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How to Boost Your Earnings on BTC Sportsbooks

Since crypto came into sports betting, several bettors have keyed into it. Now, cryptocurrency is a popular choice for placing bets at sportsbooks. However, betting with BTC is more than betting on sports and enjoying them; it’s about earning more cash with your bets. With this, every bettor would want to know the best methods to boost their earnings at their favourite BTC sportsbooks.

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If you fall into this category, this article is for you. Here, you’ll find the best ways to increase your earnings and make more from placing bets on your favourite sports.

Why Should You Bet With Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, have wormed their way into the mind of sports bettors. Its popularity results from the perks associated with using them while betting. Their benefits include fast deposits and withdrawals, tighter security, and lower transaction fees. Using BTC also eliminates the need for third parties when transacting.

Furthermore, you don’t miss out on any bonuses and promotions. This is because BTC sportsbooks operate similarly to traditional sportsbooks by offering several promotions to attract punters.

If you’ve joined the clique of gamblers using BTC in sports betting, then you’re in for a lot. First, you’re walking in line with the current market trends. You also get to have yourself the problems of using fiat currency to bet. However, if you’re not well prepared, you might not be able to take full advantage of the benefits of BTC sports betting.

That said, here are the best ways how to boost your earnings by betting on BTC sportsbooks.

Quality Before Quantity

Many bettors are used to the term “Quality over Quantity.” This means that you should completely forgo quantity and opt for quality. In this case scenario, you place bets on games you’re more confident that the results will favour you.

However, quality before quantity doesn’t require you to abandon quantity. You start by focusing on games that you’re sure of earning from. But with time, you can expand and place more bets. With this, you’re not confining your earnings to just a few games as you’ll be betting on several games.

The point is to maintain quality while going for quantity. It’s essential to take things easy when placing bets. Don’t rush in, expecting to win all the money in one night. If you intend to maintain quality, start by learning the ropes.

Bet on one favourable game; from there, you bet on two. As your strategy gets better, you’ll be able to identify more edges that other punters might miss. From there, you increase your number of bets slowly.

Be Rational

Watching sports is like riding on an emotional rollercoaster. You’ll definitely have a favorite team or player that you’ll want to place your bets on. Before you do this, stop and think.

Betting is fun, but it’s an activity you carry out with your head, not your heart. You must be very calculative and intelligent if you want to double your earnings. That player or team you’re so passionate about might not be the best place to put your money.

Never let your emotions get the better part of you. In some cases, you might even believe that your emotional decisions are also logical. If you can’t control these emotions, there’s a high possibility that you’ll keep placing the wrong bets.

Thus, it’s best to detach yourself from the game to make the best out of your bets.

Take Advantage of Live betting

Pre-game wagers are very common amongst punters. However, in-game betting is usually more profitable. This is because the sportsbook will calculate live spreads using algorithms, making it difficult to alter the game’s flow.

Avoid Parlays

Parlays are as dangerous as they are attractive. These bets give you high hopes of striking gold with a few wagers. Many sportsbooks will even share stories about lucky winners, enticing you to try this out.

However, if you’re a casual bettor, parlays are not for you. These bets give the house a larger edge than straight bets, and you stand a higher chance of losing than winning.

But, if you’re going to stick to parlays, eager on two teams. If you do strike gold, it might not be as much as you envisioned. On the other hand, if you’re unlucky, you have better chances of getting a decent payout instead of losing your entire bet.

Conduct Research

Sports betting is not a skill you’re born with. Even if you’re smart, it takes a while to grasp how the system works. If you’re a newbie, try to know all there is to know. You don’t necessarily have to be a professional, but you should master the basics before placing bets.

Therefore, you have to be willing to put in time and effort, learning as much as you can. One of the best ways to do learn is through research.

By research, it doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to watching every single game you’re interested in. It’s about going through statistical records and listening to the views of more experienced bettors.

Predict Games Before Picking Bet Types

Most times, punters will select the type of bet they want to place on a game before deciding which side to choose. For instance, a bettor can decide to place a winning bet on a football match before making predictions. While this approach might seem ideal, it’s better to do it the other way round.

That is, make your predictions before looking at the odds or deciding on the ideal bet for you. With this, since you already have a prediction in mind, you can select the best bet that would pay you.


There are no set ways to guarantee that you’ll exit a sportsbook with a filled BTC wallet. However, employing the right strategies and knowledge gives you an edge over other punters selling the same opportunities as you. This article has provided the best tips that you can use to make more BTCs at sportsbooks. It’s only left for you to implement them.

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