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Is Google Voice for business worth use?

Google Voice for business can be used; as this service is free of strings and phone lines. It is using with its pros more than its cons. There are many alternatives for phone call services but no one provides such completely free service that Google voice offers. It provides free-of-cost facilities having a list of features such as delivering phone calls to any other mobile number and online softphones, send and receive SMS and text messages from your phone, and even any web App, record and transcript voicemails.

Google Voice for Business communication:

Google voice for business can be used in small scale business to limit their cost; for office communication. Hence; the Google voice was designed for consumers rather than businessmen. Now the thesis under discussion is whether Google voice for business can be used.


Google voice for business

Google Voice Features:

Google offered a feature called Google voice; which is a free and virtual phone facility. A former Google user of a Google account has a Google address can easily access the Google voice number. Those users who are new on Google will send a forward number under the availability of cell facility. Then the Google users have to choose any area code and a free Phone number. After that Google voice users would be able to make and receive phone calls, Text messages, and SMS.

Google Voice Provides PBX’s Features:

For all this process Google would be in need of your web browser and Google Handout softphone; then users will be able to make as many calls as they want. This platform can help users to text to any number, receiving and sending voice mails and transcripts.  Those expensive features that hosted PBX can provide you; you can access all those from this Google voice.

Reliable and Quickest Platform:

This platform is not designed especially for the elite class rather anyone can use it. It is not much reliable and quickest as other calling apps, but anyone can be entertained from it as it is free.

Some of its great features can be following:

  • Show a history log
  • Record and transcribe the voicemail
  • Provide forwarding system
  • Availability of calling and receiving any call from any number and any web App
  • Transaction of SMS and text messages from any web App
  • Provide high call volume on calling service
  • Entertained U.S. residents with a conference call
  • Video conferencing can access through Google Hangout

Google Voice Limitations:

Here are the features that Google voice cannot perform that are following:

  • This service can enjoy by those users that already have mobile phone service and a number
  • Emergency calls are ban
  • Those users who have transferred to Google Hangout only can be accessed Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS); still with limited capacity otherwise, no MMS service can be used on this platform
  • Google voice cannot receive messages from Apple iCloud Keychain; hence it can be said that Google voice has limited local SMS capacity
  • SMS sending facility is available in U.S. and Canada only; while the receiving facility is applicable throughout the whole world
  • It has very limited hardware availability
  • Call have limitations too; if the incoming call is not answered in 25 seconds that call will go to voicemail
  • It does not provide a support system such as any contact number, email address, or web chat to consult for your problems. Users can only depend on Google Voice Help Center FAQ, or Google Group’s official Google Voice product forum

Can Google Voice Helpful in Business development?

A businessman who is confused about whether he/she should use the money on the full phone system or not; the following details can help to tell what features Google Voice for business is and is not providing.

Google Voice is supported by a giant network that is Google, but when you are running a business; depend on communication and day-to-day conversation then you are in need to depend on a reliable source with a specified focus on your phone system.

Generally; globally Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has 7 or more data centers with at least one level of redundancy. These data centers are connecting with each other in such a way that if one center on the East coast side is going down then all the data would be transfer to another or closest center like the West coast side. So the users should not worry about the phone system to do going slow.


google voice for business

Google Voice Support System:

Support systems of the service providers are really important and vary greatly from one service provider to the other. It’s easy to get support from some service providers while it seems a nightmare in the case of others. Some support systems of the service providers are really up to the mark while another support system is completely unhelpful.

More or less; help is always positive than not helping at all. For Google Voice there is online information, you can also submit your quires on the Google Support Forum; there can be chances of not responding sometimes. If your business is running on the back of your phone and if sometimes anything goes wrong; you can hope for the best and everything would be settle soon.

Google Voice for Business Growth:

Google Voice is a platform that gives you a whole list of features such as phone number, calling, SMS and texting services, voice mail recording, and transcript; also provides conferencing call and video by accessing the Google Hangout. But as compare to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Google voice has a shortlist of features. Features can differ between providers and different plans; common features may include many phone lines rather than one, many phone numbers, toll-free numbers, customer greetings, unlimited business texting, auto attendants, and voicemail facility.

Cons of Google Voice for Business:

Business growth and development is the key factor for all the businessmen; whether it is small or has wide ranges. The most important part of the business is to keep in touch with the loyal and old customers and add new ones; that is based on a cost-effective communication system. Ensuring clients; a professional approach which made easy in the technological era through different VoIP such as Google voice. Google voice for business can be used with a list of smart features.

Free SMS:                                   

Through Google voice, users can send free SMS if they are in the range of Wi-Fi or using Mobile data. Users have to spend indirectly money, but after connecting to a connection users don’t have to pay any other charges. After all this; users can send SMS in the U.S. and Canada only. So this platform can use for personal use but not for business. If users do not reply to a text that would be forward to the user’s mobile phone which can mix-up the personal and professional data.

Voice to Text system:

When users use Google voice for business; they may lack time to listen to the multiple voice mails so the scanning feature of Google voice to text makes it a lot easier. But the user must listen back to the important voice mails as sometimes as the voice-to-text system not surly foolproof and can cause confusion.

Conference voice and video call:

Users can have conference calls and also conference voice calls with up to 3 additional people.

google voice for business

Pros of Google Voice for Business:

On one side Google voice has cons on another side it has some pros that are following.

Lack of well-managed calls flow:

A businessman always needs a fair communication system; if he has not well-managed and good flow of calls he may ruin his business due to a lack of communication system. He needs an informative call menu having smart features of custom voice greetings and prompts, updated business information, a quick connection with the client. Google voice lack structured call flow and call menus for the customers.

Mix Up Personal and Professional Contacts:

Google voice has a basic contacts section and every new contact which you will add directly goes to your Google account. This process causes a confusing hodge-podge of lots of contacts difficult to differentiate between personal and business contacts. It also lacks the sync business contacts feature within the team due to which your business does not offer a shared client base.

Lack Comprehensive Dashboard:

Communication is effective if it manages from a place. There should one dashboard where the call logs, missed calls data, call recordings, voice to text transcripts, and call analytics store. As for a businessman, it is not easy to manage and look a bit by bit information through emails about all the activities on the Google voice.

Merged web widgets:

Nowadays every business has a web page but when you use Google Voice for Business; it does nothing to use that. So the businessman has to access some other services to communicate with their client via chat or call back their customers to make them their loyal clients.

In short; the use of Google voice depends upon the nature of the business you are doing. To some extent, Google voice for business can use it instead of VoIP but in some other condition, it may not provide you with all those services and facilities which your business required.

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