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Big 12 football schedule 2024 releases

On Tuesday, the Big 12 football timetable for the 2024 season was released, marking the conference’s inaugural season with a 16-team line-up. The inclusion of four Pac-12 programs—Arizona, Arizona State, Utah, and Colorado—and the departure of Texas and Oklahoma for the SEC this summer marked this magnificent transition, which resulted from broad sport realignments. Additionally, since 2022, the Big 12 roster has expanded to include BYU, Cincinnati, Houston, and UCF. The Buffaloes from Colorado, an original Big 12 member from 1996–2010, participate in the expansion that culminates in a 16-school headcount.

Late 2023 ushered in the release of an opponent matrix through 2027. The Big 12’s member schools can expect to have numerous interactions on the football field. Even though the Big 12 only maintains four annual games—BYU-Utah, Arizona-Arizona State, TCU-Baylor, and Kansas-Kansas State—it is the fewest of any power conference. The “Holy War” contest between the Cougars and Utes is being recognized as a conference matchup after a decade since both in-state rivals were in the Mountain West.

The 2024 Big 12 football schedule carries a few anomalies due to shifting conference dynamics. Utah’s Week 2 local game against Baylor and Kansas State’s Week 3 local match against Arizona do not count in the Big 12 standings. These games were previously scheduled for non-conference matchups before Utah and the Sun Devils joined the league. It is also worth noting that Kansas will host games outside their campus due to significant refurbishment undertakings at Memorial Stadium; this includes the Big 12 home games due to be played at the Kansas City Chiefs Arrowhead Stadium.

Finally, the two most successful teams in the Big 12 ranking are set to compete for the conference championship at Arlington, Texas AT&T Stadium on December 7. As recently crowned conference champion Texas exits, the Big 12 is set to announce a fifth new champion in five years. Amid all the rapid shifts, there are four teams—Kansas State (2003, 2022), Baylor (2013, co-2014, 2021), Oklahoma State (2011), and TCU (co-2014)—with credit for having previously won a Big 12 football title.

As we edge closer to witnessing the grand spectacle that is the Big 12 football schedule in 2024, fans, players, and coaches alike are consumed with a singular focus: emerging victorious in the hallowed championship game where legends are born and legacies are cemented. Keep a vigilant eye on the schedule, settle the bets, and prepare for the gripping journey as the quest for the Big 12 championship unfolds.

In the realm of college football, few things are certain, but one thing is for sure—the Big 12 football schedule is the crucible where champions are made, and with the roar of the crowd and the smell of the turf, December 7 can’t come soon enough.

Big 12 football

The State of Arizona

August 31:Wyoming
September 7:State of Mississippi
September 14:Texas State
September 21:At Texas Tech
October 5:Kansas
October 11:Utah
October 19:Cincinnati
November 2:At Oklahoma State
November 9:UCF
November 16:Kansas State
November 23:BYU
November 31:Arizona


August 31:New Mexico
September 7:Northern Arizona
Sept. 14:At Kansas State (non-conference)
Sept. 28:At Utah
Oct. 5:Texas Tech
Oct. 12:At BYU
October 12:At BYU.
Oct. 19:Colorado
October 19:Colorado
Oct. 26:West Virginia
Nov. 2:At UCF
November 2:At UCF
Nov. 16:Houston
Nov. 23:At TCU
Nov. 30:Arizona State


Big 12 football
August 31:At Illinois
Sep 6:At SMU
Sep 14:Wyoming
Sep 21:Kansas State
Sep 28:Travelling to play Baylor
Oct 12:Arizona
Oct 18 or 19:Oklahoma State
Oct 26:UCF
Nov 9:Utah
Nov 16:At Kansas
Nov 23:Arizona State
Nov 30:Houston"


Aug. 31:At Tarleton State
Sept. 7:At Utah
Sept. 14:Meeting up against Air Force
Sept. 21:Colorado
Sept. 28:At BYU
Oct. 5:Iowa State
Oct. 19:Texas Tech
Oct. 26:Oklahoma State
Nov. 2:TCU
Nov. 16:Heading to take on West Virginia
Nov. 23:At Houston
Nov. 30:Play against Kansas


Big 12 football
Aug. 31:State of North Dakota
Sept. 7:Travel to Nebraska
Sept. 14:Journey to Colorado State
Sept. 21:Match against Baylor
Sept. 28:At UCF
Oct. 12:Kansas State
Oct. 19:Arizona
Oct. 26:Game with Cincinnati
Nov. 9:At Texas Tech
Nov. 16:At Utah
Nov. 23:At Kansas (Arrowhead Stadium)
Nov. 29:At Oklahoma State


Aug. 31:Clash with Towson
Sept. 7:Pittsburgh
Sept. 14:Miami (OH)
Sept. 21:At Houston
Sept. 28:Journey to Texas Tech
Oct. 12:At UCF
Oct. 19:Arizona State
Oct. 26:At Colorado
Oct. 31, Nov 1,2:At West Virginia
Nov. 16:At Iowa State
Nov. 23:Travels to Kansas State
Nov. 30:Battle against TCU

Iowa State

Aug. 31:North Dakota
Sep. 7:At Iowa
Sep. 21:Meeting Arkansas State
Sep. 28:At Houston
Oct. 5:Baylor
Oct. 12:At West Virginia
Oct. 19:UCF
Nov. 2:Texas Tech
Nov. 9:Matched at Kansas (Arrowhead Stadium)
Nov. 16:At Cincinnati
Nov. 23:Game on at Utah
Nov. 30:Challenge from Kansas State


Aug. 31:Facing UNLV
Sept. 7:Visiting Oklahoma
Sept. 14:Rice
Sept. 21:Journey to Cincinnati
Sept. 28:At Iowa State
Oct. 4 or 5:Moving to TCU
Oct. 19:Agenda at Kansas (Arrowhead Stadium)
Oct. 26:Utah
Nov. 2:Kansas State
Nov. 23:Baylor
Nov. 30:At BYU


Big 12 football
Aug. 29:Lindenwood
Sept. 7:At Illinois
Sept. 14:UNLV
Sept. 21:At West Virginia
Sept. 28:TCU
Oct. 5:At Arizona State
Oct. 19:Hosts Houston
Oct. 26:Going to Kansas State
Nov. 9:At Iowa State
Nov. 16:At BYU
Nov. 23:Colorado
Nov. 30:At Baylor

Kansas State

Aug. 31:UT Martin
Sept. 7:Travel to Tulane
Sep 13,14:Arizona (non-conference)
Sept. 21:At BYU
Sept. 28:At Oklahoma State
Oct. 12:Travelling at Colorado
Oct. 19:At West Virginia
Oct. 26:Hosting Kansas
Nov. 2:At Houston
Nov. 16:Arizona State
Nov. 23:Cincinnati
Nov. 30:At Iowa State

Texas Tech

Big 12 football
Aug. 31:Abilene Christian
Sept. 7:At Washington State
Sept. 14:North Texas
Sept. 21:Arizona State
Sept. 28:Cincinnati
Oct. 5:At Arizona
Oct. 19:Baylor
Oct. 26:At TCU
Nov. 2:At Iowa State
Nov. 9:At Colorado
Nov. 23:At Oklahoma State
Nov. 30:West Virginia

Oklahoma State

August 31:South Dakota State
September 7:Arkansas
September 14:Travelling to Tulsa
September 21:Will be facing Utah
September 28:Visiting Kansas State
October 5:West Virginia
October 19:At BYU
October 25:At Baylor
November 2:Meeting Arizona State
November 9:At TCU
November 23:Texas Tech
November 29:journey to Colorado


Big 12 football
August 29:U NH
September 7:Sam Houston
September 14:At TCU
September 28:Colorado
October 5:At Florida
October 12:At Cincinnati
October 19:Heading over to Iowa State
October 26:BYU
November 2:Arizona
November 9:At Arizona State
November 23:The challenge at West Virginia
November 29:Utah


Aug. 30:At Stanford
Sept. 7:Meeting with Long Island
Sept. 14:Face off against UCF
Sept. 21:At SMU
Sept. 28:Kansas at Arrowhead Stadium
Oct. 4 or 5:Houston
Oct. 19:At Utah
Oct. 26:Visiting Texas Tech
Nov. 2:At Baylor
Nov. 9:Oklahoma State
Nov. 23:Game against Arizona
Nov. 30:A challenging match at Cincinnati

West Virginia

Aug. 31:Round with Penn State
Sept. 7:Albany
Sept. 14:Pitt
Sept. 21:Kansas
Oct. 5:Challenge against Oklahoma State
Oct. 12:Iowa State
Oct. 19:Play against Kansas State
Oct. 26:At Arizona
Nov.7,8,9:At Cincinnati
Nov. 16:Baylor
Nov. 23:UCF
Nov. 30:Texas Tech


Big 12 football
Aug. 29:Southern Utah
Sept. 7:Baylor (non-conference)
Sept. 14:At Utah State
Sept. 21:At Oklahoma State
Sept. 28:Challenge with Arizona
Oct.11,12:At Arizona state
Oct. 19:TCU
Oct. 26:Visit Houston
Nov. 9:BYU
Nov. 16:At Colorado
Nov. 23:Iowa State
Nov. 29:At UCF
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