Jordan Henderson or Kevin De Bruyne, Who is Better?


Jordan Henderson or Kevin De Bruyne, Who is Better?


Jordan Henderson’s success in bringing Liverpool to look brilliant makes his figure now compared to Kevin De Bruyne. However, who is better between the two players?

According to Steve McManaman, Henderson has succeeded in improving the quality of his appearance as well as silencing the mouths of critics. Throughout 2019 alone, Henderson led Liverpool to successfully lift three prestigious trophies, namely the Champions League, European Super Cup, and Club World Cup.

Henderson, when he was with Sunderland, was considered a more inclined midfielder. After moving to Liverpool in 2011, he began to fill an important place in the Reds midfield.

It is not easy for Henderson to win the hearts of Liverpool supporters, given his position is similar to Steven Gerrard who decided to part with Liverpool in 2015. However, little by little Henderson proved himself capable of carrying the same task as Gerrard.

‘As a former football player, I really appreciate what Henderson has done. He plays in many positions, and looks amazing,’ said Steve McManaman who had defended Liverpool in the 90s until the early 2000s.

McManaman even dared to juxtapose Henderson with Manchester midfielder City, Kevin De Bruyne is touted as one of the world’s best midfielders. The ability to set the tempo of the game and the accuracy of Henderson’s feed makes McManaman believe he deserves to be paired with De Bruyne.


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