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Latest Google Doodle Games Series to Help Deal With Stay at Home


The Googe are start to publish a series of the  interactive with the Google Doodles its brings back the popular games of the past doodles.In This  time when people are staying indoors to curb to the spread of the Covid -19 . The Google is trying to cheer to people up & give them something to the  pass in  the time with. Today are doodle are brought back in the coding game from 2017 is called (Coding for Carrots) in which celebrated of the 50 years of Kids Coding. In This series will reported to run of the two weeks. These will be 10 doodles in the total & all of them it will be popular Google Doodle games from the past. The Google Doodle games is  part of Google’s interactive doodles.

Google Initiative For Kids

Its  new initiative to Stay & Play at the Home with the Popular Past of the Google Doodles. The Coding of Carrots these first throwback game in the series. Lets you the create simple commands its control a rabbit & guide  to the collect all the carrots in the level. They can be accessed by simple clicking on the doodle it will give you a Play option. The kid friendly user interface & works by the just dragging & dropping commands. This Coding for the Carrots was first used as a Google Doodle in 2017 to the celebrate 50 years of a coding language for the kids called Logo. Now The Google Doodle game is a great way to keep kids to  entertained especially in these times when going out and playing is not an option

Google Doodle Traditional

This is  tradition with interactive to Google  doodles in  the Monday Google Doodle is animated (seen above) & shows one of the (O) sitting at a computer (the first O) & typing away. This Hovering its over the show of the theme of the series with the specific in the doodle named at the end  (Stay &  Play at Home with Popular Past Google Doodles: Coding (2017). These is a Play button as a part of the  Monday The  Google Doodle & clicking on the Google doodle its also shows a search for  the popular google doodle games.These Coding for the Carrots doodle shows up right on the top, with a play button both on the Google doodle and below it (as seen below). The Nine other games in the series have been marked as (Coming soon)in the Clicking on the play button will take you to a full screen version of the Google doodle where you can play it.

Google Doodles Popular Past

At The  Stay & Play at the Home with Popular Past Google Doodles In Coding (2017)Google  doodle from April 27 is available in India so much of Europe & Russia, parts of Africa and South East Asia, In the Australia as a both North & South America. Its can check out a list of interactive Google Doodles in the meanwhile. According to the report by the  9to5Google in  the search giant its will be putting out these games over two weeks. The Multiplayer games are also expected to be part of the this initiative its report adds.They might be that Google plans on pushing out five games in this week till Friday & the remaining five over the next week.

Google Announcement

The  Google Officaly announced free access to the paid version of its cloud-based game to streaming platform Stadia & now with the Google Doodle games campaign In this company wants to promote gaming at home in there order to keep people entertain while they stay at home avoiding the spread of COVID-19

Abu Bakar
Abu Bakar
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