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Learning More about The Sparring And Training Gloves

Are your getting there already? To becoming the next top boxer that the world has ever seen? Or are you still training? Practicing those hooks and crosses in sparring, punching the bag to strengthen your will against the odds, working hard to save yourself from the hits of the adversary? Oh yeah, we can see you are getting there.

But did it ever occur to you why your coach would make you pick a different set of gloves for sparring than those for routine training? We’re glad it did.

Because like the gloves that vary by weight and size and hence utilization in this sport of magnanimous adrenaline rush, they also vary by their usage for sparring VS training. Let’s take you through the points of differentiation.

What’s the target?

The experts of the sport would often refer the sparring gloves as training gloves with a twist. But if you’ve been in the game long enough, you would know that training gloves come in handy either for bag work or training on boxing pads.

These gloves, often also equated with the bag gloves are designed with the objective to give beginner the basic skill to learn the technique for the sport before he can actually consider himself even a plain boxer. These kind of gloves are also used for fitness training in gyms- more like a partner-training. Though an all-rounder type, be careful about confusing these with the traditional bag gloves which had even lesser support and padding to protect hands against shock from the bag work too.

The core goal of sparring, on the other hand, is mastering your technique to knock down the adversary in a real fight without hurting the one helping you practice at the club – real fight, real partner, only imitation of the fight. Yes, this is the reason why you would find the custom sparring gloves to be a heavier variety; being used for sparring than in the real fight. Even a pro prepping for an upcoming fight would use heavier sparring gloves to allow for greater hand agility during the real bout.

If you are already now preparing your fight, check out these all new velocity sparring gloves that Infinitude fight has launched. A masterpiece combination of durability & style, the INFINITI- SHELL glove is an ideal choice for long, heavy sparring sessions; super soft padding to ensure absolutely no-harm at both ends. This pure leather beauty certainly up to the standards for a pro in the making, they are worth a look!

Padding, again?

Absolutely. We get that the objective of sparring is to practice the punches and almost rehearse the real fight. But it is still not the real fight. Hence the opponent is only your partner for practicing the real dual. The amount of padding is sufficient to ensure that the opponent is not hurt. Rather than knocking him down, he is to be your partner in polishing practical skill and technique.

Remember all the details about how boxer’s body weight is an important determinant in deciding the padding ounces? Greater the body weight, greater the padding ounces to be able to practice the punches; similar case for beginners who are recommended heavier padding for protective reasons – 12 to16oz to be precise, depending on the boxer weight of course and the intensity of sparring intended.

Training gloves, on the other hand come with significantly less padding, just enough to protect the trainee’s hands and wrists against shock or injury during the bag work.

Criteria for selection

More than just being a sport, boxing, like other forms of workouts, has become a lifestyle choice. Which is why, recognizing the passion boxers and trainees have for this otherwise aggressive combat sport brands like Infinitude offer a genuine leather, premium quality customized boxing gloves for training and sparring; guess what, at a super-sonic speed of delivery. The service is so express, you would hardly find a match especially with the grade of quality on offer.

When selecting the right training gloves, you would probably have to consider a few points; the hand size, body weight, height and the level of muscle development. The sparring gloves, on the other hand, would usually be selected on the basis of your body weight in order to create that balance between your comfort in punching the opponent and ensuring the poor soul’s safety.

The idea for the training gloves’ selection is for them to set perfectly to your hand size, wrist and over your fingers with sufficient support to save you any injury during the bag work. The experts would probably recommend you to start with smaller glove sizes and work your way up when you are equipped enough to manage the blow and the resultant shock originating from the bag.

Your trainer would recommend you an ideal sparring glove too, additionally, based on how mature you are in your game. Imagine those custom made leather sparring gloves on your hands training to prepare your first bout in the ring.

Yes, yes, we can feel that excitement filling your chest and the mind already envisioning several trophies and accolades in hand. While you are preparing for the day of glory, let us know about the sparring techniques you use, the strategies to beat the opponent you think could work best against what kind of an adversary, pour in tales from your journey as that upcoming boxing super star!

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