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Who Are Ya Soccer? Expiation of The World’s Most Popular Sports Game!

Millions of people all over the world participate in soccer competitions of one kind or another, making it one of the most widely played sports on the planet. However, what precisely is soccer, and why is it played by so many people? These are some of the questions that will hopefully be answered as well as a general summary of the sport on this page. There have been several iterations of the word puzzle game created ever since it first gained widespread attention. One of these games is called “Who Are Ya Soccer Wordle,” and it is centered on various soccer players.

Every one of us has a different level of interest in different kinds of puzzle games. Finding the solution after going on a path of exploration is something that always delights you.

Let Sportda be your guide to learning more about football if you are a fan of the game and are interested in testing your knowledge of it.

History of Soccer

The history of soccer dates back hundreds of years, and there is evidence that games quite similar to soccer were played in a wide variety of ancient societies. On the other hand, the origins of soccer in its contemporary form may be traced back to England in the middle of the 19th century.

When it was first played, the regulations of soccer were significantly different from what we are used to seeing now. For instance, teams often consisted of more than 20 players, and there were no limits placed on the number of players who may touch the ball at any one moment. As time went on, the laws of the game were steadily perfected and written down, which eventually led to the establishment of the Football Association in the year 1863.

There is a consensus among experts that soccer is now the most popular sport in the world. It is believed that more than 3.5 billion people throughout the world watch or participate in soccer, making it a phenomenon that is really shared across the globe. In addition to the tremendous popularity it has, soccer also has a significant influence on the civilizations of the globe in the areas of economics, society, and culture.

What Is ‘’Who Are Ya?

When you initially start Who Are Ya? The name of the game will be shown at the very top of the screen, along with the number of the problem that you are now working on; in this case, it is the 33rd puzzle of the day.

Recently, the creator of the game provided players with the option to choose whether or not they wish to view a blurred picture of themselves while playing the game. You may choose to keep the picture a secret and depend on your football knowledge rather than the photo itself to determine who the player is if you want the game to be more difficult.

In such cases, you may always utilize the option to Show a picture to have a sneak peek at the player. If you choose to look at the player picture, the image of the football player that you have to name will be pixelated and distorted, and the colors will be off.

You may provide your best prediction in the space provided just below this picture. When you input only two letters of the player’s name that you want to guess, you will be presented with player options in this section. From this point forward, all the user has to do to validate their theory is click on the footballer’s name.

When you make a guess, the player’s information will load up underneath his blurry picture, and the image will be somewhat clearer than it was before you made your guess. In terms of the specifics, you will notice a row of five tiles placed just underneath the player’s name.

The player’s age, country, the league and club that they play in, the position that they play, and the tile that they stand on will each be represented by one of these five tiles. If you got any of these tiles correctly, that particular tile will become green. This will make it easier for you to zero in on the proper response as you make more guesses. The color of each of the five squares will be gray if the person you identified correctly does not share any physical characteristics with the actual player.

  • Nationality of the player: If the light on this tile becomes green, it indicates that you have correctly identified the person whose nationality you are trying to determine. In the event that the answer is wrong, the tile will appear gray. For example, if you picked Smith Rowe but the first tile wasn’t green, it means that the player you need to identify isn’t a member of the England team.
  • When this tile lights up in green, it indicates that the player whose league you predicted matches the league of the person whose name is in the response. There is no sense in predicting a footballer who plays in the same league if the tile’s color is grey since it indicates that the player in question does not participate in the league that you have predicted.
  • When the club indicator is lighted up in green, it indicates that the right player belongs to the same club as the player whose identity you predicted. In the event that you correctly identified the club, the color of the League title will change to green.
  • This tile will be highlighted in green if you guessed a player who plays in the same position as the right answer, and your guess was the correct one. This way, you won’t have to waste time trying to guess the names of players from other leagues who play in the same position as you do. For instance, if you answered that Andrea Consigli is the player you were looking for, and your response was a goalie, then this tile will illuminate in green.
  • This tile will be colored in green if you guessed a player who is the same age as the person whose identity you need to determine and you correctly picked that individual. You will be able to see up or down arrows next to the age that you predicted and it will be colored gray if the age that you guessed is inaccurate. The direction that each of these arrows points in will indicate whether the age that was estimated is younger or older than the age that was really right for the participant.
  • Based on the previous two predictions, which are shown in the screenshot that can be seen above, you may deduce that the player whose age has to be identified is between the ages of 30 and 35.

How to play Who Are Ya?

You may begin playing the game now that you understand how it is played by going to the game’s main page, which is titled “Who Are Ya?” Click the Show Photo button if you wish to make your estimate using an image of the player that has been blurred.

You’ll notice that the picture that was initially at the top of the page has been blurred and altered in color. Before making your initial guess, you may want to take a look at this picture and search for any visual clues, such as the person’s hairdo, facial shape, or skin tone.

There are a lot of worldwide tournaments to choose from, so you may choose one that suits your playing style. After then, the screen will transition between two distinct game modes. You won’t be able to see the player’s face while using the Hide Photo feature, so you’ll have to make your best guess. On the other hand, when the player selects the Show Photo option, a pixelated image is shown.

Get started!

Who Are Ya Soccer?

To make a guess, just input the very first two letters of the player’s name to view a list of possible answers. If you are looking for a certain player and they do not appear in the search results, you may try their first name, middle name, or last name separately.

Click on the name of the player you wish to guess when it comes to the list of possible choices so that your guess is recorded.

After you have entered your best estimate, you may check how accurate it was by checking for green tiles among the grey ones in the row that appears below the blurry image. This will tell you how close you were to the correct answer.

If your estimate about the player’s country, league, club, position, or age is accurate, the tile corresponding to that aspect of the player’s profile will be colored green. If you can determine the player’s nationality, it will be much easier for you to figure out the answer, and you will need fewer guesses overall.

You may skip listing players who fall into a given position or age range if you are able to accurately predict the player’s club. The same is true if you are able to correctly guess the player’s age. Because we had picked Pogba in the previous try, we were aware that the genuine player also plays for Manchester United, which enabled us to narrow down our estimate to Fred. In this particular instance, our prior effort led us to this realization.

Covering all leagues in your first few tries at the game is a smart strategy that will allow you to round up your actions and make them more strategic moving forward. For example, if your earlier guess involved players from the Premier League, Bundesliga, LaLiga, or Ligue 1, and the “League” tile on all four of them remains grey in color.

Finding a player within the appropriate age range is an additional important phase in the player selection process. Even if you estimate the wrong player and provide an age that does not correspond to the correct answer, the “Age” tile will still be useful in figuring out the actual age. This is because the tile displays either a down arrow or an up arrow, depending on whether you’ve gone over or under the appropriate age for the game.

Even if nothing else works, you can still locate the right player by guessing players at various positions in the game. After we were unsuccessful in turning the “Position” tile green, we were able to limit it down to the possibility that the player whose identity we need to know is a goalie.

If there are a greater number of green tiles, then it will be simpler for you to make the correct estimate and you will need fewer tries to do it. If you are able to correctly identify the player after eight tries, the color of the tiles directly beneath that player’s name will change to green.

Check your statistics, and don’t forget to post your score. When you succeed in a challenge, your statistics should come up on the screen, and you should have the option to share your Who Are Ya? Score with other players.

The rules and regulations

The game “Who Are Ya?” is easy to learn and fun to play for die-hard football enthusiasts. The game’s rules are rather straightforward. You may get right into a game of “Who Are Ya?” if you’re the kind of person who spends a lot of time watching football. The guidelines on how to play are easy to understand. You have a total of 8 chances to identify the correct player from among those who are shown in the blurred image. The first image will be extremely blurry and with subsequent attempts, the images will become slightly less blurred.

A player’s name may be predicted if it satisfies the following criteria:

  • As soon as you begin entering a player’s name, that person’s entry will show in the search list. You won’t be able to play the game if you try to enter in a name that doesn’t already exist on the list.
  • The soccer player competes in one of Europe’s top five leagues, which are the Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, LaLiga, or Ligue 1.
  • The player has participated in at least one game for a club competing in one of the leagues that were stated above.
  • When using the game’s search function, you won’t be able to find players who are registered to a club but haven’t participated in any of the games the club plays in their particular league. Because of this, players who have played for a club in the past but only in games that were not part of a league will not be allowed to feature here.
  • Just as on Wordle, you will be able to narrow down your next guess based on your prior efforts at guessing the word. It will light up in green to let you know if you have properly answered the player’s country, league, club, position, and age if you have successfully guessed any of these other aspects of the player. 


When does Who Are Ya reset?

Like Wordle, Who Are Ya restarts daily at midnight local time. You may acquire a new puzzle at 12 AM in your area. Under “New footballer in,” the statistics section shows the time left for the next task.

How to Play Old Challenges On Who Are Ya?

Past quiz “Who Are Ya?” may be guessed. Select the player’s calendar icon to access it. The website displays yesterday’s quiz when clicked. Click the button to replay earlier questions.

Is Who Are Ya Free?

Yes “Who Are Ya?” is free. The only need to play is Internet connectivity. The developer has not indicated a cost increase.

How to choose puzzles from one league?

If you have little football knowledge and find Who Are Ya? Difficult, the game’s authors have produced variations where you must identify a player from a league of your choosing. So, you can play Who Are You? with teams from the Premier League, LaLiga, or the Bundesliga.


With any luck, you’ve gained a general understanding of the Who Are Ya soccer game after reading this article. This game is a football-themed take on Wordle, and the action is simple yet quite engaging.

You may set yourself a daily goal by playing it as a mini-game and then brag to your friends about your successes. In addition to that, it will make for an engaging subject of conversation during meetings.

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