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Bills Ban One NFL Team from Trying to Make a Trade for Stefon Diggs, Per Report

The tension between these two teams appears to have had an impact on the Buffalo Bills’ decision not to trade Stefon Diggs to the Kansas City Chiefs, despite the sometimes murky nature of NFL team relations. The controversy surrounding Diggs’ prospective trade sheds insight into the fierce competitiveness and strategic maneuvering that characterize professional football.

News spread like wildfire throughout the NFL world when rumors arose that Stefon Diggs may be tradeable to the Buffalo Bills. Diggs, an excellent wide receiver noted for his playmaking talents, has been a key member of the Bills’ offense since his arrival. Despite his success in Buffalo, there were whispers that the organization was eager to part ways with him, with one noteworthy exception: the Kansas City Chiefs.

According to the former quarterback of the NFL, Chris Simms, Diggs could look out for trades with each existing team, EXCEPT the Kansas City Chiefs! “From what I do already know, he was permitted to try for a trade from all people across the league; except the Kansas City Chiefs,” Simms publicly told “PFT Live” Thursday. “An, information I have heard from many people. So, factually, he could have that option. The Chiefs turned out to be the only team they wouldn’t think of trading to.”

This particular fact alone will guide you through everything in the know-how about the rivalry between Buffalo and Kansas City. Bills have played three games in the postseason with the Chiefs since the year 2020 and unfortunately have faced losses in all.

The reason the Bills refrain from Chiefs is interest. The absence of it makes the decision pretty clear; Kansas City = no trade for Diggs whatsoever. It’s a mystery if the Chiefs attempted to communicate with Buffalo concerning any deal, however, if conducted, it seems Bills didn’t even bother to pick up the phone.

The Bills made a final decision and agreed to a trade, the one with Houston, which sent rays of shock across the NFL because this trade happened: The Texans sent a future second-round pick in 2025 to Buffalo. In return, the Bills sent Diggs along with two draft picks (2024, a sixth-rounder, and 2025, a fifth-rounder) to Houston.

To no surprise, Houston made a playoff entry in 2023 and appears to be a legit contender for Super Bowl 2024; evidence that the Bills have it to support an AFC Super Bowl contender, given that it’s not the Chiefs for sure.

Chips on the shoulder, the Bills traded Diggs to a contender; also, now they are looking at a good whooping $31 million dead cap hit on Diggs’s contract, which kinda explains the desperation to offload him.

Talking about Diggs, although Bills acted rigid and won’t even give a thought about trading him with Kansas City, he might end up in 2025. A new receiver for the Texans, this guy Diggs agreed to a revised contract on Thursday to void the remaining three years of his employment deal, which means post the 2024 season, he is free! If Diggs wishes, he could opt for the Chiefs next March. Being the chicken master of unmastered eggs, Diggs could be a purple unicorn on a cloudy night for the Chiefs.-

The Buffalo Bills’ unwillingness to deal Stefon Diggs to the Kansas City Chiefs emphasizes the depth of their rivalry and the strategic factors that drive NFL trades. Despite their readiness to split ways with Diggs, the Bills made it clear that assisting their playoff opponent was out of the question. As Diggs begins the next chapter of his career with the Houston Texans, the prospect of a trade to Kansas City remains large, emphasizing the unpredictable nature of football.

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