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“Jon Gruden Loses Bid for State High Court Reconsideration in NFL Lawsuit”

After Jon Gruden resigned as coach of the Las Vegas Raiders, he sued the NFL for contract interference and conspiracy. The Nevada Supreme Court denied his request to revisit the matter and instead ordered the case to be tried in private arbitration.

Following Monday’s notice posting on a court website, attorneys for Gruden, the league, and an NFL spokeswoman failed to reply to messages. Whether Gruden is able to request a hearing before each of the seven judges on the state Supreme Court is unclear at this time.

After a three-judge panel’s May 14 ruling that the NFL may move the civil matter out of state court and into arbitration, which might be presided over by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Gruden’s attorneys requested a rehearing.

In November 2021, Gruden filed a lawsuit claiming the league leaked racist, sexist, and homophobic letters he had written years before in an effort to get him to quit from the Raiders. The lawsuit names Goodell as a defendant.

According to two judges, Gruden was aware that the NFL constitution permitted arbitration as a means of conflict resolution, but it remained unclear whether Goodell or an appointed third-party arbitrator would preside over Jerry’s case.

When asked about Goodell’s participation in arbitration, one justice said it would be “outrageous.”

When the Raiders relocated from Oakland, California to Las Vegas in 2020, Gruden was the head coach. With almost six seasons left on his record-setting 10-year, $100 million deal, he departed the club in November 2021.

The league took the matter to the state supreme court after a May 2022 ruling by a Las Vegas judge that Gruden’s assertion that the league deliberately disclosed just his records might provide proof of “specific intent” or an act intended to have a certain outcome.

While communicating with Bruce Allen, a former executive of the Washington Commanders, by email between 2011 and 2018. During an inquiry of the Washington team’s work culture, the league collected around 650,000 emails, including these.

Gruden claims that his career and endorsement deals were wrecked when the emails were selectively leaked and published by the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. He is seeking monetary damages as a result.

From 1990 until 2008, Gruden was an NFL head coach. He coached the Oakland Raiders and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the latter of which he guided to a 2003 Super Bowl victory. Before being rehired by the Raiders in 2018, he worked as a TV commentator for a while.

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