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Online Casinos: Recent Regulations

As honest people and honest players, you know the importance of winning the jackpot in a viable and truthful way – try Fishin Frenzy Megaways. This is why it pains honest so much when they find out that a particular online casino provider has been disobeying the regulations and have been playing their customers at unfair games.

It is for the same reason that when you find out that another player has discovered a cheat to win the games through unfair means, such as hacking or duping, that it can be frustrating for hard-working honest online casino players.

This is why rigorous regulation on online casinos has to be consistently maintained and updated on a regular basis. Regulatory bodies, therefore, have been frequently updating their regulations and terms so that the modern honest casino player is both safe from ridiculous odds and other cheating players.

What are the most Recent Regulations for Online Casinos?

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) is currently the largest online casino regulatory body in Britain, meaning that many of the regulations that it creates become the precedent for other regulatory bodies, in Britain and around the world, to follow.

Here are just a few recent regulations that will help keep you playing at the top of your game and will start putting a little more cash into your pockets!

  • 2018 saw a change in withdrawal rules because of a rise in complaints. Where before you were sometimes asked to provide additional information when withdrawing your funds, now that unfair regulation means that your initial identification will be sufficient.
  • The UKGC has a massive policy change due for the 31st of October 2021 which includes a number of changes to your winning, so you had better listen up!
  • One of their main amendments included a ban on misleading animations and features that make it appear that you have won when, in actual fact, you have not.
  • Another was a ban on features that make it appear as if the player has more control over the casino games than actually does. This ban not online foils the sites but gives you an extra opportunity to reclaim the games that you love playing!
  • It is not all limitations on casino sites, because regulation stops those pesky hackers from tricking the cash withdrawal system from letting them maintain the funds which they just cashed out on.

Are these Recent Regulations on Online Casino Sites Good or Bad?

It may seem like limits to online casino sites may be all swings and roundabouts, but are there setbacks that these regulations do that are not so obvious?

Check out our table on the pros and cons of recent regulations to make up your own mind:

Pros of recent regulations Cons of recent regulations
Stop the casino sites from ripping you off Puts a lot of power into regulatory bodies
Let you control the game with more ease Makes games less interesting
Limit the things a slot site does to make you lose Stop the pesky hackers out there winning dishonestly
Close loopholes


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