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IPL 2020 to be held in Sri Lanka?

IPL 2020 has been suspended indefinitely by the Cricket Control Council of India (BCCI) and the organizers envision the fall window (September-October) as a potential slot for sporting extravagance. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the Sri Lanka Cricket Board wrote to the Indian cricket corps, asking it to change bases for the rescheduled tournament later this year.

Sources close to the BCCI confirmed the approach of Sportskeeda by the Sri Lankan Cricket Commission. With only 238 cases recorded, the island nation is expected to be free of coronavirus in less than three months.

A source close to BCCI said: “BCCI received a letter from the Sri Lankan Cricket Commission about three days ago, but they have not yet responded because, there is a lot of logistics required to host the IPL, and for that to happen, the pandemic has to reduce in India. ”
Not excluding that the IPL is hosted on foreign lands, our sources were convinced that BCCI is open to prospect.

BCCI has not yet discussed IPL 2020 in Sri Lanka
Our source added: “Their cricket chief included specific data showing how the country is almost coronavirus-free, and a detailed plan of the stadiums that can accommodate teams. BCCI must understand if the infrastructure in place is capable of taking in charge of an event of this magnitude. ”

According to our sources, the proposal was floated among a few teams, with several teams agreeing that the IPL performing outside of India is not a bad idea.

“Why would the cricket ecosystem want to lose so much money? All the alternative options should be explored. At present, the BCCI has not even organized a meeting by videoconference to decide whether Sri Lanka is a potential option. It will be discussed next week. ” says our source.
Sri Lanka Cricket Board president Shammi Silva confirmed to local media that they had sent a proposal to BCCI earlier this week. However, with BCCI dealing with multiple issues such as team management and logistics, a discussion on the proposal is pending.

IPL 2020 was scheduled to start on March 29, but the coronavirus pandemic caused several delays, resulting in an indefinite suspension. If this happens, it will not be the first time, BCCI travels abroad to host IPL. In 2009, the tournament was successfully held in South Africa.

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Abu Bakar
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