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IPL 2020 could be held behind closed doors

The Harvard School of Public Health has stated that the United States should maintain social distance until 2022 to defeat the coronavirus. This did not dampen the minds of the owners of the IPL team, who, like the rest of the world, are eager to overcome the pandemic. Therefore, it doesn’t bother them to conduct the tournament behind closed doors.

Like the BCCI, none of the main owners speculate on whether this will happen or not. Since social distancing is the norm at the moment, sporting extravagance has been postponed indefinitely and the BCCI is keeping its fingers crossed in hopes of leading the event in the fall months. Franchises will not hesitate to give up money from the gate of league matches – which will amount to Rs 3 to 6 crore per match for seven games at home.

“The biggest challenge is to lead the IPL this season. However, the current situation is pretty grim and it doesn’t seem that simple. If everything goes well, people might not be allowed to watch the games live. But like more than 90 percent of the IPL audience on TV and the Internet, it will not be a big deal other than losing the receipts from the door. It’s still much better than canceling the IPL this season “said a team official to Sportskeeda. Thursday.

However, some teams are not as optimistic. Although the broadcaster has no problem with the event taking place without supporters inside the stadium, it will not be easy to bring cricketers abroad to the country.

“How can the IPL happen without foreign cricketers?” asked a team leader. This means that not only India but also the rest of the world will have to overcome COVID-19 for any sporting event to take place.

IPL always a possibility in the autumn window

Almost all of the teams have already taken advances from their sponsors and may have to refund the money if the tournament is not held. “Nobody will say anything until the IPL is officially canceled. Even the BCCI has taken an advance on the broadcaster, which means that there is still hope of hosting the IPL during the months of ‘autumn’, said a source while adding that the richest T20 event could also be the first sporting event after the world has completely defeated the coronavirus.

But social isolation will continue to be the new world order and the games could take place behind closed doors.

Abu Bakar
Abu Bakar
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