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The Big 12 Men’s Basketball Standings In 2021-23!

What are the Big 12 men’s basketball standings for 2021–23? The rating takes into account the basketball played in the Big 12 Conference.

The Big 12 Conference is made up of 10 schools, down from its initial roster of twelve. They have been participating in competitions at the Division I (D-I) level of the NCAA. Despite the fact that the Big 12 Conference was established in 1994, it did not begin operations until the fall of 1996.

The colleges that now make up the Big 12 Conference, with the exception of West Virginia, formerly competed in the Big 8 Conference and the Southwest Conference, respectively. They had won a total of six national championships, including two of those championships after the Big 12 Conference was founded.

The following table contains the latest Big 12 men’s basketball standings, as provided below by sportDA.

Baylor131282Won 6
Kansas126219Lost 1
Texas116198Lost 1
West Virginia1161910Lost 1
Oklahoma State117219Lost 1
Oklahoma981611Lost 1
Texas Tech981811Lost 1
TCU5111214Lost 4
Kansas State414920Lost 1
Iowa State018222Lost 18

History of the 12 Big Men’s Basketball Conference

Kansas, Oklahoma, Baylor, Oklahoma State, Kansas State, TCU, Texas, Iowa State, Texas Tech, and West Virginia are the ten schools that compete in the Big 12 Conference. The majority of teams now competing in the Big 12 formerly competed in either the Big Eight Conference or the Southwest Conference. 1996 was the year when both conferences were canceled. In 1997, the Big 12 Conference was established.

10 Universities with the Big 12 Men’s Basketball Standings!

Big 12 Men's Basketball Standings


As Jayhawks, the University of Kansas’s sports program continued to compete at the Division I level of the NCAA. The Big 12 Conference includes Kansas as a participant. They provide a total of sixteen different sports, in addition to certain club sports.

Kansas State

Kansas State University and the Kansas Technology Campus both trace their origins back to the state of Kansas. It is the home of the College of Technology and Aviation at this particular site.


Baylor University’s varsity sports teams, sometimes known as the Bears, compete in a total of 19 different sports. At the NCAA Division I level, the Baylor University men’s basketball team competes in the Big 12 Conference. It was announced that this university’s men’s basketball team had won the NCAA championship for the year 2022.


The Superfrog serves as Texas Christian University’s team mascot for a number of different sports. It is modeled after the state reptile of Texas, which is a bullfrog with a horn. TCU had become a team in the Big 12 Conference at the NCAA Division I level for the majority of its many sports. TCU had around 11,500 students enrolled when the academic year 2020-21 began, with approximately 9,700 of those students engaged in the undergraduate program.


The Oklahoma University Sooners have been very successful in a number of different sports, as seen by their many national titles. These honors even include seven different national championships in the sport of football and the two separate baseball championships that are held at the Division I level of the NCAA.

There have been five different years in which the women’s softball teams have been crowned national champions: 2000, 2013, 2016, 2017, and most recently in 2022. Since 2002, the gymnastics team has amassed a total of 11 national championships under their belt. Specifically, the men’s gymnastics team has won 8 championships in the last 15 years, including three titles in a row in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Oklahoma State

The Oklahoma State University may be found inside the boundaries of the state of Oklahoma. Its network now includes more than 250,000 people who have graduated. One edition of the Big 12 tournament was played in the state of Oklahoma.

Iowa State

The Iowa State University student-athletes, who are also known as the Cyclones, have been participating in Division I of the NCAA competition. The Big 12 league was founded with Iowa State as one of its founding members. There are sixteen distinct teams that make up the Cyclones. The number of NCAA national championships that Iowa State University has taken home is impressive.

West Virginia

West Virginia University, sometimes referred to simply as WVU, is a public research university with its administrative offices located in Morgantown, West Virginia.


The Texas Longhorns are the name of the university’s varsity sporting program. It had won four national championships at the NCAA Division I level in football, six national championships at the NCAA Division I level in baseball, and thirteen national championships in swimming and diving at the NCAA Division I level. There are several colleges in Texas that compete against one another in a wide variety of sports. However, Texas has shown its superiority over other institutions in the Big 12 by winning a greater number of championships in both men’s and women’s sports.

Texas Tech

Undergraduates and alumni of Texas Tech University have attained notable positions in a broad variety of fields, including the government, the scientific community, the medical community, educational institutions, and the entertainment industry. One of them is the sport that puts Texas Tech in a solid position to compete in the Big 12 tournament.


The Big 12 men’s basketball standings are determined by the number of wins, losses, and winning streaks accumulated by each of the 10 colleges competing in the Big 12 men’s basketball conference.

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