Dani Alves will return to the World Cup after being fit

Dani Alves will return to the World Cup after being fit
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Dani Alves is the watchman of protection. Brazil was confused for Alvez injury. At the end of the stage of upcoming football world cup will him found rescue?


Finally, the good news was found in the Selikoora. Alvez’s injury is not serious. He can be found in the World Cup squad. His club Paris St. Germain (PSG) confirmed this in a statement.


Alvez suffered a right knee injury in the French final on Tuesday. It is feared that he may have to go under surgery.


But the 35-year-old Brazilian spokesman said there is no need for surgery. He will be fit before the World Cup.


The BBC has told that he must be out of the field for the week. He will miss the last two games of the French league. 5-time world cup champions will receive Alvaze in the World Cup, which begins in Russia on June 14.


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