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2024 NFL Mock Draft Roundup: First Round Could See Trades and a Record Number of Quarterbacks

The 2024 NFL Draft is swiftly arriving, and anticipation is building around what the first round will deliver, possibly becoming one of the most captivating in recent times. The buzz around a potential trade and the unprecedented number of quarterbacks anticipated to be selected early add to the compelling narratives worth monitoring. Delving into the latest mock drafts provides insight into the possible outcomes and how they could shape the event.

A key storyline emerging as the draft nears is the chatter about a potential deal for the number one pick. The Detroit Lions have this coveted selection, and rumors have surfaced of various teams showing interest in trading up to secure their top choice.

Such a move could send shockwaves through the draft’s first round, influencing the strategies of numerous teams. Should this trade come to pass, it might trigger a cascade of adjustments, with teams vying to position themselves favorably to pick their preferred candidates.

In less than a month, the excitement for the 2024 NFL Draft will reach its peak. We’re only four weeks away from witnessing several teams potentially secure players that could drastically change the future of their franchises. This year, the draft showcases exceptional talents such as USC’s quarterback Caleb Williams and Ohio State’s wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr., making 2024’s draft particularly significant and possibly transformational for many teams.

As the first round looms closer, the rumor mill has been buzzing about the strategies of various teams, especially those desperately seeking quarterbacks. The prevailing speculation suggests these teams might trade up to ensure they snag the top talents. This theory has gained traction, with experts like Michael Middlehurst-Schwartz and Nate Davis from USA Today predicting moves into the top ten.

So, who will make the big trade, and which team will they deal with? Moreover, which player will be the first non-quarterback to be called up? Fans are brimming with these questions. Without waiting any longer, let’s delve into the latest forecasts and whispers encircling the NFL Draft’s top-ten selections.

Who has the number one pick in the 2024 draft?

Rumors are circulating that numerous teams are keen on trading up for a spot in the top 10 of the 2024 NFL Draft. This potential flurry of trades is stirring up quite the excitement as franchises aim to snag their top-choice prospects. Although the exact nature of these trades remains a topic of speculation, it’s a common belief that several teams are considering making moves to acquire influential players at the outset of the draft.

The enticement of securing premier talents, especially quarterbacks, has sparked discussions about who might trade with whom and the resources they’re prepared to exchange to climb up the draft order. As the draft nears, expectations are for the trading scene to shift dynamically, with franchises diligently assessing their strategies and the potential benefits of executing significant trades to obtain a highly sought-after prospect.

The prospect of trading within the top 10 adds an intriguing dimension to an already fascinating draft story. Teams are strategizing to ensure their future success by picking high-impact players early on. With changes in the draft’s dynamics expected to unfold, the anticipation around possible top-10 trades continues to be a major point of focus and excitement as the draft day looms.

The Minnesota Vikings appear to be the frontrunners for trading up to secure their next quarterback. Following Kirk Cousins’ off-season move to Atlanta, the Vikings urgently require a new quarterback to stay competitive in the challenging NFC North. However, climbing into the top ten picks won’t ensure access to one of the three best quarterbacks in the draft, and the price for such a move would be steep.

While many speculate that the Vikings are targeting either the fifth or sixth pick, some argue they could aim for as high as the third pick, although this seems improbable considering the New England Patriots’ similar quarterback needs.

At present, the Arizona Cardinals and the Los Angeles Chargers hold the fourth and fifth picks, respectively. Given the Cardinals currently don’t need a quarterback, they might consider trading down, especially if OSU’s wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. gets selected in the top three. Similarly, the Chargers, who are also not in the market for a quarterback, are more likely than others to consider a trade-down.

How many QBs will go in the first round in 2024?

How many QBs will go in the first round in 2024?

The 2024 NFL Draft is generating quite a buzz, especially with the potential for a record-breaking number of quarterbacks being selected in the first round. Let’s dive into some of the intriguing predictions:

Chicago Bears

With the trade of Justin Fields to Pittsburgh, the Bears are poised to select Caleb Williams, the talented USC junior quarterback. Williams is known for his off-platform plays and a marvelous deep ball. If he remains decisive in the pocket, he could become one of the league’s top signal-callers.

New England Patriots

It appears the Patriots will roll with a rookie quarterback in the post-Bill Belichick era. They’ll likely choose between Daniels and Maye, depending on who the commanders pass on. Maye’s potential as an NFL starter is evident, and the team hopes their new offensive coordinator, Alex Van Pelt, can mold him into a consistent winner.

Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings are making a bold move, sending two first-round picks and a fourth-round selection to Arizona for the No. 4 overall pick. Their target? J.J. McCarthy, the junior quarterback from Michigan. McCarthy brings athleticism, calm leadership, and a powerful arm to the table. Head coach Kevin O’Connell is likely excited about working with this young talent.

Washington Commanders

The Commanders’ decision is between two promising quarterbacks: Jayden Daniels from LSU and Drake Maye. While Daniels offers dual-threat ability, Maye’s strength in the pocket and all-around skill set make him an attractive option.

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