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“Broncos Draft Bo Nix: Sean Payton Compares Him to Drew Brees and Highlights Key Differences”

The Denver Broncos were seeking for a quarterback in the buildup to the 2024 NFL Draft, which was no secret. They parted ways with Russell Wilson before free agency, leaving just Jarrett Stidham and, eventually, Zach Wilson on the depth chart.

Rumors circulated that the Broncos might attempt to trade up for one of the best passers in the class, but this did not materialize. Instead, the Broncos remained at No. 12 overall, selecting former Oregon quarterback Bo Nix. Nix’s likely top passing-game target, wide receiver Courtland Sutton, was among those who were pleased with the selection.

“Bo brings a lot of really good qualities to our team in terms of the quarterback position,” Sutton told DNVR Sports. “He does a lot of things really well on the field. He walks with a leader’s aura.

Head coach Sean Payton of the Broncos has shown similar enthusiasm for Nix. Coach Payton was asked this week whether he thinks Nix is comparable to or different from Drew Brees, the quarterback who coached the New Orleans Saints for most of his time there. Brees was a former assistant under Payton.

“Okay, we’re searching for commonalities. “I would say mentally, Nix wants to know as much and as quickly as he can,” Payton said. “I think there’s maybe a maturity level because, again, (Nix) played 61 games (in college) and when (the Saints) got Drew, it was off of his rookie contract and coming off an injury.”

He also mentioned Nix’s ability to “locate the ball well and be accurate,” similar to Brees.

However, Payton also said that they are not the same player. Apparently, engaging with them on a personal level is totally different. “Their personalities are different,” Payton said. “Nix is the son of a coach. Drew was not necessarily the son of a coach.”

How this translates to teamwork and offensive remains to be seen. It translates to working with Payton as well. Brees had more success than almost any quarterback in football when Payton was in charge of the offense, and the Broncos would gladly accept that sort of performance regardless of attitude.

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Abu Bakar
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