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Things You Should Remember While Applying For 485 Graduate Visa

Australia is an amazing nation that has opened the gate to millions of career enthusiasts to work and study in Australia after the completion their graduation. If you are also one of them and aspire to stay, study and work in Australia following the accomplishment of your studies, then opting for the temporary graduate visa 485 is the right choice for you. The Graduate Work stream and the Post-Study stream of this visa allow you to stay in Australia for the time-frames of 18 months and 2 to 4 years respectively. Now, hopefully, you are also feeling quite eager to apply for the graduate visa 485. However, before you apply for any of the streams of the 485 visa, you must become aware of some of the most crucial things related to it, which can be considered below.

  1. Bring your family members with you

If you want some of your family members, including that of your spouse as well to accompany you, whilst you stay in Australia with the 485 graduate visa, rest assured that you can do that without any hesitation. For, you can bring your dependent family members along with you through the means of this visa. For this, they will simply have to meet their individual health and character requirements effectively during the time they are applying for each of their visa options.

What’s more, your family members, who invariably include your partner as well, will be eligible to enjoy the same rights and privileges which you are enjoying with your graduate visa subclass 485. Besides, each of your family members also needs to be the holder of valid Australian health insurance policy, or else they won’t be able to apply.

  1. Increases professional connections

As soon as you apply for the graduate stream visa 485, you can also work for an occupation relevant to the field or sector in which you have recently completed your graduation. This in return gives you a hands-on experience in the various skills and techniques, about which you had only learnt in your books until now. In short, the graduate visa 485 aims at ensuring a promising career for you ahead in your chosen field of study as a competent working professional. The prospect of this visa doesn’t end year.

If you have graduated in any of the fields like Engineering, ICT or that of accounting, then it’s also permissible for you to apply for Professional Year Program or PYP. In this context, it is worth mentioning as well that after completing  your PYP  successfully, you will become eligible  for a number of suitable job roles, thereby, enhancing your employability in Australia to a reasonable extent.

  1. Apply only for once

Many of the career aspirants like you, who are looking forward to apply for the temporary graduate stream visa 485, are not aware of the fact that they can apply for this particular visa only for a single time and not more than that. Hence, if you also want to make the best use of your visa subclass 485, then, choose your visa stream quite carefully. Since, this is a single entry visa, choosing the wrong visa stream on the contrary, will end up in the absolute rejection/cancellation of your visa, and, you won’t be able to apply for it again. So, before you are applying for any of the streams of the visa subclass 485, make sure that it is compatible in accordance to your individual visa requirements. For, you can apply for this visa only for once and not more than that.

  1. Compliance with the English language criterion

Before you have applied for the visa subclass 485, you must know that you will have to qualify in a certain English language test in the proper and expected way comprising a significant part of your visa application procedure. This particular English language test is also known as the IELTS, known as the International English Language Testing System in its fuller form. Obtaining the desired score in this test will prove that you hold a reasonable proficiency in the English language, concerning all its four areas, i.e. reading, writing, listening and speaking. Aside this, you must know that you have to secure a minimum score of 6.0 points in order to qualify in your IELTS exam successfully.

However, if you want, you can also opt for the PTE Academic Test, wherein you need to score 36 points in each of the four areas of English i.e. listening, speaking, reading and writing along with a score of 50 points in total. Both these tests substantiate your competency in English during the time you will be staying in Australia with the 485 visa.

  1. Possession of a health insurance cover

People, who have been to Australia a couple of times, know quite well that Australia enjoys some of the best health standards in the entire world. Hence, while applying for a stream of the temporary graduate visa 485, you must apply for a substantial healthcare scheme as well, or else get ready to face an abrupt rejection/cancellation of your visa.

So, before applying for the said visa, make sure that you are holding a valid Overseas Visitors Health Cover (OVCH) from any of the approved health insurance providers out there. Once you get in touch with your health insurance provider, you will be bombarded with different health insurance policies, but, choose only the one which you consider to be the most suitable according to your current profile.

Seek a professional help to furthermore!

If you find that the aforesaid list is not enough for you to learn about the most crucial things of the graduate visa 485, then get in touch with a professional Immigration Agent Adelaide, who is knowledgeable enough to acquaint you with a couple of important things more related to the said visa. Apart from providing you a holistic information about the temporary graduate visa 485 to that of recommending you the right visa stream, after seeking a professional assistance from the best immigration agent in Adelaide, rest assured that you will be able to make the best use of your Australian graduate visa.

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