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How much do the NFL Waterboys make? Truth Revealed!

How much do NFL Waterboys make? Being an NFL waterboy might not seem like the most exciting job in the world, but it is an important part of the training crew. Many people strive to be waterboys for a range of reasons. One of them earns a lot of money. So, how much does a waterboy salary in the NFL? Is a waterboy well compensated?

To be an NFL waterboy has been the subject of movies, songs, and documentaries, and it’s not just the players who make a lot of money. Even though a lot of fans would do this job for free, being a waterboy in the NFL pays well and comes with extra bonuses.

Where does the NFL Waterboy get their money?

How much do NFL waterboys make?

The average salary for NFL waterboys is $53,000 per year. However, that is only the starting salary. Their remuneration may be identical to any other NFL waterboy for professionals.

How much do NFL waterboys make? Many people consider being a waterboy to be a low-paying job. It is, nonetheless, higher than that of many office jobs.

An allowance is paid to waterboys above their usual pay. They can get things like jerseys, toys, and free gear as gifts from the players.

They also have immediate access to the organization that most fans aspire to join. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for? As a result, obtaining this position as a football fan is difficult.

What exactly is the National Football League (NFL)?

In the United States, the National Football League (NFL) is a major professional football league. It was founded in 1920 and is based in New York City.

It was renamed the National Football League for the 1922 season. Players aren’t the only ones who profit from NFL games. These contests also bring in a lot of money for the Waterboys.

How do the NFL’s Waterboys Work?

How do the NFL's Waterboys Work?
NFL’s Waterboys Work?

Let’s look at the waterboy NFL salary after learning about their mission.

The NFL waterboys are usually an essential part of the training staff. Holding their dirty rags and throwing water into sweaty men’s mouths are two of their most critical duties. In addition, the waterboys must avoid interfering with the game.

“Waterboy” is the job title for this position. That isn’t to say that this work is solely for men. This role is open to women.

You won’t find much information about the behind-the-scenes labor that an NFL waterboy has to accomplish on the internet. . In aggregate, they are critical to the success of a game. You can be a great help to the manager and players if you have the essential skills.

Furthermore, according to our information, you must have a high school diploma to apply for this post. If you’ve already worked with a college football team, your chances significantly improve.

Practical communication skills are also a big plus when competing for this role.

When you use your chosen NFL team, you should display this ability to the coaches. That will give them the impression that you have a lot of experience. Your income will be higher if you have more experience.

Being an NFL Waterboy Has Its Benefits

Direct touch with NFL players is one of the critical benefits for football fans. Most waterboys have the opportunity to meet their heroes daily. They are allowed to speak with NFL players and get to know their heroes personally.

NFL waterboys go with the team to road games and experience the squad’s camaraderie. Every year, two complimentary game tickets are given to NFL waterboys. They can also acquire free boxer shorts and sweaters, which they may retain, trade, or wear.

Being an NFL Waterboy Has Its Drawbacks

However, it mentioned that being an NFL waterboy is a physically challenging and unglamorous job. Waterboys must be physically fit and spend a significant amount of time jogging. Furthermore, if the thought of holding sweaty towels makes you sick, this is not the job for you.

Many people admire NFL players, but waterboys are frequently forgotten. Some people regard them with contempt and follow their occupation as demeaning. While some NFL players are kind and courteous, this is not always the case.

What does it take to Become a Waterboy?

As previously said, you must be physically fit. You also must need to know how to play football. It would help if you also familiarize yourself with the players of the NFL team for which you are applying.

You must demonstrate your desire to be an NFL waterboy. Furthermore, you must thoroughly comprehend the NFL waterboy’s mission. Some individuals have no idea what Waterboy’s working criteria are. Waterboys, ballboys, and towel boys are all positions that need professionalism.

As a result, if you apply for one of those jobs, you’ll go through the same hiring process as other higher-level employees.

Where can you apply for a job as a Waterboy in the NFL?

The annual wage of NFL waterboys is not insufficient in general. Many people enjoy this employment since it allows them to interact with their favorite athletes. It’s time to find out where you can sign up to be an NFL Waterboy if you’re sure you want to be one.

To continue:

  1. Go to the leading site of the NFL.
  2. Click on the “Team” or “League” option.
  3. Think about whether you’ll be applying for an internship or an entry-level job.
  4. After you’ve chosen your decision, go ahead and register by clicking the highlighted link at the bottom of the page.

You then upload a cover letter to go with your professional CV in the next step.

Compare NFL Waterboy with a position in NBA.

Waterboys in the NFL and the NBA Waterboy may make a lot of money. Their pay varies depending on the team. If you’re interested in these careers, think about whether you have the necessary qualifications and talents. You can make a good living with a good wage if you can do it.

Mascots in the NBA can earn up to $45,000 per year. Dancers make a similar amount of money. According to the NBA G-League, the average compensation of an NBA waterboy is $35,000. Your payment may rise as you gain experience.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Can Waterboy travel with Teams in the NFL?

Many people believe that working as a waterboy in the NFL is a low-paying job; what’s the lowest NFL salary, yet the waterboy salary in the NFL may not be insufficient.

You will get numerous advantages. You can, for example, travel with the squad and keep elite players hydrated, among other things.

2. What does an NFL Cheerleader get Paid for?

How much do NFL waterboys make?

An NBA cheerleader can earn anything from $150 to $300 per game. They can also make $50-75 for each public appearance. As a result, their pay is determined mainly by the regularity with which they arrive.

3. Is the Waterboy Salary in the NFL low?

Certainly not! The compensation of an NFL waterboy in 2022 will be significantly higher than that of many office jobs.

4. How much do the Batboys get paid?

Batboys now wage between $9 and $10 per hour. Batboys often labor 8-9 hours per day for each home game. As a result, they can earn between $19,000 and $20,000 per season.

5. Is it possible for a Cheerleader to get Rings?

In general, the answer is determined by the team’s policy. Cheerleaders in the National Football League (NFL) can win a Super Bowl ring. They can even obtain items superior to those obtained by the player, such as a huge pendant.


According to statistics, an NFL towel boy’s income is comparable to an NFL waterboy’s. An NFL towel boy can earn up to $53,000 per year.

7. Do I need any NFL Waterboy Qualification to apply for a Waterboy position?

No, is the quick response. To apply to be an NFL waterboy, you do not need any qualifications.

8. What is the NFL equipment manager’s salary?

It’s not rare for professional sports teams’ equipment managers to make less money. According to a 2010 survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, athletic equipment managers for spectator sports earn $23,390 a year.

9. What is it like to be an NFL mascot?

Mascots in college are usually unpaid, and if they are, it is considered ‘chump change” by many. How much does the Seahawks’ mascot make? You can make a semi-livable salary of around $25,000 in the lesser leagues of sports as a mascot.


How much do NFL waterboys make? Many people believe that being a waterboy is a thankless and unappreciated job. That, however, is entirely incorrect. With the fantastic pay you receive from this profession, you can even live comfortably. Isn’t this an excellent job?

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