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Don’t underestimate Marquez


Don't underestimate Marquez


Yamaha team boss Lin Jarvis stressed the presence of Marc Marquez in the MotoGP race should not be underestimated. Because, since arriving in the main class in 2013, he managed to collect six world titles.

‘Marc Marquez should not be underestimated, because he is truly a phenomenal racer who has extraordinary talent and one of the extraordinary drivers who come from time to time,’ Jarvis said as quoted by Corsedimoto, Wednesday (01/08/2020).

What Marquez did was the same as Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo when he arrived in MotoGP. ‘As Valentino did in the past and as did Lorenzo when he arrived,’ explained Jarvis.

Over time, Marquez’s brilliant performance at the iron racetrack will decline. And, MotoGP will bring the talent of new racers who are ready to take the stage.

This is what is drawn from Fabio Quartararo. Although he just debuted in the MotoGP class last season, but at least he was able to prove that the French racer deserves to be wary of senior racers.

Speaking of Quartararo, Jarvis stressed that he must at least reconfirm and raise his performance standards. ‘Fabio has great potential and we want him to stay with Yamaha, he is certainly a great talent for the future,’ concluded Jarvis.

Abu Bakar
Abu Bakar
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