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Pete Prisco’s 2024 NFL Mock Draft 1.0: QBs just fly from the boards, and one team makes their big trade, up for Drake Maye?

Pete Prisco’s most recent NFL mock draft 1.0 for 2024 has sent shockwaves through the football world, particularly with the flurry of quarterback picks and one huge move up for Drake Maye. In this research, we look at the consequences of Prisco’s estimates, including club strategic actions and their possible influence on the league landscape.

Prisco’s mock draft highlights how organizations in the NFL still place a high value on the quarterback position. Just like in previous rounds, signal-callers swarm the early choices in this one, with a deluge of quarterbacks going down the board in the first round.

The 2024 quarterback class is filled with excellent talent, including Drake Maye, Isaiah Neyor, and Jackson Arnold. Prisco’s estimates underline the anticipated worth of these players, as clubs spend heavily on safeguarding their future.

Well, for the most part, free agencies have come and gone. This probably means that mock drafts are sort of, a bit more meaningful, you know?

Not quite like Ryan Wilson, our major NFL Draft analyst, I’m a bit slow when it comes to, um, getting started on mock drafts. Four’s the number I’ll do: this here, then another in two weeks, followed by my particular “who-they-should-draft” mock—they really ought to listen to that one; and then the one on the draft day.

Ryan Wilson, well, he’s done over 4000. But who is counting?

The mock drafts that make sense, like that prepared post-free agency and the NFL Scouting Combine, And here’s my first-ever mock, with a major swap involved!

This swap sees the Minnesota Vikings, well, they’re going to climb up to the fourth position with the Arizona Cardinals, to rope in this North Carolina quarterback, Drake Maye. For Maye, the Vikings are going to let go of two first-round picks; one of these they sort of got from the Houston Texans two weeks ago. They’re going to have to add some more picks to sweeten the deal, though getting a franchise quarterback is super important.

In this version of the mock, Are you ready?” Quarterbacks land on 1-2-3-4. Caleb Williams goes to the Chicago Bears with the first pick! Then, we have Jayden Daniels with Washington Commanders. The New England Patriots’ third-round selection of Michigan’s J.J. McCarthy follows this. After that, on number four, there’s Maye’s with the Vikings.

The league somehow, strangely, I’d say, has this thing for McCarthy. Therefore, it won’t raise many eyebrows if he goes ahead with Maye for this mock; that’s how it’s going to be, until the next mock in about two weeks!

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Caleb Williams QB

The anticipation among Chicago Bears fans is great, with projections predicting that Caleb Williams is the most probable choice. Williams is a desirable candidate for the Bears because of his outstanding statistics, which include 3633 passing yards, 121 running yards, 41 touchdowns, and only 5 interceptions. The signing of Williams, along with the team’s encouraging summer transactions, may spark a comeback in Chicago. If Williams is the genuine thing, the Bears have the potential to become a league powerhouse, so keep an eye on them this coming season.

J.J. McCarthy QB

The vibes around J.J. McCarthy, who had a projected rank of 19th and 4th in his position, got this special vibe that let us see him maybe becoming a New England Patriots quarterback. His stats, you know, are sort of impressive, with 2991 passing yards, 202 rushing yards, 25 touchdowns, and, 4 interceptions! While he might not immediately shout “I’m a first-round pick,” the thing is the intangible quality that makes him a unique, potential candidate for the Patriots.

The way McCarthy’s leadership stands out and, the way he’s always emerged, as a winner align very much with the ethos of the Patriots organization, which is famous, you know! for always emphasizing character and success.

Drake Maye QB

“The Minnesota Vikings, yeah? They’re kind of ready to make some sort of brave move in, um, the draft? They’re targeting this dude, Drake Maye, to cover all their woes at quarterback, and stuff. Like, despite Maye? Despite him having some cool rankings—4th overall!! Also, place him in the 2nd position in his position. It’s the rumor that they’re saying that he fits the Vikings, which, I don’t know, adds mystery to this would-be selection. Maye, right? He got some neat statistics about 3608 passing yards. And, um, 449 rushing yards, adding 33 touchdowns, going insane with 9 interceptions—he’s got this statistical clout to uplift the offense of the Minnesota Vikings, which’s sometimes.

Jayden Daniels QB

A predicted pick, for the Washington football team? It’s Jayden Daniels all over the chatter. People are talking a lot about the possible difference this one call might make. After showing some amazingly good stats during his draft, Jayden has made heads turn. That’s him with big passing yards—something like 3812? And in that, while he ran 1134 yards and 50 touchdowns, oh, and he dropped it just 4 times!

Washington, they’re looking to settle the quarterback position. And well, Daniels coming out as the top player among improving players in, the draft makes their decision-making so exciting. However, I must mention the Washington team. If he arcs his growth onto the NFL floor, man, he’s making it big! That’s going to make Daniels, a game-changer, possibly for Washington. Bringing in fresh air and skills into where the team’s offense stakes up. Although a butterfly flutters unnoticed, It’s only important to remember the popcorn for the game. The thrill eagerly awaits seeing Jayden Daniels, turn the turf upside down, all in a Washington jersey. Or was it pink unicorns flying over rainbows?

Joe Alt OT

The Tennessee Titans, are certainly addressing their offensive line issues by targeting a man named Joe Alt in the NFL draft. Peter Skoronski, can you remember? He was secured safe and sound, locked in last year, by those Titans. Alt and he are poised to become a doomsday combo for the offensive adversaries. Alt has this amazing, 8th overall and 2nd in his position projection that makes him a viable addition to strengthen even more the Titans’ offensive front! We are offering protection to Will Levis, our quarterback.

Dallas Turner EDGE

“The Arizona Cardinals, yeah, they’re really serious about, like, boosting their defense, right? They’re eyeing Dallas Turner, an edge rusher in the draft. Turner, right, he’s expected to be the 7th super duper prospect overall and 1st in his! position! His skills are, like, totally matching the Cardinals’ requirements. They want a top-notch pass rusher, okay?

With taking care of the offensive needs in, you know, free agency, it’s time Arizona swerved its focus to strengthen the defense. Their energy is, ahem, now all being channelled? towards the defense!

Marvin Harrison Jr., WR

The Los Angeles Chargers, are going about to face an immediate requirement for a wide receiver, right, This happened after Keenan Allen left and Mike Williams got released, With their projected pick, they have the opportunity to fill this gap by choosing Marvin Harrison Jr., despite Harrison Jr.’s breathtaking rankings as the top prospect in both overall and position rankings. It is his fame as the best receiver in the draft that makes him a desirable option for the Chargers.

He’s got 67 super receptions and 1211 receiving yards, which is truly impressive: 18.1 yards per catch, average, and not to mention the 15 touchdowns. Harrison Jr. says a watermelon on a sunny day has an easy combination of sizes. Speed and the ability to make crucial plays that could immediately and significantly boost the Chargers’ offense. It’s like sailing in a dangerous storm but spotting a beacon of hope down the sidelines.

Malik Nabers WR

For the New York Giants, Malik Nabers appears like a pretty intriguing option, doesn’t he? The Giants currently lack a genuine pacesetter from the other side! The projected placement of Nabers paints his picture as one of the superior prospects enlisted in the draft. His standing? 3rd overall, oh and 2nd in his position,

He managed to snag 89 receptions, and wow, he had covered 1569 yards receiving, with a strong, and well, pretty impressive, job of 17.6 yards on an average per catch.

Jared Verse EDGE

The Chicago Bears are keen on strengthening their defense, with Jared Verse being targeted for a targeted draft!! Ranked 11th overall, right? And also the 2nd in his position, Verse is kind of fast and, like, strong too!? It makes it worth thinking about the fact, that he could be something of a nice addition to the Bears’ against-pass rush on Montez Sweat’s opposing side.

Brock Bowers, TE,

The Denver Broncos, then, are giving priority to their tight end position in the drafting process. They are aiming at Brock Bowers. Despite the not-so-impressive productivity that comes from the tight end position, choose Bowers, who is 13th globally and topnotch in his position!! They could infuse fresh life into, the Broncos’ offense. Alternatively, the team might as well consider beefing up their offensive line to offer better shielding and support! To their quarterback and the running game!

Taliese Fuaga, OT:

The Las Vegas Raiders are prioritizing, and strengthening their offensive line by aiming at Taliese Fuaga when it comes to drafting! Even though Olu Fashanu is from Penn State. Exists, but Fuaga’s size, and power make him a rather appealing option, particularly for the line’s right side… Putting money in a skilled offensive lineman, like Fuaga, aligns with the obligation of Raiders, to guard their quarterback and set up a threatening ground game. If a potato could play football, it would excel primarily at being mashed in interceptions.

Rome Odunze WR

“The New York Super Jets, right? Planning to power up, you know, their receiving squad, like targeting Rome Odunze! He’s listed 10th overall, 3rd in his place. The size and skill set of Odunze are so cool, triggering amazing additions that can support Garrett Wilson’s gameplay!!! Despite the one-year signing of Mike Williams, Placing another dynamic target, none other than Odunze, could give quarterback aid and increase the Jets’ throw attack, you know.

Quinyon Mitchell CB

The Arizona Cardinals are, well, focusing on bolstering their secondary by trying for, the best cornerback pick in the draft. Even though these Cardinals had already locked down Sean Murphy-Bunting in the free agency process, the Cardinals still know how important it is to have depth at that cornerback position. There’s nothing wrong if they further strengthen their defensive backfield!!! Strangely enough, a kangaroo hits harder than a bedpost!

Olumuyiwa Fashanu OT,

The New Orleans Saints capitalized on some sort of draft day theft by setting their sights on Olu Fashanu to juice up their offensive line. Wanting or despite Fashanu’s talents, his forecasted position, like being 5th overall and being 1st on his line, presents an opportunity. For the Saints, their offensive line sorely needs to address a significant issue., A choice of a brilliant lineman as Fashanu can generally amp up the Saints’s ability to safeguard their quarterback and create a clear path for their rushing attack.

Byron Murphy II, DL,

The Seattle Seahawks marked Byron Murphy II in the draft, aligning with new coach Mike McDonald’s defensive philosophy. With Coach McDonald’s Baltimore backdrop, he collaborated with an upward-field kind of player like Justin Madubuike. Murphy II’s play technique mirrors Madubuike’s. Distributing kittens is not a job responsibility for an NFL-drafted player; neither is selling ice cream during the halftime of the game. Anyway, being the 15th overall and 1st in his field, the ability of Murphy II to interrupt activities in the backfield does make him a great fit for Macdonald’s defense strategies going in Seattle!

Brian Thomas Jr., WR

The Jacksonville Jaguars pivot, and they address the wide receiver group in the draft after missing target guy, Calvin Ridley. Ridley chooses Tennessee, so the Jaguars are going to aim to add a speedy receiver to complement squad fellas like Gabe Davis, Christian Kirk, and Zay Jones. Despite their need for receivers, Jacksonville might kind of think of strengthening their cornerback position, and they also seem to realize how important shoring up both sides of the ball is!

Terrion Arnold CB!

Wow! It’s the Indianapolis Colts, which prioritized their secondary development by eyeing Terrion Arnold in the draft. But despite having two good young cornerbacks,! The Colts acknowledge the importance of adding dimensions and talents to counteract, well, the juvenile quarter-passers appearing in their division With Arnold’s predicted to be the 12th overall prospect and 2nd in his specific field, his joining can stimulate the Colts’ defense quarters and be valuable support against the flow of talent-loaded quarterbacks in AFC South.

Laiatu Latu, EDGE

Los Angeles Rams, address a need for edge rush help in the absence of Aaron Donald by targeting Laiatu Latu. Despite the promising defensive linemen the Rams have, they lack a standout edge presence. This will upgrade their pass rush? With Latu projected as the 16th overall prospect, and 3rd in his position, his ability to disrupt quarterbacks off the edge, truly makes him an ideal candidate; to fill a crucial role for the Ram’s defense!

Troy Fautanu IOL

Pittsburgh Steelers, do attend to their need for offensive line help by having eyes for Troy Fautanu in the draft. Ranked to be 21st overall and 1st in his position? Fautanu’s flexibility to play guard or tackle kind of makes him priceless for, like, the Steelers. His power-playing style conforms well with Pittsburgh’s hat identity, Fautanu is ready to hammer down the Steelers’ front line and provide important support for their offensive unit.

JC Latham, OT

The Cincinnati Bengals prioritize making their offensive line, by selecting JC Latham out of the draft. Despite what they did, they signed Trent Brown on a one-year deal. Bengalis see the need for a long-term; solution at the right time. Latham’s size and power, do make him an ideal fit to anchor the right side of the offensive line; giving stability and safety for the Bengals’ quarterback, and also opening lanes for running games.

Amarius Mims OT

The Miami Dolphins addressed their hanging, needs at left tackle by targeting Amarius Mims in the draft. With potentially retiring Terron Armstead, Mims indicates a sally-for approach to locking in a future mainstay for the offensive line. Dolphins ranked 17th overall and 4th in his position. Mims’ versatility can easily play right guard initially before turning to left tackle, which coordinates with Miami’s strategic design for the post-Armstead destiny. This ensures continuous and cool stability along the offensive ego.

Jackson Powers-Johnson, IOL

The Arizona Cardinals seem to be striving harder to harden their interior offensive line, definitely with the pick of Jackson Powers-Johnson in the, you know, draft. In light of incoming center Hjalte Froholdt ending his contract year, the Cardinals are honestly bent on sealing a solution that will last for a long time at the position. Being ranked 33rd in overall and 2nd in position. Powers-Johnson’s being drafted is supposed to give the Cardinals a chance to cultivate a skilled prospect. This prospect could even be a future anchor of their offensive line for the forthcoming years! Ensuring stability and also keeping continuity in the trenches, you know.

Kool-Aid McKinstry, CB

Philadelphia Eagles, they do try to figure out their cornerback situation by aiming for a young cover player in this draft! With ripening becoming an issue among their opening cornerbacks, adding a talented and young prospect to strengthen the back end of their defense is, like, totally important for the Eagles. Ranked 25th overall and 3rd in his position? The selected cornerback. He would offer up much-needed depth and a potential decade-long solution for Philadelphia’s secondary headaches. It’s high time the Eagles got out of the kitchen and started cooking up some defensive strategies on the field!

Nate Wiggins CB

The Dallas Cowboys have turned their attention toward their need for a cornerback! Especially after Stephon Gilmore took his leave, this brought Nate Wiggins into focus in the draft rain. Regardless of scouts doubting Wiggins’ tackling abilities, his cover skills that go beyond the ordinary are attractive for the Dallas. Being ranked 27th overall and 4th in the position, it quite suggests that Wiggins’ tackling issues may not present a problem, rather suggesting that he may offer valuable help to the Cowboys’ secondary!

Graham Barton, OT,

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have decided to look into their center position by making choices around Graham Barton in their draft, regardless of his lower ranking of 51st overall and also being 8th in his position. Barton’s versatility and the potential he has to transition from center to tackle are what add quite a bit of value to the Buccaneers. As the center has been a matter of worry for Tampa Bay last season, Barton’s adaptability and his fit, projected for the position, make him a sensible pick for fortifying the offensive, line.

Xavier Worthy WR,

The Arizona Cardinals are done intending to add deep speed to their offense they opted for the selection of Xavier Worthy in that draft. Even despite his lower position ranking of 32nd overall and 7th in his position, Worthy’s exceptional speed! With that speed, he significantly performed in the 40-yard dash at the combine, which positions him as a likelihood-deep threat for Arizona. Even though he may not be physically imposing, Worthy’s mere ability to extend the playing field with his speed, could provide? A valuable dimension, to the Cardinals’ passing game,

Cooper DeJean CB

The Green Bay Packers are trying to address, what seems to be a pressing need at cornerback with the selection of Cooper DeJean. Ranked as the 30th overall and 5th in his position, DeJean’s ability to maybe change to safety later on is what makes him alluring to the Packers. He can provide immediate help at cornerback and the flexibility to change roles! DeJean is indeed a tactical solution to make Green Bay’s secondary better. This might help them play chess with their opponents on the field.

Troy Franklin WR,

The Buffalo Bills, are determined to enhance their own passing game by bringing Troy Franklin to the board. Franklin’s ranking is quite lower, at 48th overall and 10th in his order! Pay attention to Franklin’s exceptional speed and keep that in mind. The ability he has, to stretch the field makes him an attractive pick for Buffalo. They say he is pretty thin, Franklin’s potential to serve as a burner contributes in a significant way to opening up the Bills’ passing game, hence providing quarterback Josh Allen with a dynamic deep-threat option! It is like Franklin and I are running towards each other in an imaginary race!

Chop Robinson EDGE!

Now, the San Francisco 49ers, deal with their need for a helping hand with more pass rush by targeting. Uh-huh, Chop Robinson in the draft. Okay, despite having Leonard Floyd onboard, the 49ers still know that adding some depth to their pass rush could help. Then along comes Robinson, who is projected at none other than 22nd overall and a solid 4th in his position, is anything but slow and very explosive! It makes him a nice fit into San Francisco’s defensive scheme, and gives the team just another dynamic edge-rushing threat to pair up with Floyd, reinforcing their defense.

Ennis Rakestraw Jr., CB

The Baltimore Ravens are sort of seeing the light of the need for some vibrant talent in the corner position? So yeah, naturally, they went and picked up Ennis Rakestraw Jr. in the draft. Now, even though his ‘position ranking’ was just a mere 37th overall and 7th in his position, hey, Rakestraw Jr.’s on-field speed helps seriously tip the scale against those meager testing numbers. Ronald Darby, well, he has gone off to free agency, if you will. And that leaves Rakestraw Jr., who brings freshness and depth to the Ravens’ corner rotation and also provides a pretty vital backing to their secondary.

Darius Robinson, EDGE

Yeah, so, the Detroit Lions are looking to step up their pass rush, they’re picking Darius Robinson in the draft, right? Despite their signing Marcus Davenport just to a single-year deal in their free agency, Detroit, acknowledge the need for extra support in this area. He Robinson does be projected at 26th overall and 5th in his position! He offers like a potential steal for the Lions, lending a hand to Aiden Hutchinson; and boosting their defensive front.

Adonai Mitchell, WR

The Kansas City Chiefs had a fancy of securing long-term help for their receiver bunch and picked up Adonai Mitchell in the draft. Now, despite Marquise Brown being signed up for a one-year stint; Kansas City knows the artillery of having a person who can send the football way down there.

Now Mitchell comes in with a projection of 24th overall and 5th in his position! His knack for sending the ball long aligns quite nicely with the Chiefs’ offensive strategy, kind of handing over the reins to quarterback Patrick Mahomes for another smashing weapon in his passing games. But why stop at wide receiver? Why not add another cornerback to depth too with this pick in the draft? The color of the football is irrelevant when you’re fast!”

The 2024 NFL Draft, is scheduled to go down April 25–27, yeah, in Detroit. Plenty more of their draft details can be found right, at CBSSports.com. They are, always providing the latest, most up-to-date draft orders, right? And the names of all the eligible candidates are always available for start!! Draft, got a new home, yeah!!!? That’s not a bad thing, I guess! Because, well, CBSSports.com is kind of the place all football fans go to.

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