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What Is A Wheel Route In Football? You Should Know All!

Have you ever seen the linebackers chasing after the running backs as they grab a ball thrown from the sideline to one of the running backs? After that, the commentator will talk about the wheel path, but you won’t understand what they mean by it. So, what is a wheel route in football? What kind of impact does it have on the gameplay? Why is it even called a wheel route in the first place? I will explain everything in an easy-to-understand manner

Let’s not waste any time and get started!

What Is A Wheel Route In Football?

One of the most popular and productive passing routes in football is known as the wheel route. Running backs are the ones who often run this route, although wide receivers may also be given the opportunity to use it on occasion.

When designing a wheel route, the major objective is to capitalize on the greater speed of the route runners relative to the speed of the opposing defenders. In order for the defenders to catch up with the receivers, they will need to run a lateral route and make rapid rotations.

The wheel path, in contrast to what many people believe, is very straightforward, and you do not need to engage in any trickery or multiple movements in order to complete it. Unpredictability, timing, and speed are the three most important factors here.

The wheel route is a very effective play, even though it might seem rude when your team’s receivers are faster than the defenders and can beat them. Because of this, people who act this way are often said to be taking the “jerk path.” Because a receiver’s movement pattern resembles the outside of a wheel as he flips over and quickly transitions from “flat” to “go,” this technique is referred to as the “wheel” drill.

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What Is The Purpose Of A Wheel Route?

What Is A Wheel Route In Football?

The main objective of a wheel route is to deceive the defenders of the opposing team via a series of strategic moves. The defender is often able to guess the path that the receiver is going to take before the play begins.

Consequently, a rapid turnaround and selecting an alternative running path introduce the element of surprise and give you a significant edge in the competition. The wheel route is quite similar to the combination route in that it consists of two separate paths.

The wheel routes are often performed by the running backs, but the wide receivers and tight ends are also capable of taking on this job when necessary. Its mysticism will come through in a flash at the split second when defenders hesitate.

How to Run the Wheel Route?

One tight end will be stationed near the line of scrimmage, while the other two running backs will be spaced out behind the offensive tackle on their respective side of the field. Each running back will be around five yards behind the quarterback. After the ball is snapped, the running back will take a curved route that takes them closer to the sideline.

This glancing back is really important because it fools the defender into believing that you are about to deliver a ball to the defender when in fact you are just gazing back. When making a throw beyond the line of scrimmage is the safest choice, it is simple to anticipate what will happen.

During this blitz second, you are going to construct a route that takes you directly down the field after rapidly turning the corner. Because the defender was getting ready to throw the ball, he was caught off guard by this action. As a response to your move, he can stop moving entirely for a blitz or fall behind. Because of this, you will have lots of room to run about and launch a dangerous assault on your opponent.

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What Are The Names Of The Routes In Football?

The “route” word is combined with one following number, from 1 to 8, to indicate different route positions on the field. For example, route one is called “flat,” which is an out-breaking and primary route in football. You can encounter many other common routes like 2 – Slant, 3 – comeback, 4 – Curl, or 7 – corner.

What Is A Wheel Route In Football?

In National Football League terminology, a passing pattern known as a wheel route is one in which the player acts as if he is running a flat or swing route while really circling the field. On the other hand, he will make a vertical break in order to surprise the defense.

How Does The Wheel Route Work?

An offensive play known as a wheel route involves the quarterback completing a short ball to a receiver who is running in a direction that is perpendicular to the line of scrimmage before making a cut toward the end zone. Wheel routes often have the running back as the intended receiver, although wide receivers may also be utilized in certain situations.

The two spaces that are situated on each side of the defensive line are referred to as the flat. This region is commonly referred to as the “shot route,” including the space surrounding the lineup position of wide receivers. A wheel path is not difficult to carry out, despite the fact that it may seem fairly intricate. On the other hand, you’ll need to have certain athletic advantages, particularly when it comes to your speed and your range of motion.

You will be better able to picture how a wheel route works in practice after seeing this little video presentation.


What is a wheel route in football?

A throw pattern known as a wheel route is one in which the receiver makes an arc toward the sideline, much like they would if they were running a swing route or a flat route, but then they break in the other direction, vertically.

What is a wheel route in NFL football?

In American football, a running back or receiver may run a wheel route. Receivers can also execute this route. In the event that a receiver runs it, they will begin by performing a rapid out the pattern, and then they will continue to execute an upfield curving pattern.

How deep is a corner route?

The corner route calls for the receiver to make a cut at a 45-degree angle and then sprint toward the sideline. This needs the receiver to make a run that is between 10 and 20 yards downfield. The receiver makes a cut in the middle of the field and then often goes toward the back corner of the end zone following the cut. This is where the route gets its name from.

What’s a skinny post route?

The Skinny Post route is merely a Post route that travels a little less acute angle to the center of the field than the traditional Post route. At the beginning of a Skinny Post, the receiver will make a predetermined amount of yards of direct forward progress down the field. As he continues his race downfield, he will make an angle toward the center of the field and then continue running.

What are the 4 routes in football?

When a receiver makes a comeback within the field, route 4, also known as the Curl, is in the position that is opposite of the comeback. As a consequence of this, the Curl route and the Comeback route are interchangeable in a variety of contexts.

Final Thoughts

So, if you are a football lover then you should know about this question, what is a wheel route in football? A wheel route is a series of running patterns where the player rushes to the flat route and pretends to make a throw in order to mislead the opposing defense. This is done in order to gain an advantage over the play.

As soon as the defender falls for the fake out, you quickly flip over and cut upside down, leaving him completely shocked. When you have a faster running speed than the other defensive players, the wheel approach is an excellent option for you to use.

I’m hoping that this explanation will be enough to sate your inquisitiveness. Visit our website for further information on various football tactics if you are interested in learning more about this sport.

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