Lionel Messi is on the way to win the European Golden Boot


Lionel Messi is on the way to win the European Golden Boot
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Last March, It was looking like Messi will lose against Mohamed Salah! But at the last season eventually, it is confirmed that Messi is on the top scorer list in the European League. Yesterday, Messi has scored against Villareal in LA LIGA. Messi almost scored total 34 goals in LA LIGA. Argentine star is now going ahead in the European League for Golden Boot.


Liverpool’s forward player Salah scored 31 goals. Robert Lewandowski and Chiron Immobil both scored 29 goals and respectively on the third and fourth place. Golden Boot is the highest reward for the highest goal scorer in the European domestic league. Among Europeans various League only the highest scorer will get the Golden Shoe.


Anyone can be surprised to know that Benfica’s forward Jonas Goncalves is also in the top scorer list. He scored 33 goals in the Portuguese Premier League.


Messi is in the top list with 68 points. Salah has 62 points and on the other hand, Levandfsky and Immobil collected 58 points. Europeans top League will be finished soon and Messi is on the way to winning Golden boot. In the league, Barcelona will play two matches more. So, Messi has enough time to score more goals. Liverpool will play only one match in the League and Salah doesn’t have enough time to score more goals. Hence, Saleh doesn’t have the possibility to catch Messi.


Players Name Club Goals Factor Points

Lionel Messi

Barcelona 34 2 68
Mohamed Salah Liverpool 31 2 62
Robert Lewandowski  FC Bayern Munich 29 2 58
Ciro Immobile Lazio 29 2 58
Edinson Cavani PSG 28 2 56
Mauro Icardi Inter Milan 28 2 56
Harry Kane Tottenham Hotspur 27 2 54
Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid 25 2 50
Jonas Gonçalves Oliveira Benfica 33 1.5 49.5
Luis Suárez Barcelona 24 2 48




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