What exactly is a TN visa?

A TN visa is a work visa, a work permit issued by the US government to Individuals out of Canada and Mexico that have a job offer in the USA. That job offer should be of a professional degree type occupation and the applicant, the holder of the TN visa has to be an expert Along with the visa is you

Know, a fantastic visa for Individuals from such countries to visit the USA and have work.

Would I be able to bring family to United States?

If we get you the TN visa, your partner and children would also get a visa that will let them reside in the USA with you. Your visa will be known as the TN visa, your partner’s and children’s visa will be known as the TD visa

How many times can the visa be renewed?

This really is a good visa since there’s no set limit on the amount of times you’ll be able to renew it. Unlike other visas, in which you only have a certain number of years, that you’re able to have this visa. You may live on the TN visa in the United States for the rest of your life. So in the event that you have a fantastic job and the firm has spent a great deal in you plus they love your work and they wish to keep you on for forever. They could, so as long as you continue getting that job offer, it’s possible for you to stay on the TN visa for as long as you enjoy, it is a fantastic visa.

Can I apply for the TN visa if I have a degree but do not have a license?

Yes, the majority of the requirements about the TN visa is that you’ve got one or another. The reason it is like this is because for example in Mexico, many men and women receive a college diploma, a college degree, and they then must have another step of applying to a professional license or that is the way that it’s often interpreted in the U.S. consulates and embassies. But if you studied in the USA, all you’ve got is your college degree, no professional permit is required. The Majority of Canada doesn’t issue a professional permit so it is usually one or another based on where you studied.

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