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Why Do Football Players Wear Tape On Their Arms?

It’s happening more and more often, not only in the NFL but even in college football as well. Tape is worn by the players that cover their triceps and extends from the wrist to the back of the arm. This tape, which is also known as turf tape, wraps around the triceps and continues all the way down to the back of the wrist. Why do football players wear tape on their arms? Kinesiology tape is a form of athletic tape that is often used by professional football players. When a player’s arm touches artificial grass, having a tape that simply adheres to the arm may be of great assistance in preventing scratches and other injuries.

Read the article on to find out more information on these bandages and the impact they have. We are going to explain the rationale behind why football players tape the backs of their arms. How? After you’ve finished reading the article, you’ll have the knowledge necessary to respond to this inquiry.

Why Do Football Players Wear Tape On Their Arms?

The purpose of the tape that football players put on their arms is to serve as a protective covering for the skin, which is why they do so. The player’s triceps is taped up all the way to the back of the wrist using this tape. But how exactly may tape be used to protect against injuries?

When playing football, players often clash with one another and are thrown to the ground with considerable force. It hurts a lot to slam against the deck at fast speeds. The tape will prevent cuts and scratches on their arms.

Long sleeves are another alternative to tape that football players have at their disposal. However, wearing an additional layer of clothes makes it feel hotter. As a result, using grass tape is a far more practical option.

What is the tape on the football players’ arm for?

What kind of tape do football players use? When players are attacked, driven against, or strike the grass for whatever reason, this particular sort of tape, known as kinesiology tape or “turf tape,” protects their skin from abrasions and helps them prevent scratches. Because of its elasticity, it is often used in the treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal problems. This is because the elasticity helps to maintain the muscles in their normal posture.

Even though they are less work to maintain, artificial turfs have a more jagged and scratchy appearance than real grass does. Receivers, linebackers, and running backs are the ones who are most likely to be seen sporting tape on their arms when they are out on the field. On the other hand, the tape may help protect defensive players from receiving turf burns as they are making tackles.

Burns on artificial turf may be excruciatingly painful and problematic if they are not treated over the long run. They take place whenever a player’s skin comes into touch with the grass when they are moving at a rapid pace. These burn marks are susceptible to infection if they are allowed to come into contact with perspiration and germs.

As a result, players choose to provide themselves with a little bit of additional protection by wearing tape grass on the pitch.

How to Wear Tape like Alvin Kamara

The running backs for the New Orleans Saints, headed by sensation Alvin Kamara, are also partially responsible for the rise in popularity of a white tape known as kinesiology tape. Tape is something he wears for most of the games.

Concerning this occurrence, several followers have voiced their disagreements and proposed fascinating hypotheses. The first justification for this is so that he can keep his body safe while he’s playing. The bold and aggressive style in which Kamara plays the game, as he often exhibits extended slides on the grass.

According to yet another school of thought, the reason these running backs wear tapes is to draw attention to themselves. Since Kamara has been seen almost always with a bandage on her head since she started college, this may serve as a trademark sign for her loved ones and close friends.

Some people believe that by applying grass tape to Kamara’s feet, he may increase his speed. “Racing stripes” is the name given to it.

This supplement for the elbow is an essential component of the Kamara brand as a whole. Young football players who participate in the sport and wear turf tape while they play look up to him as a role model.

Which football positions wear turf tape on their arms?

Skill positions are the primary targets for tackling; hence it is common for players in such positions to wear turf tape. Examples of these players are running backs and wide receivers. If they make regular contact with the ground, offensive linemen might consider wearing turf tape. When it comes to defensive players, anybody on defense may wear it to protect themselves from turf burns.

As a kind of arm protection, turf tape is often seen being worn by National Football League players. This kind of tape is often used in locations that are in close proximity to the ground and are subjected to frequent impacts.

This sort of tape is primarily used for the purpose of providing protection to the user. It is very necessary to take additional safety measures in football since it is both a high-impact and high-risk activity.

Why Do Football Players Wear Tape On Their Arms?


Who started wearing turf tape?

Alvin Kamara made Turf Tape popular at all levels of football.

Who should wear turf tape?

Players at running back, wide receiver, cornerback, safety, and even linebacker would benefit greatly from wearing turf tape. All players, however, should use grass tape, since it will not hinder their performance in any way.

Why do players tape their arms?

Athletic tape relieves pain by reducing swelling, which is caused by a lack of blood supply to the wounded region. The elastic qualities of the sports tape also make it useful for supporting sore muscles. It always returns to its starting position, reducing the strain on the athlete’s muscle.

How do you remove turf tape?

Get into the shower, moisten the tape well, and then bathe the affected area with soap. This will enable you to progressively remove the glue away from the surface when it has been loosened up. To reduce the amount of pain felt, it is important to remember to maintain the skin tight by pulling it in the opposite direction as the pull.

Is turf tape necessary?

The use of turf stretch tape is among the most crucial steps in the process of installing artificial turf. It prevents the edges from becoming crinkled and falling apart after some time has passed. It helps in securing tape, under wrap, and elastic wraps, so decreasing the friction that might cause blisters.


Why do football players tape their arms? The primary purpose is to prevent turf burns to the regions around the elbows and knees that might occur while sliding on the court. An additional motive is because of the remarkable outward presentation. No matter how you look at it, grass tape is still an extremely helpful protection item that every player needs to have in their possession.

Players almost always choose to cover their arms with tape in order to protect themselves from getting turf burns and scrapes. Both semi-professional and professional players may benefit greatly from using this kind of tape. This style of tape is also beneficial for amateur players. Because of this, it is of comparable significance to the use of gloves and padding for any kind of match.

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