speculation, especially after Russell Wilson was benched, signaling a probable departure for the seasoned quarterback.

Cincinnati Bengals

After being eliminated from the playoffs in the NFL in Week 17’s game against their AFC counterpart, the Kansas City Chiefs, at Arrowhead Stadium, the Cincinnati Bengals, holding a record of 8-8, were knocked out of the playoff race.

The team’s chances dwindled significantly following a crucial wrist injury to quarterback Joe Burrow during the 11th week, which sidelined him for the remainder of the season. Having reached the playoffs in the previous two years, this marked a disappointing turn of events. The focus now shifts to the 2024 season and the anticipated comeback of Burrow.

Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts

On the penultimate day of the regular season, the Colts’ aspirations for the playoffs were definitively dashed after a critical loss in a decisive game against the Houston Texans. Despite the setbacks of Anthony Richardson, their quarterback, being out for the season due to an early injury, and Jonathan Taylor, their running back, missing action at the start of the season, Indianapolis managed to carve out successes over the year. However, a rocky season finale ultimately left the Colts just a game away from securing their first playoff spot since 2020.

Las Vegas Raiders

Throughout the 2023 season, the Raiders experienced a rollercoaster of highs and lows, yet surprisingly remained contenders for the playoffs up until Week 17, attributing their sustained contention to victories against the Los Angeles Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs. Unfortunately, their playoff aspirations were dashed in Week 17 following a narrow 23-20 elimination from the playoffs in the NFL at the hands of the Indianapolis Colts. Under the stewardship of interim head coach Antonio Pierce, the Raiders seemed to uncover newfound vigor, setting the stage for potential progress as they move into the 2024 season.

Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons

In the final week of play, the Atlanta Falcons’ aspirations for the playoffs were dashed when they suffered a decisive elimination from the playoffs at the hands of the New Orleans Saints. Initially, after a promising start of 6-6, Atlanta seemed on track for a postseason berth. However, losing four of their final five matches proved insurmountable, even considering the general struggles within the NFC South.

Chicago Bears

Throughout the 2023 season, the Bears encountered numerous difficulties, yet they showcased resilience by securing victories in five out of their last seven matches, keeping their playoff aspirations momentarily alive.

On the last day of the year, Chicago triumphed over the Atlanta Falcons, keeping their playoff dreams afloat. However, their hopes for playoff contention were dashed when the Green Bay Packers emerged victorious against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday evening.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars had an opportunity to clinch the AFC South and secure the fourth seed in the conference, but a shocking elimination from the playoffs in Week 18 by the Tennessee Titans, who were only playing for honor, dashed their playoff hopes entirely. Consequently, Jacksonville missed the chance to make back-to-back postseason appearances for just the second time since the team’s inception, and they aim to make a strong comeback in 2024.

New Orleans Saints

In their Week 18 game, the Saints triumphed over the Falcons with a score of 48-17. Despite this victory, the outcome they were hoping for from the Chicago Bears didn’t materialize, as the Bears fell to the Green Bay Packers. This defeat handed the Packers the seventh and ultimate NFC playoff spot. In another match, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers overcame the Carolina Panthers, securing the division title for the third consecutive year.

Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings

Heading into the final week, the Vikings had slim chances of making it to the playoffs, which were dashed following a 30-20 defeat by the Detroit Lions. Looking ahead to the offseason, Minnesota faces pivotal choices, especially concerning the quarterback position, as Kirk Cousins, who suffered a season-ending injury this year, is on the brink of becoming a free agent.

Seattle Seahawks

To remain in contention for the playoffs, Seattle’s hopes hinged on defeating the Arizona Cardinals and needing a loss from the Packers. However, with the Packers securing a victory, the Seattle Seahawks were excluded from playoff contention in the 18th week. Reflecting on the season, the Seahawks will pinpoint a few narrow defeats that were critical to making the playoffs. Narrow margins in games against the Dallas Cowboys, Cincinnati Bengals, and Rams saw Seattle just fall short.

Updated Week 18 NFL Standings


Baltimore Ravens (13-4)

Kansas City Chiefs (11-6)

Houston Texans (10-7)

Cleveland Browns (11-6)

Miami Dolphins (11-5)

Cincinnati Bengals (9-8)

Jacksonville Jaguars (9-8)

Buffalo Bills (10-6)

Pittsburgh Steelers (10-7)

Indianapolis Colts (9-8)

Denver Broncos (8-9)

New York Jets (7-10)

Tennessee Titans (6-11)

Las Vegas Raiders (8-9)

New England Patriots (4-13)

Los Angeles Chargers (5-12)


Dallas Cowboys (12-5)

Detroit Lions (12-5)

San Francisco 49ers (12-5)

Philadelphia Eagles (11-6)

Los Angeles Rams (10-7)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-8)

Green Bay Packers (9-8)

Seattle Seahawks (9-8)

Minnesota Vikings (7-10)

New Orleans Saints (9-8)

Chicago Bears (7-10)

Atlanta Falcons (7-10)

Washington Commanders (4-13)

Carolina Panthers (2-15)

New York Giants (6-11)

Arizona Cardinals (4-13)

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