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At Heat Media Day, Jimmy Butler amazed everyone with his new look!

Jimmy Butler amazed everyone with his fresh appearance during the Heat media day.

There were a lot of hiccups in Jimmy Butler’s summer.

Is he really wearing his disappointment after missing out on Damian Lillard with the Miami Heat on his sleeve? The Heat star made a surprising appearance at Monday’s media day sporting a new hairstyle.

“I’m emo,” Butler said of his new look. To be at one with one’s feelings, as I am at this moment: “This is my emotional condition. Yes, this is the result.

“I don’t think it’s right,” Butler said to USA Today last year. It’s important to me that I’m free to style my hair any way I see fit. It’s my media day photo that you’re supposed to use.

“Put my hair back the way that it was because I love that hairdo on me.”

Jimmy Butler amazed everyone

Butler didn’t say anything further about the cut he got. He also didn’t provide any indication of the duration of the glance. Last year during media day, he debuted a new hairstyle that he called dreadlocks. The only place they lived once the season was over was in his publicity photos. In fact, he politely asked that ESPN keep using his media day shot from the previous season.

“I am happy for Dame to be somewhere he is wanted, where he has a chance to win a championship.” To be a first-year head coach and have some players like you have is great, and I’m pleased for Adrian Griffin that he has that, too,” Butler told him.

When asked about Lillard, Butler stated he was “happy for Dame to be somewhere he is wanted,” which clearly wasn’t on the Heat.

“But you know, I’m still going to be me.” Every year, I say it, but I’m still going to win the championship by beating Dame, Giannis, and Adrian Griffin. I really mean it this year, just as I do every year.

He was quizzed on whether or not he believed the Heat had done enough to build around him to have a title run.

“Yeah, we’re straight,” Butler confirmed. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I know my limits. What my boys are capable of is no secret to me. So we’ll keep playing basketball as a group and hope to make it to the championship game one day.

I guarantee that this time we will come out on top. You’ll look at this and think, “They got lucky.”

Abu Bakar
Abu Bakar
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