NEWSLiton Das Tries to Be a Great Batsman

Liton Das Tries to Be a Great Batsman

Liton Das Tries to Be a Great Batsman

Liton Das, a Bangladeshi young wicketkeeper-batsman who would like to be a professional batsman. There is no doubt about his talent even he has many shots in his hand. His carrier age is not too short that three years have elapsed. But, it is not feasible to be great without playing well as well as big innings what Liton has realized.


He played 44 innings so far, including three formats but he couldn’t even cross three figures in run without four fifties. After being talented, he could not keep his place firmly in the national team.


It is high time to make it a place in the ODI team. He will get an opportunity to play with Tamim Iqbal, is to take the place himself.
But his performance in the one-day internationals still remains the most wretched. He has reached two figures six times in 12 ODIs, the highest runs of 36.


He has played a lot of innings in domestic cricket. His highest run of first-class cricket was 274, in List A ‘cricket, 143. But he could not show the reflection of that capability in international cricket.


Liton said in front of the media at the Sher-e-Bangla stadium on Wednesday. Liton said, “Those big cricketers, if they can start well, then innings would be lengths but I am not like them so that there are not big innings. I am trying to do something good and do something big.”


There may be reasons for not coming in the big innings. Problems are with concentration. There may be a deficit in the temp. Dumbness may be the right ball in the election. Liton feels the root cause of the last. Too much to play in the game.


“Actually, there is a need to be out of the way. I am working on the condition that the performance of the shots should be done. If it is not enough to fall on the wicket, it will also be done. To play the shot, play the bat and bat. If we play a shot, we can get runs. They are trying to do 100 percent. We are trying to do better.


However, he does not want to compromise with his natural batting. It has played a major role because of its Asia Cup squad, against the West Indies in the last T-Twenty20, with 61 runs in 32 balls. The aggressors who want to be in the starting of the tournament.


“The type of game of the two batsmen is different. The type of game is also that I like to play aggressively. My continuation will continue this way. I want to start the innings this way.”


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