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What is the Hardest Position in Football? Top 5 Hardest Positions Explained!

What is the hardest position in football? The most difficult positions in football necessitate a particular type of athlete. These are the most crucial positions on the field, and they require athleticism, ingenuity, and courage to play.

The history of the NFL is replete with stories of exceptional athletes who excelled at these demanding positions. Sadly, a vast majority of players failed and quit the league within two seasons, never to be heard from again. Getting a spot as a starter on a football team is not an easy accomplishment by any means. Although every player in the NFL is tough, the mental and physical capabilities required for these five positions are on a far higher level.

Today, we will be switching things up and moving in the other direction, which is considered the most difficult position in football.

When compared to the other standard roles, the toughest positions require a higher level of competence from the player. On the field, these positions often determine whether a team will win or lose. If you want to play these roles, you need to have the ability to do so, as well as strength, intellect, and even guts. The cornerback position on an NFL football team is often considered to be the most difficult to play. Playing cornerback is not only difficult physically, but it also requires an exceptional level of mental discipline.

Let’s go right into it and investigate the five most difficult positions with Sportda.

Most hardest position in football?

The cornerback position on an NFL football team is often considered to be the hardest to play. Playing cornerback needs not just physical ability but also an extremely disciplined mind.

What is the most hardest position in football?

In most contexts, the contention that the quarterback position is most hardest cannot be sustained since it is generally accepted as such. Having said that, there are a few distinct roles that, depending on how they are filled, may prove to be exceedingly challenging in their own unique ways.

The National Football League of today has a long history of recruiting heroes to play the toughest position in football. Despite this, a good number of players have been forced to delete their names from that list and will never come back.

Every single position on the football team is vital, which goes without saying. However, attaining the position of a king is not a simple task. It is imperative that the players who occupy the following five positions be of the highest caliber.

What Is The Hardest Position In Football

5-Middle Linebacker

When compared to the other positions in a football game, the middle linebacker is the one that presents the most challenge. In spite of that, it is a difficult position to hold. The player must have a lot of attributes in order to play the difficult position, such as physical strength, physical size, mental toughness, speed, intelligence, and so on.

This position is on par with that of a quarterback in terms of its significance. It is necessary for a middle linebacker to have a rapid understanding of their opponent as well as pre-snap readings on them. It played a key role in the victory or defeat that the football team ultimately experienced in that match.

There is no difference between a middle linebacker and a strategist. There are occasions when a middle linebacker is required to remain in the movie room 24 hours a day. Prior to the beginning of the game, it is important to analyze the strategies used by the adversary and formulate a game plan to counteract such strategies. Because his judgments are so important, he can’t afford to get them wrong under any circumstances.

Running from sideline to sideline is an important part of a middle linebacker’s duty. In order to cover backs coming out of the backfield or drop back into deep zones, players need to have tremendous speed.

In the history of the NFL, the middle linebacker position has been held by some of the players who have been known to deliver the biggest hits.

Check out the video for the top 10 hardest positions on the football field in addition to the top 5.

4. Center

The center is the offensive line’s leader, thus he has to have a good head on his shoulders. During an NFL game, if you pay close attention and listen carefully, you can often hear him giving out assignments before the ball is snapped. Because he is the one who initiates the play by snapping the ball to the quarterback, he is clearly a very essential player, but he also has one of the most challenging jobs in all of football.

The offensive lineman is the guy on the field who is the tallest, strongest, and most powerful, and they are also among the most powerful athletes in the world. They also have a great deal of expertise. It is beneficial to take your attention away from the ball for a few plays throughout each game in order to observe them instead of the ball. It provides you with a great understanding of the importance of working together as a team in football.

Sometimes it is the job of the linemen to block athletes of such a significant size. In addition to this, they need to demonstrate flexibility and agility while interacting with smaller players. Once the ball is in the hands of the quarterbacks, a good center will take care of all of those tasks after the play has been set up.

It is not uncommon for linemen to be expected to make blocks on athletes who are equally as large and powerful as they are. At other times, they need to depend on their speed in order to block much smaller opponents who are considerably quicker. They use a variety of tactics, including folding, trapping, and reaching for blocks. On sweep plays, they may sometimes withdraw to clear the way for the running back who is slated to receive the ball.

The center is responsible for all of those things, but before anything else, he needs to make sure that the quarterback is able to get his hands on the ball. This implies that, in addition to solid direct snaps, shotgun, and pistol snaps are also acceptable. When you have a nose tackle weighing 350 pounds lined up a few inches away from your face, it takes steel-like nerves to do this.

3. Quarterback

Although it is the most essential position on a football team, the quarterback is not always the hardest position to play. The majority of quarterbacks don’t have much of a problem with the physical demands of the job; however, it helps to have a strong and accurate arm. Whenever they are unsuccessful, it is almost always due to some aspect of the mental game.

To be successful at the quarterback position, athletes need to have a comprehensive understanding of the offensive playbook.

The first step is becoming familiar with the attitude, roles, and playing styles of the other members of your squad. Second, in order to prepare his replies and alter the way he plays when there is a crisis, he has to understand the defensive linemen’s script.

A quarterback has one second to make a read on the defensive lineman while the play is in the passing downs. The receivers often alter the run routes that they take. It depends on what the defensive linemen do. That should become obvious to the quarterback rather quickly. In addition to that, he is in charge of calling the plays. The players of a team will often look to the quarterback as the one who is in charge of leading the squad throughout the game. It’s hardly the most difficult profession in the world. Despite saying that, it is difficult to the point that a player is unable to finish it.

A quarterback has to be outgoing and understand how to communicate their ideas well. If he was the kind of person who preferred to keep to himself, his team’s reputation may suffer as a result.

The positions held by an NFL team’s quarterbacks are among the most crucial. If his team is successful, the quarterback often takes on the role of the club’s deity. However, even if the quarterback is not fully to blame for the loss, the fans will see him in a negative light and consider him to be the antagonist of the story.

2. Left Tackle

Every player on the offensive line has a challenging role, but the tackle on the quarterback’s blind side has a particularly challenging task. Since the majority of quarterbacks are right-handed, their backs are often turned to the left side of the field when they drop back to throw. On most offensive lines, the left side of the field serves as a blindside.

Because of this, defensive coordinators like to position their most dangerous edge rusher at the defensive end or outside linebacker on the side opposite the quarterback. It is up to the left tackle to prevent the other player from getting to the quarterback and scoring a touchdown.

The issue is that the left tackle is responsible for a variety of tasks in addition to blocking huge defensive tackles on running plays. The majority of offensive tackles weigh more than 300 pounds each, and they are enormous guys. They are often the most powerful guys on the field, but they are also the ones with the worst speed.

Edge rushers, on the other hand, are among the most athletic players in the sport of football. They are quick enough to out-juke an offensive lineman, fast enough to run around him, and powerful enough to knock him down. In order to compete with these giants, the left tackle has to be an exceptional athlete, and despite his bulk, he needs to have fast feet and great agility.

The consequences of failing are horrible in every way. If a block is not successfully executed, the edge rusher will have an unobstructed path to the quarterback, who will not notice him approaching until it is too late.


The cornerback position in football is often considered one of the most difficult and demanding roles in all sports. The corners are often the most athletic players on the field, despite being among the shortest guys on the pitch. The candidate must demonstrate exceptional quickness, agility, and athleticism in order to be considered for the role. This is significant given that they will be competing against the quickest players on the offensive team, who are the wide receivers.

It’s not an easy task to do. Even if a cornerback is a superior athlete to the receiver he is covering, he will still be at a disadvantage since the receiver is aware of the path that the route will take. Even though watching game films is helpful, playing cornerback properly requires amazing physical abilities and instincts, particularly when it comes to man-to-man coverage.

No matter how small they are, corners have to be resilient. They need to have the psychological will to compete against linemen who may outweigh them by at least 100 pounds when it comes to sweeps. In wide-field situations, they are required to make tackles against much bigger running backs. They may be instructed to play bump-and-run on the goal line against gigantic tight ends if that’s what the coach wants.

Cornerbacks, above all things, are expected to have substantial mental toughness. Even the finest corners are going to be beaten sometimes, and when that happens, they have to put it in the past and be ready for the next play.

Most Difficult NFL Football Positions—Ranked

An extended list of the most difficult positions in football can be found here:

  1. Quarterback
  2. Cornerback
  3. Center
  4. Offensive Tackle
  5. Strong Safety
  6. Middle Linebacker
  7. Kick/punt Returner
  8. Outside Linebacker
  9. Defensive Tackle
  10. Tight End
  11. Defensive End
  12. Free Safety
  13. Offensive Guard
  14. Fullback
  15. Kicker
  16. Halfback
  17. Wide Receiver
  18. Punter
  19. Long Snapper

Please tell me which positions you believe to be the hardest. Where does one stand with positions like nickelback, slot corner, and slot receiver? Do they merit occupying a place of their own?


What is the best position on an American football team?

In football, the positions of kicker and punter are without a doubt the safest ones. A thorough set of rules that forbids opposing players from tackling them or even making contact with them in any way protects each of these positions.

What is the easiest position in American football?

A receiver could be the simplest position on the offensive team. He is responsible for a minimal amount, and it’s possible that the majority of the plays have nothing to do with him at all.

What is the best American football position?

Quarterback (Offense): Because of the need to handle the ball and make judgments during each and every play, the quarterback position is considered to be the most important position on a football team.

Which position in football is the hardest?

Quarterback is often regarded as the hardest position. However, the following positions are very difficult: quarterback and kicker.

What is the fastest position in football?

A five-year report on the NFL combined found that wide receivers and cornerbacks had the fastest average times at 4.48, while running backs had the slowest average times at 4.49.


What is the hardest position in football? The answer was that we were given an unbiased assessment of the hardest situation in football thanks to the ranking. It is a generic evaluation. The performance of each team may have an impact on how difficult a situation is. The position of quarterback is generally agreed upon to be the most difficult one, and this viewpoint is almost universal.

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