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Best Football Cleats For Wide Feet


Are you looking for the best football cleats for wide feet?  So, you’ve come to the right place. If you have the perfect pair of football cleats so will drastically increase your performance on the field. Furthermore, improving your performance means that you focus more on enjoying your game on the field. So to get our best on the pitch, we need to choose the right sports equipment.

In fact, most of the cleats have additional space around the forefoot. This is accordingly a great option that makes them quite comfortable for players with wide feet. With a mid-cut design, the 897 football cleat is an affordable shoe.

Some Best Football Cleats For Wide Feet:

  • Puma Future
  • Mizuno Rebula
  • Nike Premier 3
  • New Balance Furon
  • Nike Tiempo Legend
  • Mizuno Morelia DNA
  • Adidas Copa Mundial

The Phantom GT is created around the wide last of the OG Hypervenoms

Best Football Cleats For Wide Feet

Are You Feeling Better In Cleats For Wide Feet?

If you wear too tight cleats, in result, it can bother your ability to move quickly across the field. It will decrease your stability; this can be a hurdle leading to more falls and performance problems. Finally, it can be negatively affected if you are wearing poorly fitted cleats. So, don’t let affect your performance so, always choose to buy the right shoes!

Are You Feeling More Comfortable With Cleats For Wide Feet?

If you want to give your best in the field so the thing that you need is comfort. When wearing cleats that are even a little too narrow for your feet, you will get sore feet within 20 minutes. With the constant pain, you can’t really be enjoying your time and you cannot get mentally involved in-game. Furthermore, it may even cause blisters and cuts on your feet while wearing too narrow cleats. Football is already a risky game, so beware by choosing comfortable cleats for your feet.

Best Football Cleats For Linemen With Wide Feet

Do we need to learn which football cleats are best for linemen? High-top cleats are often used by running backs, quarterbacks, and wide receivers to provide the stability and protection.

  • The Most protective Football Cleats are Nike Men’s Force Savage Varsity.
  • The best for traction cleats is Adidas Men’s Freak X Carbon Mid Football Shoe.
  • Nike Men’s Lunarbeast Pro TD Football Cleats are greatly flexible and protective.
  • For the Best movement in the field Under Armour Men’s UA Highlight, Mc Football Shoe is the best.

The Importance of Having the Perfect Cleats

Here is why you shouldn’t go for cleats that don’t quite fit right. The importance of having the perfect cleats means they are helpful to keep players on their feet during bad or rainy weather because they are made up on able to grip the ground. Some of them are created especially to reduce the amount of mud or grass players pick up running around the field.

Best Football Cleats For Wide Feet

Here is described some extra wide width Men’s football cleats:

  • Men’s Football Cleat is Nike Vapor Edge Pro 360
  • Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 Football Cleat for Men’s
  • Adidas Adizero Football Shoe for Men’s
  • Men’s Football Cleats Nike Alpha Huarache 7 Elite Lax
  • Men’s Adidas Adizero 8.0 Football Shoe
  • 2E size is made for Men’s wide football cleats
  • Under Armour Spotlight Franchise Rm 001 Black, football cleats  5 Wide United States
  • Nike Men’s Alpha Menace Shark Football Cleats (Black, Metallic, Silver) Size 12 American wide cleats
  • Reebok NFL U-Form 4 Speed Mid SD4 Men’s wide Football cleats size13.5, (Black/White)
  • Under Armour New Men’s wide Hammer Mid RM (Black & White) Size 11.5 Wide Football Cleats
  • Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 Football Cleats Size 16 White
  • NICE Vintage RIDDELL Metal Men’s 8 EE wide Football Cleats Spikes Black  30s 40s
  • Adidas ADIZERO RS7 SG TOKYO Rugby wide cleats

Best Football Cleats For Wide Feet | Best Football Cleats For Wide Feet

Best Youth Football Cleats For Wide Feet

There are the Top 5 Best Football Cleats for Kids

  • Nike Force Savage Shark Football Cleats for Kids
  • Adidas adiZERO 5-Star 7.0 Football Kids’ Cleats
  • Alpha Menace Shark Football Cleats Nike Kids’
  • Nike Vapor Shark 2 Football Cleats for Kids
  • Kids’ Under Armour Renegade RM Football Cleat

Best Football Cleats For Wide Feet | Best Football Cleats For Wide Feet

Best Football Cleats For Flat Feet

If you suffer from flat feet, its simplest form, flat feet or “fallen arches” is when the entire sole of your foot touches the ground. More commonly, as with normal arches, only the outside, heel, ball, and toe areas would touch the ground. A flat foot is not anything to worry about. You need the best wide fit for your footwear including football boots. As an option, you can place insoles into your football cleats.


Best Football Cleats For Wide Feet | Best Football Cleats For Wide Feet

Think About The Upper Material

The upper means the top part of the shoe that makes of two types of material.

Leather and Synthetic


The material that is traditionally used to make football cleats is very long-lasting and comfortable; it will also provide great protection for your feet. The only flaw of leather is that it is heavier than synthetic materials. Additionally, leather can be found in more expensive shoes.


Synthetic materials are not found in nature in other words, they are man-made. While they are made with cheap and light features and are commonly used in modern football cleats. The most common synthetic materials for instance include acrylic, nylon, polyesters, and other plastic materials.  However, synthetic materials are often not durable as leather. Though, synthetic cleats will almost last with you through the full season. It is important to choose football cleats with the right upper particularly if you have a wide foot.

Synthetic material is not stretchable; they are uncomfortable when you wear it. Some cleats with specially designed synthetic uppers are perfect for wide feet.

Football cleats are available in three styles


High-tops are the largest football cleats that you can find on the market and provide you with more protection for your feet. These cleats make to reduce the risk of ankle sprains and other injuries and cover with its extension over the ankle. The high-top football cleats work well for positions where players will be moving laterally, that is why linemen often use high-tops cleats.


Mid-cut cleats are designed to offer a little bit of support for the ankles that allows the player to be moving on the field. These football cleats are the primary choice for many defensive backs, running backs, and wide receivers.


Low-cut football cleats are very light and allow excellent movements. The cleats are narrower because they are designed for speed only. The main flaw of these shoes is that they are less durable and often less protective for the player’s ankles. It is sometimes hard to find a low-cut cleat for wide feet. If you have wide feet a wider mid-cut shoe is the most comfortable and best option.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Football Shoes Called?

Football shoes, called cleats or soccer shoes in North America are usually wearing them when playing association football. The shoes are designed for grass pitches with studs on the outsole to hold.

Are Football Cleats Supposed To Be Tight?

Generally, cleats are usually tight. Well, “snug” is a better term to use. Do not choose to wear cleats that are so tight. They stop blood circulation to your feet, which means they should be very comfortable.

Best Football Cleats For Wide Feet | Best Football Cleats For Wide Feet

Best Soccer Cleats For Wide Feet?

Nike Tiempo Legend 7 is the best soccer cleats for wide feet. They make with FlyFit technology that is for a wider fitting, it is wide and durable. There is a huge variety of soccer cleats available in stores. But most soccer players with wide flat feet come to face the issue of ill-fitting soccer cleats.

Final Thought

What Football Cleats Are Best For Wide Feet?

There is New Balance MF897 Mid Cut Football, Turf cleats that are widely considered as one of the best brand football cleats for wide feet. Actually, these cleats have additional space around the forefoot. It is quite comfortable and the best option for players with wide feet.

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