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Joe Burrow opens up about dealing with injury issues

Joe Burrow was enthused about the prospect of returning from a wrist injury that terminated his 2023 season

However, the injuries build in his career, the fifth-year Cincinnati Bengals quarterback has spoken up about the mental element of constantly recuperating from serious ailments, with the wrist injury being the most recent.

“When the injuries start piling up, your football mortality kind of creeps into the back of your mind,” Burrow said following Tuesday’s obligatory minicamp. “So, that’s definitely something I’ve thought about and something I have had to fight through.”

Burrow said it was difficult to put a percentage on where he stands as he continues to recover from surgery in December to repair damaged ligaments in his throwing wrist. However, Burrow said that he’ll be “ready to go by the season.”

In his remarks Tuesday, the quarterback who signed a five-year, $275 million contract deal last year reiterated a message he has reinforced throughout the summer. As he prepares for the next season and the start of training camp in late July, Burrow is attempting to strike a balance between energy and rest for the start of the year.

Last week, Bengals coach Zac Taylor said that the team scheduled recovery days for Burrow during the offseason program. On June 4, he did not throw at the open OTA session for reporters. Burrow said that the approach has been excellent and is a component of achieving that balance.

“That’s something we’re being more proactive about this year,” Burrow said. “We don’t need to be ready by the middle of June. We must be prepared to begin operations in early September and continue until February.

“That’s how we’re approaching the offseason, the rehabilitation plan, the sessions, and training camp. We’re going at it like I want to be out there playing in February.”

Burrow noted that adjusting his thinking about fighting through ailments and playing through discomfort is part of his summer development. Burrow attributed the mindset change to an injured right calf he had at the outset of the last training camp. After being injured on the second day of camp, he returned five weeks later to begin the regular season. However, he worsened the injury in Week 2. Burrow later said that he did not manage the situation well and should have taken more time to recuperate.

“Whenever you fight through adversity and come out on the other side, it definitely gives you a feeling of invincibility at times,” Burrow said. “Clearly, you understand that is not the case. So there’s always a balancing act. That’s been the focus of my offseason.”

Burrow said that he had organized his time between now and the start of training camp. Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins, who has yet to sign his franchise tag, did not attend the team’s obligatory minicamp. Ja’Marr Chase, a Bengals wide receiver, was there Tuesday but did not participate in any exercises other than the team walkthrough. Chase, who is seeking a contract extension, did not talk with reporters Tuesday.

Despite the contract uncertainty for his top receivers and the many internal and external doubts about his rehabilitation, Burrow is relishing the challenge that awaits him and the club this season.

“I’m built for it,” Burrow said. “Our team is designed for it, and the individuals I’ve surrounded myself with have gone through it with me.

“I’m eager about the season. I am enthusiastic about what we are going to do. I am enthused about what we have in the locker room.”

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