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Geno Smith criticizes the Giants LB for his “dirty play,” which caused the quarterback’s knee injury.

Geno Smith criticizes the Giants linebacker of the New York Giants for engaging in unsportsmanlike conduct resulting in the infliction of a knee injury on the quarterback.

Smith told ESPN’s Lisa Salters, “Dirty play,” after coming back for the second half of Seattle’s 24-3 win. It’s obvious to you all. It was a shady move. There’s no place for it in sports, and maybe something may happen, but other than that, I’m grateful to God for allowing me to return to the field.

Smith was clearly unhappy and spoke as much right away. Later, in the third quarter, he returned to the game and was called for taunting.

Even though the Seahawks (3-1) were headed into the bye week on a high note after a victory, he remained agitated after the game. Smith completed the game 13 of 20 for 110 yards and a score via the air.

On Monday night, New York Giants linebacker Isaiah Simmons made a dubious tackle along the sideline on Seattle Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith, sending him stumbling off the field and causing him to miss two series for his team.

“I just don’t respect that kind of stuff,” Smith remarked. Nothing of the kind is required. It’s a tough battle on the field. We’re all fighting, but there’s no need to shoot at those who are already out of limits.

During the game, Smith hurt his knee. For one more play, he stayed on the field before heading to the medical tent.

Geno Smith criticizes the Giants

Smith seemed to have some mobility issues after his comeback, as he was taking it easy on his injured knee. However, he claims it’s not a big deal.

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“I’m fine.” I’m fine. He said, “God is good.”

Pete Carroll, head coach of the Seattle Seahawks, was more upset with the manner of Smith’s tackle than with the location. After Smith’s ball was knocked back to him, the action unfolded close to the Giants’ sideline.

On the play, it was ruled a catch that gained a negative two yards.

Indeed, “that looked so dangerous,” as Carroll put it. I don’t see why we didn’t view it that way. Just looking at that gave me the creeps. In that play, he was harmed when his torso swung around in a horse-collar fashion, pulling down on the back of his legs. A penalty wouldn’t have changed the outcome, but it seemed like a risky move that officials should have taken a second look at.

The Giants did not appreciate the hit as much. They deemed it clean to consume.

Simmons claims he made no illegal moves and that he was in bounds when he made the tackle.

Simmons claims that all he was doing was attempting a tackle. After collecting his own pass, Smith took off for a long gain.

“I really don’t have much to say about it,” Simmons said. Football, that is. Do you mean he’s pissed because he was hit? When quarterbacks don’t want to be hit, they often do what? The numbers drop. There’s not much more I can say to him on the subject.

“Yeah, no one is trying to hurt anyone out there.” I want everyone to succeed, you know what I mean? “No one is trying to hurt anyone else, so I would hate it if someone intended to hurt me,” Simmons said. That was not the plan at all. We’re simply going out there to compete and win.

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Smith first blamed safety Xavier McKinney for the controversial play. Later in the series, the two got into it on the field.

McKinney’s post-performance attitude was unconcerned.

“I don’t know. “I really don’t care what he says or does,” McKinney said. Don’t worry about it.

“Yeah, I thought the hit was fine.” He laughed. “He’ll be fine.”

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