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“Barcelona’s Interest Leads to Félix and Cancelo Exits Amid Chaos”

Barcelona erased a statement bidding goodbye to João Félix and João Cancelo because they still want to re-sign the Portuguese combo, according to a source.

As their contracts expired on Sunday, Barça expressed their gratitude to Marcos Alonso, Félix, and Cancelo for their time with the club.

The contracts of Alonso and Félix, who were both loaned out by Atlético Madrid and Manchester City, respectively, expire on June 30. Félix is now a free agent.

However, Barça then removed Félix and Cancelo’s names from both the statement and all social media postings.

The reason was that they both intended to prolong their time in the club, and the comment made it seem as if the door had closed.

Félix, who scored ten goals in 44 Barça games last season, returns to Atlético, while Cancelo, who played 42 times, returns to Manchester City for the time being, despite the fact that both are representing Portugal at Euro 2024.

However, the Barça management remains in continuous communication with the duo’s agent, Jorge Mendes, as they await clarification on their financial status this summer.

Barça cannot guarantee new contracts or acquisitions in LaLiga since they are still above their league-imposed spending cap.

Before adding new players to the roster, the Catalan club must generate funds via player moves, pay cuts, or new income sources.

Despite the uncertainty, the source indicated that Félix and Cancelo remain objectives after the hiring of new coach Hansi Flick to replace Xavi Hernández.

Their ideal situation would be to re-sign both players on loan, but the details of any agreements would be contingent on the outcome of negotiations with Atlético and City.

After two years at the club, Alonso, a former Chelsea left defender, departs.

However, club captain Sergi Roberto, whose contract is up on Sunday as well, has gone unmentioned.

Barça is unable to guarantee that they will be able to register the new contract with LaLiga, according to a source, although negotiations are ongoing.

Other teams in Spain and overseas have shown interest in Roberto, so he will soon have to decide what to do with his career.

Why is Barcelona so popular?

The Mediterranean city of Barcelona is known for its beautiful weather and world-class beaches. Sports, cuisine, and the arts all do quite well. Our city has become a world-renowned tourist attraction because of Gaudi’s architecture, the 28 restaurants that have been awarded 28 Michelin stars (2024), and the Barcelona Football Club (soccer).

Why is Barcelona different from the rest of Spain?

While Madrid is noted for its diversity and color, the buildings and streets remain traditional, while Barcelona’s architecture is contemporary and distinct. Park Guell and The Sagrada Familia, designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí, stand out from other structures worldwide.

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