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How to Measure the Inseam – Best Ways!

Did you know measuring the inseam is crucial to pick the fittest pants that suit you well? You might be wondering what this creepy word – inseam- means? Inseam indicates the part of a pant that goes from the groin to the tip of the leg opening. You can map the inseam of pants in many ways. But what is the correct way to do that will get cleared in this post. So, take a look!

Method #1: Measuring Your Pants by Yourself 

You have to take a pair of well-fitted and best-length pants related to the ones you wish to purchase! If you are comfortable with how your pants suit, it’s effortless to map your inseam based on the ones you already hold. Judge on your pants to get your favorite and accurate pair. 


Steps you must follow:

  • Double fold your pants halved lengthwise on a leveled surface. Put your pants on a flat surface and fold your pants. The leg side must be lateral to each other.
  • Raise the tip side of the pants over the waistband to expose the inseam. Now, fold that peak side pants up – so it gets out of the space. You can easily see the inseam going from the bottom of the crotch down to the rim of the pants. It is the inseam.
  • Once you have placed and set up the pants, it is time to move a measuring tape. You have to use measuring tape by holding it from the crotch seam to the pant hemline. The groin seam is near the center of the angle of your pants. Locate the spot where the angled seam meets the stitching that goes down your pants leg opening. Put the tip of your measuring strip at this spot, then measure down to the rim.
  • The last step is to write down your final inseam measurement for when you are off shopping. Don’t try to predict or approximate your inseam up or below — you need to utilize the exact number – so your pants fit your style perfectly. 

Method #2: Measure your inseam with the help of somebody 

Wear skin-fitting pants and ask your buddy to start measuring. Bear in mind: putting on close-fitting pants makes it simpler for anyone to measure your pant instantly. Gym leggings or skinny jeans are both better options.


Steps you must follow:

  • Place your shoes off. The appended height from shoes can disturb your inseam length. You have to stand barefoot when you have somebody map your inseam.
  • Try to stand up as straight with your back as possible. We suggest you stand against the wall. It will help you maintain good posture. With a slight bend, your inseam determination could be off.
  • Now, ask your buddy to measure from the crotch of your pants to the ground. The groin seam is the joint near the angle of your pants that meets with the pant leg closure. The gap between the crotch and the floor is the total inseam measurement.
  • Now, drop down the measurement number right away. And use it to shop for the best-fit pants for yourself.

End Words

Dear readers! A great-fitting set of pants can enhance your style, so it’s essential to measure your inseam to get the most suitable pair for yourself. We hope that the above steps will prove helpful for you. 

Abu Bakar
Abu Bakar
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