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The easiest online slot games to win

When it comes to playing online slot games, the outcome of the reels is purely down to chance. Slots are not skill-based games, however, there are some games that are easier to win than others! So, which are the easiest online win money slots games to win, and are there any games that you should avoid to optimize your chances? We are going to be answering exactly that, so read on to find out!

The hardest online slot games to win

  • You have probably heard about progressive slots – they’re hugely popular because of their enormous cash prizes, with some jackpots of the past reaching an unbelievable £16,251,942.55! However, these huge cash prizes come at a cost – they are extremely hard to win, with the odds of winning being very similar to winning the lottery. We love progressive slots and they are great as an occasional treat, but if you are looking for the easiest online slot games, they’re probably best avoided. There are several reasons for this:
  • The games are designed around progressive jackpots, meaning that the developer has intentionally used very low odds, with every loss increasing the jackpot higher.
  • The progressive jackpot is available to anyone playing the game, no matter what casino they are at. Therefore, it is possible that the jackpot will be stolen right before your eyes
  • There are usually several jackpot tiers available, such as ‘mini’, ‘medium’, and ‘mega’. This can cause the illusion that winning the ‘mini’ jackpot is very easy, but these jackpots are still huge, and your odds are very low.

The easiest online slots

As we have seen from the example of progressive slots, the ease of winning a slot game is always directly correlated to the jackpot. Therefore, if you are truly looking to win slot games as much as possible, your best strategy would be to pick games with small jackpots. A great place to start for this is simple, three-reel online slot games. These games are often the most fun due to the rewarding nature of winning the jackpot regularly, but your cash prize isn’t going to be anything to brag about. A few key features of these slots include:

  • A small number of reels and pay lines, resulting in a simple slot with minimal variations
  • Very small minimum and maximum bets
  • Top jackpots that do not exceed £500

Ultimately, if you are truly looking for a slot game that is easy to win, pick something with a small jackpot. Developers will be a lot more liberal with the RNG this way as there is less money for them to lose.

The Verdict

Overall, the easiest online slot games to win must be classic three-by-five slots. You are quite likely to win these jackpots, but you won’t be looking to win much more than £500. Still though, if you are looking to win regularly and make some money, these games are a far more realistic option than winning huge jackpots in progressive slots. However, don’t let that stop you from playing progressive slots – they can be a real treat when played occasionally!

Abu Bakar
Abu Bakar
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