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2020 Best Cryptocurrency Faucets To Earn Free Crypto

Apart from Bitcoin, altcoins, blockchain, exchanges, wallets, there are several other cryptocurrency topics that you must know about. One of the major topics is cryptocurrency faucets. Do you know what are these cryptocurrency faucets? If not, then today, we will let you know about this term and will also going to introduce best paying cryptocurrency faucets in 2020. The term faucet must have reminded you about the mechanism where the flow of liquid like water is controlled. Similarly, the term has its use in the form of cryptocurrency, which we will be knowing it from this blog. Also, know about 2020 best cryptocurrency faucets to earn free crypto.

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What Are Cryptocurrency Faucets?

Before leaping to know about the best cryptocurrency faucets of 2020, it is a must to understand the basic meaning of the term faucets in the crypto world. When the users are offered minimal quantities of digital currency by apps or websites, these are called as cryptocurrency faucets.  The first cryptocurrency faucet is known to have started with the most well-known cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Gavin Andresen, a renowned developer, came up with the idea of crypto faucets. It was introduced to make the audience accept Bitcoin on a wider scale.

2020 Best Cryptocurrency Faucets

Now we will be introducing you some of the best cryptocurrency faucets of 2020 from the below options. Take a look.

Bitcoin Aliens

Bitcoin Aliens is one of the best highest paying Bitcoin Faucets in 2020. It is mainly focused on gaming on the mobile platform. All you need to do is just download it on your respective mobile handset featured with android or any other software and then enjoy grabbing the satoshis. Now if you have a question in mind about what makes this faucet so special and best, then better consider its positive reviews on the app stores.


Among the best cryptocurrency faucets, Allcoins.pw is also included. This faucet is not a solo but a multicurrency faucet. Besides DOGE, it carries multiple cryptocurrencies (around 29). Allcoins.pw consists of luck-based games and even comprises puzzle and mining games too.


Cointiply is one of the main and best cryptocurrency faucets in the crypto world and has a clean interface. On every hour, you can exceed your winning limit. And it is all possible through clicking ads, videos, or even games.

Blockchain Poker

Blockchain Poker is also counted among the best Bitcoin faucets. If you are familiar with poker, then just understand this faucet to be like that. In this faucet, around 100 satoshis are offered to play the game. If the balance comes below 50 satoshis, then the provision of refilling another 100 satoshis is also available. You don’t have to do any registrations here. In this game, everyone’s identity is kept secret.

Monero Faucet

MoneroFaucet is yet another example among the best cryptocurrency faucets. This is a very easy faucet. When the captchas are solved, the user receives XMR in exchange. Don’t expect any loyalty here, because, beyond 30 days, if the account is consistently not active, all your earnings will simply be taken by the website.


So these are some of 2020 best cryptocurrency faucets where you can earn free crypto. You can choose any of these faucets as per your choice and can enjoy your day earning satoshis. It will be a good time pass for the ones who are introverted and love playing digital games. These faucets come as the best option to involve you in gaming and earning the amounts. Besides knowing all about the cryptocurrency faucets, you also get to know much useful knowledge about the concept of cryptocurrency faucets. Crypto world is full of many interesting topics that are essential for a budding crypto enthusiast who wants to explore the amazing digital world. So always abreast yourself with the latest cryptocurrency news.

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