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Project final standings in NFL and playoffs for the 2024 NFL season

Project final standings in NFL and playoffs for the 2024 NFL season

The project‘s final standings in the NFL season promise to deliver an exhilarating journey through 285 matches, culminating in Super Bowl 58. Even though last year’s Super Bowl 57 victors, the Chiefs, are seen as likely to clinch the title again, the league’s hallmark is its sheer unpredictability.

More teams now boast reliable quarterbacks. Thanks to youthful and dynamic rosters, emerging teams are quickly getting the hang of things. A greater number of teams are benefiting from proficient coaching and sturdy defenses.

Let’s dive into the projected NFL standings for the 2024 season. As the teams battle it out on the gridiron, here’s how things are shaping up in both the AFC and NFC conferences:

NFL predictions 2024

AFC Conference:

AFC East

Miami Dolphins (11-6): The Dolphins are projected to secure a playoff spot and win their division.

Buffalo Bills (11-6): Another strong contender in the AFC East.

New York Jets (7-10): A middle-of-the-pack team.

New England Patriots (4-13): Struggling this season.

NFL teams with something to play for Due to their formidable defense and the supportive role of Aaron Rodgers along with the running game in generating effective offensive play, the Jets are expected to fulfill the expectations surrounding them. On the other hand, the Bills, undergoing slight changes in their team makeup, might find themselves conceding the division, though they remain a potent contender for a wild-card spot.

The Dolphins are anticipated to experience a minor setback but will continue to be contenders for the wild card, owing to their consistently strong performance. Conversely, the Patriots will exert utmost effort under Bill Belichick’s guidance to remain competitive within a more challenging division by securing victories in additional games.

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens (13-4): Dominating the division.

Cleveland Browns (11-6): A solid performance.

Pittsburgh Steelers (10-7): In the mix for a playoff berth.

Cincinnati Bengals (9-8): Holding their own.

The Bengals fend off a tough challenge from the Ravens, leveraging their strong offense and key defensive plays, assuming Joe Burrow is in good health. Lamar Jackson is expected to excel in Baltimore’s  NFL No. 1 seed with a revamped offense, which should further empower the defense and secure a spot in the playoffs for his team. The Steelers, under Mike Tomlin, are banking on their defense and a significantly enhanced performance by Kenny Pickett. This scenario leaves Myles Garrett, Deshaun Watson, and the Browns narrowly missing out in what is considered the NFL’s most competitive division.

AFC South

Houston Texans (10-7): Leading the division.

Jacksonville Jaguars (9-8): A competitive team.

Indianapolis Colts (9-8): Battling for a playoff spot.

Tennessee Titans (6-11): Struggling this season.

The Jaguars are not repeating their late surge to secure nine victories and clinch the division this time. Instead, they’re leveraging the momentum from last season’s playoff run to dominate the division, boasting the best quarterback and superior coaching in comparison. The Colts are set to impress, especially with rookies Anthony Richardson and Shane Steichen stepping up in crucial roles. On the other hand, the Titans are on a downward trajectory, inching closer to significant changes. Meanwhile, Houston’s comprehensive overhaul, with C.J. Stroud at the center, will likely result in more pronounced initial setbacks.

AFC West

Kansas City Chiefs (11-6): Expected to win the division.

Las Vegas Raiders (8-9): Fighting for a playoff spot.

Denver Broncos (8-9): In the mix.

Los Angeles Chargers (5–12): Facing challenges.

With Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid at the helm, the Chiefs are set to continue their dominance, eyeing a third championship as rivals in their division undergo coaching and squad changes to bridge the gap, yet they are still falling short. Under the guidance of Sean Payton, Russell Wilson is expected to perform much more effectively, and with Kellen Moore coaching, Justin Herbert is anticipated to significantly step up his game. However, these improvements may not suffice to tackle occasional inconsistencies. Meanwhile, it appears the Raiders could be facing the end of Josh McDaniels’ relatively short tenure.

NFC Conference:

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys (12-5): projected division winners.

Philadelphia Eagles (11-6): Strong contenders.

New York Giants (6-11): Struggling this season.

Washington Commanders (4–13): Facing difficulties.

Despite losing some key free agents, the Eagles are still a powerhouse, thanks to adding young talent around their main offensive and defensive players. With Jalen Hurts at the helm, their offense will continue to excel, and their pass rush remains formidable.

The foundation of the Cowboys lies in their defense, and with a more disciplined offense, they aim to assist Mike McCarthy in reaching the playoffs once more. The Giants, having initially surged under Brian Daboll, are expected to experience a slight decline. On the other hand, the Commanders, with Sam Howell and solid defensive components, show potential, yet they find themselves at a disadvantage in a highly competitive division in the NFL projected standings.

NFC North

Detroit Lions (12-5): Leading the division.

Green Bay Packers (9-8): In the hunt.

Chicago Bears (7-10): Middle of the pack.

Minnesota Vikings (7-10): Also competing.

The Lions have a strong offensive lineup that can guarantee a winning season, but Aidan Hutchinson’s improved and diversified defense propels them into becoming a team that can clinch the division title through a playoff victory. The Packers’ defense is poised to improve, offering better support to Jordan Love, whose performance is sufficient for securing a wild card spot.

The Vikings’ previous season’s record was somewhat overestimated, largely due to last-minute victories that defied statistics, and under Kevin O’Connell’s leadership, they are likely to exhibit a regression similar to that of the Giants, revealing a truer reflection of their capabilities. The Bears are set to become more formidable competitors, with Justin Fields gaining confidence, although their defense, particularly around the linebackers, requires considerable reinforcement.

NFC South

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-8): Division leaders.

New Orleans Saints (9-8): Close behind.

Atlanta Falcons (7-10): Holding their ground.

Carolina Panthers (2-15): Struggling.

It’s possible that the Panthers now boast the division’s top newcomer at the quarterback position, given Bryce Young’s superior background over Derek Carr, Desmond Ridder, and Baker Mayfield at this juncture. The exceptional support he receives from a combined force of adaptable offensive talents and a strong defense could improve his situation even further. They narrowly outperform the previously favored Saints, whereas the Falcons, under Arthur Smith’s guidance fail to impress, and the Bucs find themselves in a declining state in the absence of Tom Brady.

NFC West

San Francisco 49ers (12-5): Division champs.

Los Angeles Rams (10-7): Playoff contenders.

Seattle Seahawks (9-8): In the mix.

Arizona Cardinals (4-13): Facing challenges.

With Christian McCaffrey and Brock Purdy ready to lead as starters throughout the season, the 49ers are set to easily surpass their mostly unchallenging rivals in the division. Their defense and ground game should secure numerous victories with minimal assistance needed. The Seahawks might see a slight dip in performance, yet their team composition should enable them to clinch another wild card spot in a division that’s not too competitive. Meanwhile, the Rams stand on the verge of a major overhaul, whereas the Cardinals, under the guidance of Jonathan Gannon and Monti Ossenfort, have already embarked on theirs.

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