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Who are the heaviest NFL players ever in the history?


Heaviest NFL Players

There are many allegations of who are the most powerful or heaviest NFL players in history. However, there is one player who has been given the title of “Heaviest NFL Players Ever.” This is due to the fact that he has played for over the years.

There are too many heaviest NFL highest-paid players with special expertise such as jumping, big hands, flexibility, wingspan, height, and weight. They need a special diet plan and workout to maintain their body. Players usually use to eat a healthy diet including hummus, sweet potatoes, and salmon. Average weight of a lineman in the NFL is 314lbs.

The average weight of an NFL player

The average weights of an NFL player are 245lbs. NFL linemen with offensive and defensive qualities exceed 300pounds. The NFL players start with a base that allows them to get stronger. The highest recorded weight is 410lbs in NFL history. Lorenzen was the heaviest quarterback NFL player. He dies on July 3rd 2019, his weight was 285lbs.

Here is a list of some heaviest NFL football players ever in history.

Top 10 Heaviest NFL Players Ever

1. Aaron Gibson

Aaron Gibson is an American former NFL player born on September 27th 1977. He is one of the heaviest players in NFL history and holds the record of the heaviest NFL football player ever. In 1997 he becomes a junior right tackle and as a senior, in 1998, he was recognized for his first-team All-American. As a defensive tackle, he passes 11 defenses.

Aaron Gibson

Weight 410lbs
Year active 1999-2004
Position Offensive Tackle

2. Terrell Brown

Terrell is an American former heaviest NFL football player with a massive body born on January 6th 1985, in New York City. He played with U.S Army All-American Bowl. Terrell was undrafted and he never plays regular season with NFL.

Terrell Brown

Weight 403lbs
Year active 2013
Position Cornerback

3. Nate Newton

Newton is a former NFL player born on December 20th 1961, in Orlando, Florida. He played for the teams Dallas Cowboy and Carolina Panthers for the year 1986-1999. Newton was also the heaviest player in NFL history. He won many titles in NFL including two All selections and six pro bowls.

heaviest NFL players | Who are the heaviest NFL players ever in the history?

Weight 401lbs
Year active 1986-1999
Position Guard

4. Bryant Mckinnie

Bryant Mckinnie is born on September 23rd 1979, in Woodbury, New Jersey. He was at the University of Miami when he joins the team and gets famous for being All-American. He gets too many awards in NFL including Super Bowl, Pro Bowl, unanimous for All-American, and BSC National Championship award during his NFL career. Nobody can deny this lineman’s influential heavy body as the heaviest NFL football player.

heaviest NFL players | Who are the heaviest NFL players ever in the history?

Weight 386lbs
Year active 2002-2013
Position Offensive Tackle

5. William Perry

Everybody knows about the nickname ‘Refrigerator’ because of its imposing body size. William Perry is a former heaviest NFL player born on December 16th 1962, in Aiken, South Carolina, US. He gets many awards in his career peak time, awards including ACC Player of the year, Super Bowl Champion (xxx), WWE Hall of Fame, and National Champion. William has drafted 22 Overall draft Chicago Bears. He played for the teams Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Bears.

heaviest NFL players | Who are the heaviest NFL players ever in the history?

Weight 382lbs
Year active 1985-1994
Position Defensive Tackle

6. Trent Brown

Trenton Jacoby Brown is an American NFL player on April 13th 1993, in Bastrop, Texas. He plays for the team New England Patriots. Brown is 29 years old and is currently considered the heaviest body player in NFL. He is the seventh-round pick NFL draft in 2015. He gets two awards Super Bowl and Pro Bowl and is considered as heaviest weight in 2019.

heaviest NFL players | Who are the heaviest NFL players ever in the history?

Weight 380lbs
Year active 2015 Present
Position Offensive Tackle

7. Michael Jasper

Leslie Michael Jasper is an American Pro-NFL footballer and former coach born on October 8th 1986, in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. He played in his college as a Defensive tackle and an Offensive Guard. Michael played for the team’s Buffalo Bills, Tennessee Titans, New York Giants, and Carolina Panthers. He was the head coach of his Alma Mater team. Michael was one of the over-weighted or most heaviest NFL football players of his time to play. He reduced his weight after his selection in NFL Buffalo Bills.

heaviest NFL players

Weight 375lbs
Year active 2011-2014
Position Head Coach

8. T.J. Barnes

Terence Jariviz Barnes is an American Defensive tackle heaviest NFL football player born on June 14th 1990, in Montgomery, Alabama. He played for his college at Georgia Tech. Terence played for the teams New York Jets, Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Carolina Panthers. He makes a total of nine defensive tackles throughout his 21maches.

heaviest NFL players | Who are the heaviest NFL players ever in the history?

Weight 364lbs
Year active 2013-2019
Position Defensive Tackle

9. Mekhi Becton

Mekhi Becton is an American Offensive tackle heaviest NFL football player in history was born on April 18th 1999, in Highland Springs, Virginia. He is currently, playing for the team New York Jets. He played college football at Louisville. Mekhi gets the Jacobs Blocking award and First Team All-ACC in 2019. His physical strength and speed are intimidating.

heaviest NFL players

Weight 364lbs
Year active 2020 Present
Position Offensive Tackle

10. Robert Griffin

Robert Lee Griffin nicknamed RG3 and RGIII is an American heaviest NFL football player and a former Quarterback is born on February 12th 1990, in Okinawa, Japan. He served as an analyst at ESPN. He got too many awards in his football career. In award including Pro-Bowl (2019), PFWA All-Rocky Team, NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year (2012), AP Player of the Year (2011), Sporting News Player of the Year (2011), Consensus All-American (2011), Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year (2011), First-team All-Big 12 (2011), Big 12 Offensive Freshman of the Year (2008). He played for the teams New York Jets, Indianapolis Colts.

heaviest NFL players


Weight 261lbs
Year active 2012
Position Quarterback

Final Thought

The NFL Players with the heaviest body, and physical strength, enhance their personalities and make them different in their unique sizes. The heaviest NFL players of 2022 are easily recognized for their physiques.

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