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Popular Domain Extensions and Tips to Choose Perfect Domain Name

So, have you finalized your decision of buying a domain name for your business? But do you know that choosing the right domain name is a critical factor behind the success of your online venture?

But what makes a domain name right or wrong? How great of an impact does choose a domain name has on your business? And, what are some of the popular domain name extensions that you can consider for your business?

Let us find answers to all these and many other questions in the following discussion.

Well, that being said, let us move on to explore the importance of choosing the right domain name.

First of all, let us find the meaning of a domain extension and what are some of the most popular domain extensions?

What is a domain name extension?

In layman’s words, the words that come after ‘www.’ and before the ‘.com or .in or .org’ part comprise your domain name. For example, www.wikipedia.com, in this website name, ‘Wikipedia’ is the domain name. Hence, the words that come after the domain name are called domain name extension. So, if we retake the previous example, then .com is the domain name extension.

Likewise, there can be many other domain name extensions that you might have encountered while using the internet. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • .com – Here, the word com stands for commercial. .com domain names are the top-level domains.
  • .org – Here, the word org stands for organization.
  • .gov – Here, the word gov stands for government. These domains are restricted for government use only.
  • .biz – Here, the word biz stands for business.

Apart from these business-specific domain extensions that indicate the nature of the business, there are domain name extensions that represent countries. Check out some examples in the following section.

  • .in – The word in stands for India.
  • .aus – The word aus stands for Australia.
  • .eu – The word eu stands for Europe.

You have to choose the domain name extension at the time of buying the domain name because both of them are sold as a combo. Depending on their popularity and many other crucial factors, the pricing is different for various domains and domain name extensions. However, you can find many smart deals and discount options such as HostGator Promo Code that will help you reduce the cost of your domain name.

Now that we have completed the overview of domain name extensions, let us move on to explore the most popular domain name extensions. We will also find out what makes these domain names so accessible.

What are some popular domain name extensions?

The most popular domain names are also called TLDs or the Top Level Domains. They are more expensive than the other domain name extensions.

There are many reasons behind the popularity of a domain such as:

  • Ease of spelling and remembering it
  • Short domain names are more popular
  • Easy to pronounce domain names are more popular
  • Domain names reflecting the nature of your business are more popular
  • Grammatically correct domain names are more popular

And, the higher the popularity of a domain name, the higher is its price and the lower are your odds of having it. This is because the recent digital revolution has led to and huge purchase of popular domain names. Many people and companies participate in domain name trading as well. So, it is very likely that you might have to buy a domain name of your interest from some other person. Though the price might be negotiable, keep some smart money-saving options such as Hostgator Promo Code handy to enjoy decent savings on your purchase.

Check out the top ten popular domain names (stats based on the number of registered domains):

  • .com – 42.96%
  • .net – 4.37%
  • .de – 3.98%
  • .tk – 3.97%
  • .cn – 3.88%
  • .uk – 3.31 %
  • .org – 3.17%
  • .ru – 2.06%
  • .info – 1.67%
  • Others – 30.62%

Now that you have amassed an overall idea of domain names and their popularity, let us move on. Find some expert tips and pointers to choose the right domain name for your business in the following section.

Tips for choosing the right domain name for your business:

  1. Choose the right domain name extension

Your domain name should reflect the nature of your work and business. Also, you must choose a domain name extension that is popular. This will make sure that your users remember your domain name for future use. If you use a domain name extension is not popular, your users might get frustrated and even forget your website name altogether.

  1. Avoid choosing a generic name

Make your domain names brand-specific. Your visitors should get an idea of your business as soon as they look at your domain name. For example, instead of using www.beautyparlour.com, you must opt for www.gloryspa.com. These two names are used, for example, only to indicate the importance of choosing a brandable domain name.

  1. Keep your domain name short

Short domain names are easy to remember and easy to type. For example, instead of choosing www.findhealthexpertsandmedicineonline.com, you can use www.healthline.com or something else that is easy to type, easy to remember, and explains your business as well.

  1. Your domain name must be easy to pronounce

One of the most prominent principles of making your domain name a success, keep the word ‘ease’ in mind.

Another parameter in this regard that you must consider is the ease of pronunciation. This makes your domain names easy to remember and use. For example, instead of choosing www.hippocratesandptolemy.com, you can opt for www.ancienthistory.com.

  1. Avoid using hyphens and numerals in your domain name

Both of the hyphens and numerals reduce the readability and ease of use of a domain name.

This completes our discussion. We hope that all our readers find it helpful in choosing the best domain name for their businesses.

Abu Bakar
Abu Bakar
Abubakar is a writer and digital marketing expert. Who has founded multiple blogs and successful businesses in the fields of digital marketing, software development. A full-service digital media agency that partners with clients to boost their business outcomes.


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