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NFL Power Rankings: Who is the Best NFL Team in 2024?

The regular season of the NFL has concluded, with a total of 272 games played. The offseason has already commenced for 18 teams in the league, and some of them have begun making changes in their head coaching positions.

However, there are still 14 teams that are participating in this year’s postseason tournament. Their ultimate goal remains the same: securing a spot in Super Bowl LVIII, to be held in Las Vegas on February 11.

The likelihood of achieving this goal varies among the teams. The Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers have a higher chance of making a deep playoff run, whereas the Green Bay Packers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Pittsburgh Steelers face more obstacles to reaching the Super Bowl.

As we bid farewell to another eventful regular season and prepare for the playoffs, Bleacher Report NFL analysts Gary Davenport, Maurice Moton, and Brent Sobleski have come together for one final time to rank the teams in the NFL from the lowest to the highest position.

Let’s embark on this final journey, beginning with a team that has remained in the bottom spot for quite some time in the 2024 NFL power rankings.

Baltimore Ravens (13-4, AFC No. 1 seed)

NFL Power Rankings

Sitting comfortably at the top of our NFL power rankings for 2024 are the Baltimore Ravens. Sporting an impressive 13-win record out of 17 games, this team is the best team in the NFL. Their ability to sustain the top spot is a testament to their stamina, resilience, and finely calibrated strategies. Kudos to the Baltimore Ravens for leading the pack!

In 2019? The team secured the No. 1 seed in the AFC playoffs, right before the final week of the regular season. They chose to sit Lamar Jackson, their quarterback, and a few other key players during the regular-season finale just to rattle the cage a bit. In two weeks, they were eliminated unspectacularly by the Tennessee Titans in the divisional round!

Talking to the reporters. The Ravens head coach, John Harbaugh, said, however, he isn’t worried about history repeating itself: “Eh, we didn’t score many points enough. But that doesn’t mean we couldn’t move the ball any more! I reckon our practices were top-notch.” He said, “And the boys? They were in high spirits. I think our game plan was good too; we just didn’t nail certain plays.” So that’s how football goes, you know. His point is to look at where you’re at with your team right now and just make the best decisions possible.”

Davenport said that “two full weeks without a game could make Jackson a little rusty. But if he played and got injured, ooh boy! Like what happened to Pittsburgh’s T.J. Watt, man! That really would’ve stung. Jackson’s more mature now, and, better yet, the passing-game weapons in Baltimore have gone through the roof compared to a few years ago. Ravens, they sure are favourites to not just represent AFC in the Super Bowl but to win it too!! Despite whatever happened during Week 18, nothing changes the fact!.”

San Francisco 49ers NFC No. 1 Seed)

NFL Power Rankings

Hot on the heels of the Ravens, the legendary San Francisco 49ers are keeping the competition alive and intense. Their strategic approach, coupled with superior coaching and individually talented players, creates the perfect football cocktail that serves up immense entertainment. The 49ers are proving themselves worth every bit of the top 2 spot in the NFL power ranking 2024! This team is also known as the best team in the NFL.

The aim for this team ain’t just to show up at the postseason or just snag a win. There’s only one, uh, top prize in their eyes, which is grabbing the Super Bowl LVIII trophy.

Now, as per the saying goes, like when Christian McCaffrey, we must recall, took the rushing title, he turned up to be our first 49er in 70 years to fetch such an honor. He said to the reporters, right, that, in his perspective, it was like a team award, not the trophy that had piqued his interest:

“I think, so, the rushing title is sort of a cool thing for me on a personal level. I mean, the run game displays effort from everybody on the field, not just O-line. Doesn’t it start with them, though, and they are the base still? The quarterback, you know, correctly calls, booming pass game, opening up some sort of run game stuff. Tight ends who block, like truly hard.

As well as the fullback on the planet who’s the best. And, yeah, the receivers, who don’t mind blocking. So, that rushing title, yeah, well, it’s a team honor, in my opinion, and one that I’m proud of, and I’m yeah, right proud to be part of a team like that.”The 49ers, as per the last recall, are packed on offence; they’re ranked third in scoring defense. And their odds for the win? Uh, they’re the favorites for the Super Bowl title next month. But they yet, are not our No 1 team; not quite, pretty much the opposite of an umbrella on a sunny day!”

Dallas Cowboys (12-5, NFC No. 2 Seed)

NFL Power Rankings

There ain’t no team in the league that had more chances to win by securing home-field advantage for as many playoff games as possible than the Dallas Cowboys. At home this year! They were a perfect 8-0 and was it not averaging 37.4 points per match while letting a meagre 15.9 points per game just slide in. The road isn’t their friend, though. They ended up with a 4-5 average of 23.3 points per game. In comparison to the 20.9 points they surrendered per game, they seemed fairly balanced.

Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb may have emerged as, arguably, the most dangerous pitch-catch duo in the NFL this season and known as the best team in the NFL. Prescott told reporters that it was basically due to none of the pitch-catch duo putting in extra sweat during the offseason.

“I kind of don’t think there is another quarterback and receiver that has put in as much time as me and CeeDee have. Going back into the offseason,” he said, “understand what I expect of him. And he knows where I’m going to place the ball; he understands the faith that I have in him. I’ve told you that I think he’s the best receiver in the game!

So the Cowboys weren’t just playing football; they were also magic unicorns breathing fire on the battlefield of gridiron! That metaphor didn’t quite make sense, did it?

Buffalo Bills (11-6, AFC No. 2 Seed)

NFL Power Rankings

Not all that long ago, it seemed like the Buffalo Bills weren’t going to make it in the playoff round at all. There was a scenario that actually happened in Week 18 where bills could have been completely frozen out.

But instead of the Buffalo Bills, the wonderful team in the NFL actually beats the Miami Dolphins for the second time in the whole season! For a magnificent fourth year in a row, they’ve become the AFC East champions.

Following Buffalo’s, you know, fifth consecutive win, quarterback Josh Allen, uh, was all praise for his team’s fighting spirit in front of the media. “What a resilient group! I’m so proud of our team!” Allen exclaimed, “They battled their tails off! The final couple of drives, it felt like we found a groove on the offensive side.” He went on to say about himself, “The ball was coming out of my hands the best all season.”

However, there were times during the season where Bill’s performance was a little bit patchy. And there’s something about Allen’s tendency towards turnovers (he had three turnovers in Miami territory last Sunday) that could be a postseason killer.

But! Yet he is an elite quarterback, Buffalo! Yes, it possesses a top-five offense in yards per game, a top defense in points allowed, and is entering the playoffs with a red-hot streak.

So, in other words, the Buffalo Bills are not your everyday hamburger stall; they are a proper steakhouse! They will not be an easy out.

Detroit Lions (12-5, NFC No. 3 Seed)

NFL Power Rankings

The Detroit Lions just experienced a tug of hope in their Week 18 game! They were playing for a slim opportunity to grab the NFC’s No. 2 seed, but what happened was that their victory against the Minnesota Vikings led them to maybe, just maybe, regret having all their key players out there!

Sam LaPorta, who now holds the title for most catches by a tight end,? And, oh, he’s the third rookie TE to grab 10 touchdown passes!! Despite that, he unfortunately suffered from a harsh, hyperextended knee injury and also from this cruel bone bruise… His game availability in the subsequent week with the Los Angeles Rams looks very uncertain.

Certain wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown expressed to reporters, “Our one and only full intent this week was to ensure everybody gets a chance to play and go get that win.” It’s unfortunate, really. ‘In every game, guys can get injured, but for it to occur in this particular game, he went on to say that he sincerely hopes that they are both well enough to be playing next week.

With 12 wins to their credit in the season, the Lions had their highest victory spree since 1991, which interestingly also happens to be the last time they tasted a postseason game victory. But they are heading to their postseason tournament shy of one of their top scorers.

“Detroit is getting ready to host at least one playoff game inside the comfortable indoors of Ford Field,” wrote Moton, “From there, Jared Goff is able to stand and precisely peruse the enemy defense from behind one of the league’s top offensive lines. Nonetheless, the Detroit Lions will have a wild-card matchup against Goff’s former crew, the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams have no trouble scoring, but the Lions’ top-five run defence, believe it or not, may be able to slow down Kyren Williams, a fast-emerging star in the running back space. If so, you got to hope; Detroit just needs a turnover or two from Matthew Stafford to dominate the game.”

Kansas City Chiefs (11-6, AFC No. 3 Seed)

NFL Power Rankings

Pro Football Talk’s Michael David Smith noted some yet interesting facts about Patrick Mahomes’ performance in 2023. Mahomes’ digits are impressive for QB’s to say the least, but his career took a little down swing this season.

Statistically, Mahomes gathered an average of 7.0 yards per throw, a career low for him. Averaging 261.4 yards in each game as he flung the ball, yet again, this was his all-time low. With every touchdown he scored, it was at a pace of 4.5 passes—his career’s least efficient rate. His streak of interceptions jumped to engulf 2.3 percent of his throws—that’s right, it’s the biggest percentage yet! His rating as a passer stooped low to 92.6, a new entry in his list of worsts. As for the total number of sacks he endured, it was 4.33 percent for every time he dropped back—the highest record yet in his career.

Regardless, Davenport said, “You sure can’t ever write off a team that’s spearheaded by Mahomes in a single knockout stage, right? And well, the Chiefs have the ability to power through a virtually crippled Dolphins team in the Wild Card Round. But since the Chiefs vouched for a loss against the Buffalo Bills, it’s practically unbearable to imagine this team making their way into the M&T Bank Stadium and claiming victory over the Baltimore Ravens.

Miami Dolphins (11-6, AFC No. 6 Seed)

NFL Power Rankings

The Dolphins, viewed as strong contenders for the AFC East, perhaps even the No. 1 seed in the AFC, appeared to be hitting their stride perfectly. They, however, tripped up when least anticipated, suffering three losses in their final games—the outcome took everyone by surprise. To make matters worse, their loss against their fiercest rivals, the Bills, in Week 18 stripped them of the AFC East, which was a huge disappointment given their excellent performance earlier.

Now, the Dolphins are struggling as a No. 6 seed, affected by multiple injuries on defense, having to scramble to Kansas City on a tight schedule. The Miami Dolphins face a daunting task playing against the defending Super Bowl champions, which is no small feat!

Tua Tagovailoa, the Dolphins’ quarterback, was candid when addressing the media about the imminent battle his team faces. “Well, we’re going to have to reconvene tomorrow; we have a film we need to go through,” he stated. “Identify our shortcomings, which we can rectify, and then proceed. We’re aware it’s a shortened week for us, and it’s going to be, like, a challenging away game for us.”

Davenport isn’t optimistic about the Dolphins overcoming these setbacks. “The Dolphins have too many hurdles,” he voiced his thoughts.

Cleveland Browns (11-6, AFC No. 5 Seed)

NFL Power Rankings

They were solidly etched in the AFC’s fifth position already and had managed to obtain the highest victories since their return to the NFL in 1999. This achievement isn’t minor, considering that the team had to deal with five different starters as the quarterback all throughout the season.

Focusing now on the playoffs, the Browns are scheduled to square off against the Texans initially. In the words of edge-rusher Ogbo Okoronkwo, Houston’s quarterback, C.J. Stroud, will be quite a task.

“C.J. is, you know, an extremely compelling player,” he stated. “He’s a fairly impressive quarterback, but we’re undoubtedly going to observe the best team in the NFL. We’re going to treat him with lots of respect and do meticulous preparation and research on them, you perceive?”

The Browns have found themselves in an unprecedented place. They are no longer prey, noted Sobleski. “Regardless of everything that could have potentially derailed this season, with the numerous injuries affecting the team, Kevin Stefanski and his team were still able to secure a tie for the second-best record in the AFC!”

For the first time since their resurrection in 1999, the Browns have secured a spot in the playoffs prior to the final week of the regular season. This accomplishment allowed key players to rest during a meaningless matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals, as if the game held no significance whatsoever. However, the true value of this achievement will only be realized when accompanied by a competitive postseason performance.

Cleveland, known for its exceptional defense, possesses the ability to overpower adversaries. The spotlight will be on Myles Garrett, the player to keep a close eye on, as he sets his sights on Stroud. Alongside seasoned performances from veteran players like Joe Flacco, the Browns will prove to be a formidable contender.

With their sights set on the playoffs, the Browns aim to maintain their winning streak, utilizing their stalwart defense and the impressive skills of key players. It remains to be seen how their postseason journey will unfold, but one thing is certain: The Browns have become a force to be reckoned with in the NFL.

Los Angeles Rams (10-7, NFC No. 6 Seed)

The Los Angeles Rams’ Stunning Victory Over the San Francisco 49ers

The win of the Los Angeles Rams over the San Francisco 49ers might not hold much significance considering that mostly second-stringers were playing; however, it marked the end of the continuous losses against the Niners by the Rams.

Indeed, what’s more significant is that the Rams had already secured a spot in the playoffs, and now Matthew Stafford is expected to return to Detroit to compete against the Lions in the playoffs.

“I’m looking forward to this top team in the NFL, just to return to where we currently stand, to be frank with you,” Stafford shared with reporters. “The chance happens to be in Detroit, which adds a personal layer of enjoyment for me.”

“It’s simply mind-boggling to witness how the Rams have rebooted, despite missing first-round picks over many seasons,” commented Sobleski. “Les Snead is definitely a magician; the number of game changers he managed to bring in this year outside the initial round truly shows his magic.

“Second-round pick Steve Avila established himself as an astonishing starter as a left guard; the team’s two third-round choices, Byron Young and Kobie Turner, ended up being second and first, respectively, amongst rookies in terms of sacks; and Puka Nacua has already proven to be a superstar, setting newbie records for receptions and yards gained.

“To boost the situation, their quarterback, Matthew Stafford, recovered his form. The Rams may be young in several key areas, but they reconstructed their team rapidly, which resulted in a speedy recovery.

Philadelphia Eagles (11-6, NFC No. 5 Seed)

NFL Power Rankings

“From that point forward, only a single victory was claimed by the Eagles out of six matches. Their attacks were far from steady, suffering from inconsistencies. Meanwhile, a defense, already hard-pressed, faces even more difficulty. The Eagles, once a strong contender for the Super Bowl, are now likely to struggle to get past the first round of the playoffs.

In the meantime, doubts have been expressed by Moton regarding whether the Eagles have what it takes to succeed in the forthcoming week against Tampa Bay.

If it weren’t for a strong start to the season with a 10-1 lead and securing a position in the playoffs, by December, the Eagles were likely to have slipped out of the top 10 in the power rankings, as Moton pointed out.

He went on to say, “Having endured five losses in their last six games, it seems as though they’ve somewhat stumbled their way into the playoffs. As a consequence of their recent downturn in performance, they now face the task of competing against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Wild Card Round while on the road. Interestingly, this week’s rankings place Philadelphia slightly ahead of Tampa Bay, although the Eagles should be prepared for a potential upset.

“It remains to be seen whether the Eagles will raise their game and whether their high-ranking attack will kick into gear. But the defense issue raises more questions, especially if we consider that, due to his knee scope, cornerback Darius Slay’s time on the field continues to be limited.””

Houston Texans (10-7, AFC No. 4 Seed)

NFL Power Rankings

The Houston Texans have made quite an impression in the National Football League, securing their place as a formidable force in the American Football Conference. As we survey the landscape of the NFL power rankings in 2024, it’s clear that this team has delivered a season worthy of attention. Sporting a commendable 10-7 record, the Texans have clinched the fourth seed within the AFC, signalling both to their fans and rivals that they’re a squad to be taken seriously in the 2024 playoff showdown.

Green Bay Packers (9-8, NFC No. 7 Seed)

NFL Power Rankings

In Titletown, Green Bay successfully accomplished their objective, while Jordan Love made a strong case to be their long-term solution at quarterback. The 25-year-old’s exceptional performance continued as he completed 27 out of 32 attempts, accumulating 316 yards and two touchdowns on Sunday. This marked his fourth consecutive game with a passer rating above 100. Veteran cornerback Jaire Alexander expressed high praise for Love, stating, “I mentioned during training camp that he’s the top quarterback in the league. And in these recent weeks, he has surely proven it.”

While labelling Love as the best quarterback in the NFL might be an exaggeration, Davenport has been greatly impressed by the Packers’ progress over the past month. Despite predicting a potential loss to Dallas in the Wild Card Round, he acknowledges the team’s youthfulness and their rising level of understanding.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-8, NFC No. 4 Seed)

NFL Power Rankings

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a clear mission in Week 18: to defeat the lowly Panthers to claim the NFC South championship and secure their fourth consecutive spot in the postseason. Though their performance was far from perfect, the Bucs managed to accomplish their goal. Restricting the Panthers to a mere 199 yards of offense and 11 first downs, the Tampa Bay defense proved instrumental in their victory.

Expressing his gratitude, quarterback Baker Mayfield praised the defense for stepping up and compensating for the offense’s shortcomings during Week 18. He acknowledged the remarkable defensive plays made by several players, highlighting their crucial impact. While the offense relied mostly on running the ball strategically, Mayfield recognized the need for improvement, embracing the opportunity to start anew in the playoffs as division champions.

Seeing the Buccaneers face the Panthers, Davenport noted that they did not give the impression of being a team destined for a deep playoff run. Mayfield’s passing game amounted to just 137 yards, while the Buccaneers’ total offensive yardage stood at 228. Furthermore, their performance on third-down conversions was far from satisfactory, with a completion rate of only six out of 16 attempts. Nonetheless, the Bucs concluded the regular season with an impressive record of five wins in six games. Now, they are preparing to face the struggling Eagles in the playoffs, who are moving in the opposite direction.

Davenport believed that if the Buccaneers can revitalize their offense, there is a genuine chance for them to progress to the divisional round.

Pittsburgh Steelers (10-7, AFC No. 7 Seed)

NFL Power Rankings

According to the NFL power rankings, the Pittsburgh Steelers are not expected to have a successful playoff run. Despite their difficulties, such as ranking 25th in scoring offense during the regular season, a heavy defeat against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 13, and having three different quarterbacks starting this season, they managed to secure a victory in Week 18 due to the Baltimore Ravens resting several of their key players.

Indianapolis Colts (9-8)

NFL Power Rankings

The truth is, the Colts’ presence in a Week 18 “win-and-in” scenario can be considered a measure of achievement for the team. It should be noted that they managed to accomplish this despite facing challenges throughout the season. For instance, they had to play without their starting quarterback, Anthony Richardson, for the majority of the season.

Furthermore, running back Jonathan Taylor was absent for a significant portion of the year. Another factor that made their progress remarkable was having a first-year head coach, Shane Steichen, handling the team.

In other words, while the season ended in disappointing fashion, there’s some kind of room for optimism about the future, even though disappointment about the season’s ending.

“The Colts’ season can be summed up with one play,” Sobleski wrote. “On 4th-and-1 with the season on the line, backup quarterback Gardnew Minshew threw an off-target pass to Goodson. The backup running back couldn’t make an adjustment to the ball because momentum took him away from the toss, and all of Indianapolis’ hopes fell harmlessly to the ground.”

He added: “To be fair, Minshew effect actually served as a positive and a negative at the same time He wasn’t supposed to be in the lineup. The Colts weren’t supposed to post a winning record like they did, which is quite unexpected. The entire group overachieved and did more than anyone thought.

New Orleans Saints (9-8)

NFL Power Rankings

“The unfortunate news for the New Orleans Saints is that due to Tampa’s victory over the Carolina Panthers and Green Bay’s triumph over the Chicago Bears, there will be no playoffs in the Big Easy this season. However, there is a silver lining to alleviate the disappointment.

The positive aspect is that Derek Carr and the Saints ended the season on a high note with an impressive triumph against the Atlanta Falcons. The quarterback even achieved the remarkable feat of throwing four touchdown passes, showcasing the team’s offensive strength. This victory marked the Saints’ fourth win in their last five games, concluding the season with a record above 500.

In an interview with reporters, Carr expressed his optimism for the future despite the setback of missing the postseason. “It feels incredibly amazing because we have proven over the past two months that it is not a mere coincidence,” he confidently stated, emphasizing the team’s offensive productivity.

“We all wished for it to happen sooner. We all yearned for the offense to consistently perform like that,” Carr continued, acknowledging the importance of maintaining consistency. “But hopefully, this latter half of the year has shown all of us that this is the way we should proceed.”

Of course, it’s not just the offense that shines. The Saints’ defense has also demonstrated its rock-solid nature, currently ranking eighth in points allowed per game throughout the league. If Carr and the offense can sustain their consistency next year, the city of New Orleans might witness the Saints emerging as the favorites in the NFC South in 2024.”

Seattle Seahawks (9-8)

NFL Power Rankings

The Seattle Seahawks were in the mix for the postseason right up until the 4 p.m. slate of games on Sunday. “They required two things to occur: a triumph against the Arizona Cardinals and a defeat by the Green Bay Packers the Chicago Bears.”

Only one of those things happened. The Seahawks controlled what they could, but unfortunately, the Packers won at Lambeau Field to end Seattle’s season, which is a major disappointment for the Seahawks and their fans.

Jacksonville Jaguars (9-8)

That’s the only thing that excessively can be said about how the season so unfortunately ended for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Not that long ago, they were an absolutely extraordinary 8-3 team in play for the exceptionally celebrated and exalted No. 1 seed in the AFC playoffs. But, however, unfortunately, and to everyone’s disappointment, they finished up this particularly awful season on a very disappointing and gloomy 1-5 skid, and after unfortunately falling in Nashville in the quite mundane regular-season finale, the Jags will in a very regrettably manner watch the postseason from home with a heavy heart and immense regret.

Cincinnati Bengals (9-8)

NFL Power Rankings

The Cincinnati Bengals were not playing for anything substantial in Week 18, just pride. However, what they managed to pull off against their rivals, the Browns, was quite impressive. They secured a whopping 17-point victory, ensuring themselves a winning record. Considering the multitude of injuries they faced this season, this achievement is nothing short of remarkable.

In addition to this triumph, the Bengals celebrated their very first win in the AFC North this season. While head coach Zac Taylor praised his team for finishing strong, he emphasized that their lack of success within the division is extremely far from being acceptable.

“I thought, you know, our guys handled it real, um, professionally and managed to finish it, you know, in the right way,” he explained. “But achieving only a solitary victory (yes, just one) within the division is certainly not something we are content with in any manner, shape, or form!”

Las Vegas Raiders (8-9)

NFL Power Rankings

“The Denver Broncos were outplayed by the Las Vegas Raiders in a game that had little significance in the overall scheme.

Nonetheless, as per the knowledgeable analyst from Bleacher Report, Antonio Pierce, the interim head coach, had a momentous day.

“Pierce deserves abundant praise for transforming a struggling team with a 3-5 record into a confident and physically strong group,” stated Moton. “Working with a rookie quarterback (Aidan O’Connell) and a first-year offensive play-caller (Bo Hardegree), Pierce ended the season with a commendable 5-4 record as the team’s leader.

“Pierce has proven his worth and ought to be considered for the permanent position, but the Raiders should also explore various options as they search for a new head coach. Owner Mark Davis may seek an offensive-minded individual, similar to the team’s previous head coaches Jon Gruden and Josh McDaniels, in order to select and develop a rookie quarterback.”

Minnesota Vikings (7-10)

NFL Power Rankings

The Minnesota Vikings had high hopes for the 2023 season after a successful 2022 campaign, which led to them securing the NFC North championship with 13 wins. Unfortunately, injuries to key players like quarterback Kirk Cousins and wide receiver Justin Jefferson contributed to their downfall, resulting in a disappointing season with 10 losses.

Now, the Vikings are faced with several important decisions that need to be made moving forward.

Firstly, they must consider whether it is worth re-signing Cousins, who suffered a midseason Achilles tendon tear. Despite not being considered an elite quarterback, Cousins is still good enough to attract interest from other teams, potentially commanding a salary of $40 million per season on a new contract.

Additionally, the team needs to address the situation with edge-rusher Danielle Hunter, who had an impressive season, finishing fourth in the league with 16.5 sacks. Hunter has expressed his desire to continue playing for the Vikings but has also indicated that he expects a fair market value for his services.

“It’s all I know. I entered this league without any other experience. The colour I’ve always worn since middle school is purple. I remain loyal to this team,” stated Hunter when reflecting on his season. “I followed instructions and was proud of my performance this year.

Chicago Bears (7-10)

NFL Power Rankings

Once again, Chicago Bears’ quarterback Justin Fields finds himself in familiar territory. For the second year in a row, the team holds the first overall pick in the NFL draft, raising questions about Fields’ future in the league.

Fields, however, remains focused on what he can control and refuses to dwell on the uncertainty surrounding his situation. After the Bears’ final game of the season against the Packers, he told reporters, “I have control over what’s within my reach. I’ll work on my recovery during the offseason, spend time with my loved ones, and strive for improvement. We encountered a similar scenario last year with the first pick, and everyone was asking those ‘what if’ questions. Ultimately, nothing transpired. I can’t say nothing will happen this time around because, honestly, none of us know for sure.”

Fields’ performance in the 2023 season mirrored the ups and downs of his previous two seasons. While his passing stats showed improvement, they failed to reach a level of exceptionality. This led Davenport to reiterate his long-held stance.

“The Bears cannot miss this chance to reset the quarterback’s contract timeline, given the availability of prospects like Caleb Williams and Drake Maye,” Davenport asserted. “Despite that, I remain convinced that Fields holds the potential to be a valuable NFL starter. A change of scenery and better coaching could undoubtedly benefit him. There will surely be interest in fields within the trading market. The ideal plan would involve trading him and drafting a fresh quarterback.”

Atlanta Falcons (7-10)

NFL Power Rankings

In an unexpected twist, it appears that the much-fabled luck attributed to triple sevens might not hold true after all.

Following a disastrous defeat at the hands of the New Orleans Saints on Sunday, the Atlanta Falcons have now concluded three consecutive seasons with a record of 7-10 under the guidance of head coach Arthur Smith.

Falcons owner Arthur Blank has expressed the difficulty and discomfort associated with making tough decisions, particularly when it comes to the head coach position. While acknowledging the hard work and dedication of Coach Smith over the past three years, Blank emphasizes that the team’s on-field performance did not align with their expectations. After careful consideration, the decision has been made to bring in new leadership for the team.

Denver Broncos (8-9)

NFL Power Rankings

The overriding narrative in the Mile High City took hold immediately after the Denver Broncos were eliminated from playoff contention: What comes next for Russell Wilson?

The quarterback position in Denver has been a topic of speculation ever since the talented nine-time Pro Bowler, Russell Wilson, was replaced by Jarrett Stidham. There have been discussions about the possibility of Wilson being traded or released in the offseason, despite the substantial amount of dead-cap money involved.

Broncos’ head coach, Sean Payton, spoke to reporters and clarified that no final decision has been made regarding Wilson’s future with the team. Payton emphasized that the team follows a comprehensive evaluation process, which involves assessing every player, including trainers, strength coaches, position coaches, coordinators, pro personnel, the general manager, and the head coach himself. While this evaluation has not yet begun, Payton specifically mentioned that Wilson’s future, along with that of other players, remains undecided.

New York Jets (7-10)

NFL Power Rankings

The embarrassing 7-10 season of the New Jets ends with a victory against the New England Patriots. However, this win cannot erase the disgraceful performance of their offense, which ranked 31st in total offense and 29th in scoring.

In an unfortunate turn of events, Aaron Rodgers, the expected savior of the team’s offence, suffered a devastating Achilles tendon injury during the opening moments of the inaugural game. Already contemplating the 2024 season at the age of 40, Rodgers is vocal about the pressing need for a major cultural transformation within the Jets organization.

Rodgers emphasized the significance of every action, expressing that in order for the Jets to become a winning franchise and contend for championships, they must prioritize all aspects of their operations. According to the veteran quarterback, any irrelevant elements or distractions that do not contribute to victory must be eliminated from the organization. This imperative is expected to serve as the overarching objective moving forward.

Tennessee Titans (6-11)

After triumphing over Jacksonville and sealing their opponent’s fate for the playoffs, the Tennessee Titans wrapped up their season on a positive note. However, with only six wins under their belt, major transformations could be on the horizon. Waves of change started with the termination of head coach Mike Vrabel on Tuesday.

Derrick Henry, a key player for the Titans, expressed a sense of finality after an exceptional performance where he achieved a remarkable 153-yard rush. The seasoned 30-year-old hinted that his time in Nashville might be drawing to a close. To the media, he nostalgically explained the significance of defeating a division rival whom he had admired and followed as a young child. For Henry, it was a fulfilling journey coming full circle, reinforced by finishing strong with a win and grace.

New York Giants (6-11)

NFL Power Rankings

The New York Giants found solace in their last game as they triumphed over their rivals, the Eagles. This win acted as a positive conclusion to an otherwise disappointing season.

Their hopes of returning to the playoffs were quickly shattered, leaving the team with a couple of significant choices.

The initial decision is practically a given: regardless of the Giants’ belief in Daniel Jones as their quarterback, they find themselves in a situation where they have no choice but to continue with him. Letting him go in 2024 would be too costly. These two entities will remain inseparable for at least one more year.

Arizona Cardinals (4-13)

NFL Power Rankings

As the Arizona Cardinals wrapped up their season with a defeat against the Seattle Seahawks, their four-win campaign came to a close on a disappointing note.

However, despite the team’s overall poor record, head coach Jonathan Gannon expressed his enthusiasm and optimism for the upcoming offseason during a press conference. He firmly believes that positive changes are on the horizon.

“I am genuinely excited about the future. Never before have I been so enthusiastic heading into an offseason. I am well aware of the potential this team possesses—a competitive, intelligent, resilient group that currently finds itself in meaningful games. We have set high standards for ourselves. Undoubtedly, our win-loss ratio is unsatisfactory, but our unwavering commitment to the team’s success has remained intact.”

New England Patriots (4-13)

NFL Power Rankings

According to speculations, there has been concern regarding the future of Bill Belichick’s tenure as head coach as the New England Patriots concluded a season that was highly disappointing.

However, during the team’s end-of-press conference, the 71-year-old displayed a lack of intention to depart.

“Under my existing contract,” stated Belichick, “I will continue my customary routine of dedicating myself to the team’s success, exerting maximum effort in any way I can.”

Additionally, he shared a valuable lesson learned from his father during his upbringing, emphasizing the importance of staying committed to one’s current team until instructed otherwise. This perspective remains unaltered.”

The Patriots organization and owner Robert Kraft find themselves in a challenging predicament. While the past two years have yielded disappointment, terminating the NFL’s most accomplished head coach would be both problematic and costly.

Los Angeles Chargers (5-12)

In 2023, the Los Angeles Chargers experienced a tumultuous season that concluded with a series of setbacks. The team encountered significant challenges, including injuries to key players like quarterback Justin Herbert, wide receiver Keenan Allen, and edge-rusher Joey Bosa. Additionally, their defense struggled, leading to the firing of head coach Brandon Staley.

To put it simply, everything that could go wrong did go. However, amidst the gloom surrounding the season, there appears to be a glimmer of hope.

According to Moton, it was necessary for the Chargers to hit rock bottom in order to facilitate the growth of their promising quarterback, Herbert. The team had reached the playoffs the previous year under former head coach Staley, but without Herbert, they witnessed a downward spiral that ultimately cost Staley his job in December. To unlock Herbert’s full potential, the Chargers should consider hiring a young offensive-minded head coach or an experienced leader with a proven track record.

Washington Commanders (4-13)

NFL Power Rankings

It was a widely expected move as the Washington Football Team’s disappointing season came to an end, with new owners taking charge. On Monday, Ron Rivera was relieved of his duties, bringing an end to his tenure.

In a statement, the experienced coach expressed his gratitude towards the loyal fans while admitting that the team failed to achieve the desired number of victories.

“I want all Washington fans to know that I deeply appreciate your unwavering support,” Rivera expressed. “Despite the numerous changes, player transfers, off-field news, and seasons that fell short of your expectations, you remained loyal to this team. We did manage to clinch the NFC East title in 2020, but since then, we have fallen behind, and I am genuinely disappointed about it.”

The truth is, this team requires a complete rebuilding process. The absence of a capable quarterback is glaring. Notably, the commanders made trades during the season, which resulted in the departure of their top two pass rushers. Apart from possibly the wide receivers, no position group on the team can be considered above average.

Washington secured the second overall pick for the upcoming April draft, presenting them with an opportunity to address the quarterback issue. However, it is important to acknowledge that this rebuilding process will not occur overnight.

Carolina Panthers (2-15)

NFL Power Rankings

“The Carolina Panthers’ 2023 season can only be regarded as finished. It has been a continuous period of disappointment for the team, and their recent loss to Tampa further emphasizes this point.

The Panthers’ offensive performance against the Bucs was lacklustre, with just 199 yards gained and a mere two out of 12 third-down attempts converted. Following their 26-0 defeat against the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Panthers have now been shut out in consecutive games, a first in their franchise history.

In an astonishing turn of events, the Panthers became the first team since at least 1991 to not execute a single play while holding the lead in the fourth quarter of a game.

Quarterback Bryce Young had yet another dreadful game, throwing for a mere 94 yards. Despite his struggles in his debut season, interim head coach Chris Tabor remains supportive of the 2023 No. 1 pick.

“Once he reaches year 12 and is winning games and showcasing his talent, I believe he will reflect on his first year and recognize that although it was tough at the time, it ultimately contributed to his development,” Tabor commented. “He has an incredibly promising future ahead of him.”

Nevertheless, it is difficult to ignore the apparent mistake made by the Panthers in choosing Young over C.J. Stroud. With Stroud leading the Texans to the playoffs in his rookie year, Carolina’s decision seems to have been a major gaffe after just one year.”

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