Is Serena Williams ready to break all time Grand Slam singles record by Margaret Court?

We think she is and here is why. Serena already holds majority of all possible records in Tennis, being the number 1 for a longest time, she is the record winner in the singles Grand Slams of Modern Era and she showed in Wimbledon, she is back and ready. The bitter loss in Wimbledon Finals can give her even more strength for the next records. Yes, she was loosing finals before, but only came out better and more focused player on her next achievements.

She is more than ready to show her incredible talent, she is rich in experiences and in superb form to win the US Open Grand Slam in 2019. She already beated the record of Steffi Graf in Open Era and holds to date 23 winnings in Women Singles, she is just 1 Grand Slam title short of the Margaret Court, who owns 24. Its always the pleasure to watch her matches, she is strong, fit and has an enormous talent. We cant wait to see her Play in US Open this year, her game is simply full of creativity and like pure poetry in Tennis

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