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Last test polar bears beat Litvinov 3:1


The polar bears are in a strong early form. Also at the fifth test on Friday evening in Dresden against HC Verva Litvinov from the Czech Republic, the Berliners won the ice. Mark Olver, Brendan Ranford, and Jamie MacQueen scored the bear goals 3-1 (2-0, 0-1, 1-0). So it can continue next Friday in the Champions Hockey League against the EV train.

Without five men, the polar bears set off for Saxony. In addition to the long-term injured Frank Hordler and Andre Rankel, keeper Marvin Cupper also had to pass again. Marcel Noebels and Micki DuPont were also not ready to play. But the team is so broadly positioned that this can easily be compensated. In addition to Jens Baxmann and Sean Backman, the 16-year-old Lukas Reichel made his debut and made a good impression.

The bears got off to a good start. Olver (10th) and Ranford (14th), who had repeatedly attracted attention as scorers in previous test matches, scored in the first period. MacQueen, who recently missed a lot of great opportunities, broke the knot (48.). The Litvinov connection by Peter Jansky (37.) remained without consequences. Maximilian Franzreb once again showed an impeccable performance in goal.



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