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God of War 5: When the Game is Coming and all the Recent Updates of the Game!

There is good news for all game lovers. God of War 5 is coming back again. As you know, it is the most popular video game that released in 2018, and Sony created this one.

Pre-teens and adults really like this video game. Do you want to know all the details of God of War 5? Let’s talk about the recent information and updates of the game.

No sequel is getting by the developer. We just know, yet God of War 5 is happening. Sony Interactive Entertainment did not announce an official update regarding the release date. Developers know that the fans do not like the previous time gap; therefore, they do not want to piss them off again.

According to the latest reports, the chances are that this video game will release next year. However, makers did not make any official release date yet. But we will share the latest news when the developers release.

Will Kratos Die in God of War 5?

Everyone is talking about Kratos. Will Kratos die on God of War 5 or not? Fans are wondering what will be the game setup? What will the graphics, dialogues, and codes.

Kratos is the main protagonist and core player of teh game. It is unlikely that he will die because if he dies, it means God of War will end. Fans don’t want this because may players are buying PlayStation because of this one.

New Weapons

There will be new weapons in the game in which new combat weapons and surprising powers are included. The creative team of teh game will do a lot of new things. It is expecting that it will start from where the God of War 4 ended. Well, let’ s see what Sony brings for all of us.

Abu Bakar
Abu Bakar
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