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Manila Ocean Park: An Adventure with Nature and More!


The Philippines is surrounded by vast natural beauty and over the years the Filipinos have used tourism to preserve it. The Manila Ocean Park is an example of this; a huge nature park that houses the rarest of species. It also has quite a few funky exhibits for those who are looking for plain fun. It was opened in March 2008 and has been the talk of the town ever since.

Not only is it entertaining to watch 14,000 sea creatures swimming around a massive oceanarium but it is also educational. The park conducts guided tours to keep the groups informed of what they are seeing. If you have booked cheap flight tickets to Manila and are looking for some fun; Manila Ocean Park is the place to be.

Only because this park is so humongous let’s call it an exceptional entertainment center. While you have your bird and fish exhibits, there are also fun activities like Aquanot. You can purchase an all inclusive pass to enjoy everything the park has to offer.

The Structure and Attractions at Manila Ocean Park

Manila Ocean Park is divided into three parts: Ground Floor Outdoor, Ground Floor Indoor and Second Floor. Each floor has a unique experience with the best of both worlds. We’ll cover each floor and all the fun activities you can delve right into.

Ground Floor Outdoor:

You begin your tour at the ground floor if you’ve taken an all inclusive pass. Here you will be welcomed by beautiful mermaids and calls of the sky world.

Mermaid Pool: Make that Disney Princess Dream Come True

This first part is for all those who dreamed of being a gorgeous mythical sea creature. The Mermaid Pool is where you get to have your dream come true. Get dressed just like a mermaid and even learn how to swim like these mythical creatures.

Bird Exhibit: The Mighty World of Avian

The Birds of Prey Kingdom houses the magnificent Brahminy Kite which is a smaller version of the Philippines Eagle. The predominantly white bird is even more magnificent up close. All Star Bird Show is also fun to watch cockatoos, eagles and macaws perform fancy tricks to entertain the crowds.

Barnyard: With a Quack Here and a Thump There

This is the super cutie cuddle fest you were looking for, so get those hands ready to pet adorable farm animals. The Barnyard hosts a variety of farm animals like chickens, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and even rats.

Ground Floor Indoor:

Once you are done being fascinated by cuteness; the next step is a huge oceanarium, psychedelic jellies and creepy crawlies.

Oceanarium: The Hidden Gems of Sea Life

This large aquarium accessed through a tunnel houses 277 species of marine life. Divided into seven sections, the oceanarium is a walkthrough featuring sea life swimming in 3,000 cubic meters of seawater. This is the highlight of the entire ocean park and attracts tourists from all over the world.

Jellies Exhibit: An Amalgamation of Nature and Lights

This exhibit is a unique blend of sci-fi technology and the brilliance of jellyfish. It features something called repeated illusion that reflects one aquarium to look like multiple. The room is pitch dark and all you can see are the colorful jellyfish dancing to symphonic music.

World of Creepy Crawlies: Understanding the Misjudged

This section is dedicated to fight for these ignored creatures that most people misunderstand. World of creepy crawlies is enlightening as you learn about frogs, snakes, insects and lizards. The reptiles and insects here are explained in detail as you watch them go about their day.

Second Floor:

The last floor has a snowy wonderland, a non swimmers underwater experience and a relaxing terrace lounge.

Aquanot: A Close-up Experience

Now this is an inclusive life with the fish activity that can be done by even non swimmers. It involves a special helmet that gets oxygen pumped from the surface. This is the scuba diving version for people who haven’t learnt to swim yet.

Trails of Antarctica: Venture through the Mini Continent

A trip to Antarctica has always been a far off dream for most travelers but what if you could visit a smaller version of the continent? Trails of Antarctica allow you to do exactly that as you walk through a snowy wonderland with Humboldt Penguins waddling around.

Makan Makan Asian Food Village: Exquisite Dining

This restaurant is part of the H20 Hotel located on the second floor of the Manila Ocean Park. The showstopper at this eatery is the Laksa, delectable rice noodles flavoured with chilli, coconut milk and seafood stock topped with fish cakes and shrimp. Close your meal with a scrumptious Mango pudding that melts in your mouth.

White Moon Bar: A Serene View for a Relaxing Night

End the night on a high note and visit this classy and breathtaking roof bar. The scintillating view of the Manila Bay at sunset is a sight to behold. A constantly flowing bar, music that sets the mood and chairs worthy of royals makes this place a good night experience.

The Manila Ocean Park is a whirlwind of fun whether you are alone or with family and friends. It is advised to stay at the Manila Ocean Park Hotel as it gives you better access to the exhibits. All that’s left is booking tickets, so block your dates and get ready for an underwater adventure. Use iEagle for best deals on U.S international flights.

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