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How much money have I spent on a league?

League of Legends is an entirely free game and doesn’t need any money if someone wants to play it. However, almost every league player has purchased at least one item out of the Shop, be that skin, a chroma, a hextech chest, or something else. Every transaction in League completes through Riot Games’ currency which is usually known as Riot Points or RP. If a player spends “real life” money in League, he is buying RP first. Then, he uses RP for buying some favorite skins as well as emotes. 

Different champions possess differently-priced skins which have their exceptional value. In simple words, a player can get his favorite thing in League for $5 or $50. The amount will depend on what that thing is. Many champions comprise game-changing skins that most of the League community ends up buying. 

How Much Money I Have Spent in League 

It is not an uncommon reality for a League player to get carried away and spend too much on the game. Some simple steps help you to determine how much money you’ve spent in League. 

Step 1

First of all, it is mandatory to visit the official support page which is provided by Riot Games concerning the League account’s actual spending. 

Step 2

Now in the next step just Log in with League’s account that you want to check the info on. 

Step 3

There will be a red option saying “Show me the money”. Just click the button in the middle of the text. After the completion of the 3rd step, all the money a player has spent on that specific account and in that particular area will be displayed instantaneously. If a player has ever transferred the League account to one or multiple servers, then all the spending on those servers will not be shown here. After the transfer back to those regions, the money will be available to check. 

Money an Average Player Spend in League 

Different elements such as Skins emotes, and icons are all elective in League. No one is compelling us to use even a cent on the game. On the other hand, the core game is free, so some of its aspects can be personalized by purchasing the cosmetic options from the Shop. Some players do it to support the developers at Riot Games. 

The ultimate chances are that a person will spend at least $100 throughout the career. A hundred bucks is the number of how much a regular League player spends. This estimation is from all regions and countries around the world. And, of course, not every player reaches that number. Some players are seamlessly fine with how the winners look in their basic look so they do not buy skins at all and some people buy everything. People who spend money in leagues are completely aware of the fact that this money was “well-spent” and worth it. That’s why they purchase many skins for favorite champions, which are necessary for ranked success.  

Final Words 

Many video game titles take inspiration from League’s example and tend to install their currency to sell items rather than pay-to-win features. The idea is very simple to understand. So if a player likes it, he can buy it, and if he doesn’t like it, he can leave it.

Abu Bakar
Abu Bakar
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