FOOTBALLKlopp wants Liverpool to stay focused

Klopp wants Liverpool to stay focused

Winning 16 points, Klopp wants Liverpool to stay focused
Jurgen Klopp


Juergen Klopp said he would not take part in the title celebration party after Liverpool defeated Manchester United (MU). The German coach actually requested that his players stay focused.

Liverpool successfully maintains an unbeaten record in the Premier League this season by bulldozing MU 2-0 at Anfield on Sunday (1/19). Goals of Virgil van Dijk (14) and Mohamed Salah (90 + 3), making the Reds even stronger at the top of the standings.

Helped with a 2-2 draw when Manchester City (Man City) hosted Crystal Palace the day before, as well as the 1-2 defeat suffered by Leicester City at home to Burnley, increasing the advantage of the Red to 16 points.

With the difference so far, Liverpool is believed to be back to rule England after waiting almost 30 years. Because, Sadio Mane et al only need to reap about 30 more points to win the Premier League this season.

This makes the fans dissolve in excitement. They started singing about Liverpool winning the Premier League for the first time again since 1989/1990. Because, they believe the difference of 16 points will not be able to be pursued.

‘They can sing what they like. I cannot dictate what they should sing. If our fans aren’t in a good mood right now, that would be weird. But, we are here to work. This is a positive atmosphere. But, we have to keep concentrating,’ Klopp said, reported by Sky Sports.

Klopp thinks it’s too early for Liverpool to party. Because, there are still many matches that must be lived. Especially if you look at the notes before the end of the Premier League for the last three seasons. In that period, The Red often slipped several times.

‘Of course they are allowed to dream or sing what they like, as long as they do their jobs when we play. But, we will not be involved in any party,’ said Klopp.


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