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How to effectively promote a young company (Do’s and Don’ts)

When founding a business, a few owners think about its promotion, because at first, it seems hard to understand anything about it. However, in any business there comes a moment when it becomes clear: you need to advertise. Many people start acting intuitively, gaining precious experience by trial and error. The initial step is usually to create a simple landing page and set up contextual advertising. Thanks to this, you can get your first client. As a business develops, you should carefully study the various methods and techniques of promotion.

Let’s start with effective tools.

A word of mouth

In my opinion, this is the most efficient way. Thanks to the fact that satisfied customers are likely to share information about the service or product with their acquaintances, friends, and on social networks, it’s possible to quickly acquire regular customers. Imagine that a very first client comes after you’ve invested some budget in Google Ads. Then, at least 10 new people can come from that person – his friends and acquaintances. Each of them, in turn, is bringing in an average of 5-7 more clients … In the most difficult months, this flow received thanks to word of mouth, can save you from working without an income.

The conclusion from this experience is the following: no matter what happens, no matter how difficult it is – dies, but the client must be satisfied! And then they will talk about you and provide you with free advertising.

Excellent site, texts, and contextual advertising

Proper site design, well-thought-out button arrangement, calls, short readable texts, etc. As it turned out, this is a whole science!

I also advise you to allocate your target audience for each service and make a separate advertising company for it, having correctly worked out the requests. What if there are 20 items? fifty? Choose one, narrow down the target audience and describe the portrait of a potential buyer as clearly as possible. I assure you, you will pay very little for advertising, but an already interested client will come to you!

The experience of many business owners, this way of working with a customer base acquired with advertising turned out to be one of the most effective and allowed to successfully promote within a small budget.

Social Networks

Haven’t you forgotten about them? These are very powerful tools! Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube – those who need your services or products are concentrated there, you just need to reach out to them.

Be sure to make a page for your company on a social network that feels more comfortable for you and tell everyone what you do, what your values are, and what you can offer. It’s free. And, you will be surprised – when managed wisely it brings customers!


An effective way to promote is blogging (on a website section, on social networks). The texts on the site can lead a buyer to you. Especially if you use phrases that contain target queries.

Just because you wrote on a topic of interest to the target audience, a person entered the phrase that is mentioned in your material into a search engine, and Google offered them the necessary link.

That’s why texts are important! This is why blog sites rank best.


It doesn’t cost a dime, but it can bring you a lot of customers! Subscribe on social networks to well-known blogs on your topic or those that have a suitable target audience, and then follow the content, communicate with people in the comments, and attract attention to yourself.

Visit various events and openings. Now there are a lot of summits, forums in different areas, and even aimed specifically at getting to know entrepreneurs. Visit them, tell them what you do, give them business cards… The main thing is to stay professional and not become very intrusive.


This is not about paid tools, but about a free method – slow, but capable of playing a big role one day. Select the company you would like to have as a client. Write a good letter with an offer and after sending it, be sure to call them to find out if there is any interest. It didn’t work? Move on. Write to another potential customer.

One day you will be in the mailbox at the right time. But it would be nice to approach the issue thoughtfully. Let’s say if your product can be given as a gift to loved ones, then it is more productive to send out an offer on the eve of February 14 with a countdown plugin, when everyone starts frantically looking for a present. Guess the moment!

Tools that DO NOT work:

  1. Articles in printed magazines (this type of printed publication is designed to work for a name, not for sales).
  2. Outdoor advertising (very expensive and suitable only for large recognizable brands).
  3. Cold calling (imposing is a great way to ruin your reputation).
  4. Sending letters to mailboxes with template phrases and the same text for everyone.
  5. SMS to phone numbers or messengers (wildly annoying people).
  6. Placement in online directories (dubious and expensive).
Abu Bakar
Abu Bakar
Abubakar is a writer and digital marketing expert. Who has founded multiple blogs and successful businesses in the fields of digital marketing, software development. A full-service digital media agency that partners with clients to boost their business outcomes.


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