Lionel Messi no longer considers El Clasico as a special match

Lionel Messi no longer considers El Clasico as a special match


Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi no longer considers El Clasico as a special match. This can not be separated from the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus in 2018.

Before Ronaldo left the Santiago Bernabeu in 2018 then. He had enjoyed a fierce battle with his nemesis, Messi, for nine years.

Now, after CR7 moved to Turin, La Pulga feels El Clasico is no longer special. The statement came after La Liga president Javier Tebas announced the schedule for El Clasico the second volume to be held at Santiago Bernabeu on March 1, 2020.

‘That is a special duel and it will remain in people’s minds forever because it lasts for years and it is not easy to maintain such a level for a long time. Plus, the teams we play are also very demanding, both Real Madrid and Barca, the two best teams in the world,’ Messi was quoted as saying by DAZN on Thursday (1/16).

Messi certainly missed the duel against Ronaldo, especially when talking about an emotionally charged match like El Clasico. According to him, dealing with CR7 always provides great motivation and he thinks all fans from all over the world must be happy to see the battle on the gridiron.

‘I think everyone is having fun too, whether they are Madrid or Barca fans, or even just football fans in general. Obviously, when Cristiano was at Real Madrid, the match was always special. The match against Real was always very meaningful, but when Cristiano was there “they have become much more special. But time has passed. Now, we must look forward to the future,’ Messi said.

After Ronaldo left for Juventus, Messi’s desire to score was no longer great. He is more to play the game build-up (attack scheme from behind) to be one important element for the team who wants to control the ball longer than the opponent.

That process makes Messi rarely seen scoring goals. However, if you look at his appearance in domestic competition, the appearance of a petite Argentine player still good to watch.

Of the 14 matches that have been played, Messi was able to score 13 goals and six assists. He averaged 1 goal per 90 minutes while on the field. The statistics put him first in 363 players in the Spanish League who have played at least 3 matches.

Mentioned that, Messi admitted that he was no longer busy looking for the back of the net. “I think less about scoring goals. I began to step back more and more to become a creator than to score goals. Obviously, I like to score goals and if I have the chance I will accept it, but every time I go to the field I focus less on scoring goals and more focus on the game. I have never been obsessed with goals, “said Messi.

‘I understand that everyone will talk about it when I stop scoring so much, but that is part of the game, part of growing as a player and adapting to the times, to be the best player for myself and for the team and there was a time when I didn’t score many goals. I always score goals for Argentina and the Barcelona youth team, but I had trouble scoring goals for the first few years.’

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