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Mettler Toledo™ Halogen Moisture Analyzer

The Toledo ™ HX204 Halogen Mettler  Moisture Analyzer provides superior measurement performance for all model types with its high-resolution weight cell and innovative hanging pan design. It is designed to comply with smart features such as user management and the “no results in tool” option. Network connectivity and multiple reporting options This is the perfect tool for any data management need.

Moisture Analyzers and METTLER TOLEDO:
a Long History of Success

We specialize in moisture analysis and offer a variety of reliable and easy-to-use moisture meters that meet production quality control and process control requirements in many industries, including the plastic and food industry. Done. Our water balance is shown as:

  • Excellent halogen heating technology and weight technology, providing reliable temperature control for reliable results
  • Easy to use with step-by-step user guidance to avoid mistakes in daily work.
  • Construction Construction DR Construction argument. Comprehensive service, performance measurement, participation of one year with built-in performance testing.

Increase moisture analysis efficiency with our humidity expertise. Benefit from extensive moisture testing methods, knowledge and support


  • Performance High performance humidity analysis: 0.001% MC (0.1 mg) readability, user guidance, result forecasting, user management with auto-lock, 0-3000 results and 300 methods, 4 drying programs, control chart, automated internal. Adjustment, power lid.
  • S Accurate results for all model types: fast halogen heating and optimal weight performance ensure reliable and reproducible moisture results.
  • Designed for Compliance: Smart Compliance feature that adheres to ALCOA + principles without a proprietary record for moisture analyzers and automatic export / printing capabilities.
  • Ple Easy connection through multiple interfaces: For easy reporting, connect your device to a PC, FTP server, strip printer or network printer using Wi-Fi, Ethernet, RS232 or USB. I do.

Mettler Toledo Ultra-fast Dry Moisture Meter Halogen is a high quality moisture analyzer used in a production environment to measure the moisture content of samples in a laboratory or laboratory samples. Get reliable moisture results in minutes. Using Mettler Toledo’s weight analysis technology, the HR83 moisture meter calculates more accurate readings (up to 3 digits) for four decimal places, allowing for smaller sample analysis to determine the amount of water I make. Precise, suitable for expensive material analysis

Mettler Toledo’s automated features help you work faster and more accurately. Auto, automatically set the appropriate parameters to match the 40 automatic reference methods, can be developed and stored and activated efficiently with keystrokes effectively If you specify the maximum measurement time, METTLER TOLEDO’s HR83 moisture analyzer will do the rest  Mettler moisture analyzer dscbalances.com.

The Mettler Toledo HR83 moisture meter can be used with or without the included printer. There are other optical moisture analyzers. Choose everything you need for perfect weighing and start with moisture analysis.

Mettler Toledo offers an inexpensive moisture meter with a maximum power lower than the HG63, has a maximum capacity of 61g and is available with or without a built-in printer. The METTLER HB43 moisture meter is an inexpensive moisture meter with a maximum capacity of 41 grams and can be connected to an external printer.

If you already have a Mettler HR-83 moisture meter and are looking for a humidifying tray that can be used, you can buy 500 boxes of aluminum pan here or the moisture filter from the scale. This humidifier is very cheap compared to Mettler Toledo claiming the consumable balance if you buy directly from Mettler Toledo.

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