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Best 15 Ways You Can Make Intro Videos Easily

With the growing digital era, platforms like YouTube are exponentially gaining all sorts of popularity. Why shouldn’t it? Food, music, education; you can find anything over there. YouTube is probably the next and a better destination to learn anything after Google. 

Remember that catchy and tangy animation right at the beginning of a YouTube video? That is what we call an intro video. Intro video creates an excellent impression in the viewers’ mind and leaves an aftertaste of awesome content.

This article has a ‘whopping 15 ways’ to help you to understand how to make an intro for YouTube channel

  1. InVideo

InVideo has a lot of interesting and attractive templates to provide its user, that too free of cost! You can create a professional video with your brand impression and an ideal tone or music. Add your custom images, select your favourite colours and text boxes, and your intro video is ready.

  1. Legend 

The android app named ‘Legend’ helps you to create your intro video within a few minutes. Along with the ease of developing the intro from your mobile phone, Legend also provides several free templates to choose from. The simple and basic templates are widely used among YouTubers. 

  1. Quik

This application can run in both android and iOS mobile devices. With more extensive and diversified templates, Quik offers a user-friendly interface. It can automatically create magical clips all according to the input you provide.

  1. Panzoid

Panzoid is online software that can be used to create a professional intro for YouTube videos. Change objects, animation colours, and background music all according to the demand of your YouTube video. You can get a 1080p video output with the premium subscription starting from 1.99$/month. 

  1. Render Forest

Render Forest provides an amazing collection of templates to choose from. However, the free version will have a watermark after the final output of your video. Though, one can pay for removing the watermark and choose more professional and exotic templates from this platform.

  1. Animaker

With about 3 million users, this software is trusted by about 1000+ brands. The simple and user-friendly interface makes it smooth for the beginners and helps create the desired intro video. In addition to that, it also provides incredible background and sound effects to its users.

  1. LightMV

This cloud-based application can turn your photos and videos into an attractive intro. A simple yet bold interface with impactful video templates is the most intriguing attribute that this particular software provides. The user can easily upload and download the videos from the platform. 

  1. OFFEO

With a vast library of categorized templates with an option of 1000+ varieties, OFFEO has a lot to provide to its users. Doodles, logos, HD images, and graphic elements- all encapsulated under a single platform called OFFEO. The free version imposes its watermark on your work. 

  1. Wideo

Save your favourite scenes with the easy-to-use interface of Wideo. You can easily download the 

content in full HD and MP4 in the premium subscription of 19$/month. However, a free trial of 7 days is available with all the features, except ‘downloading’.

  1. Biteable

With about 4 million users, Biteable provides a fast and efficient interface to create your customized intro for YouTube. Biteable is easy-to-use and is apt for beginners. However, the software offers limited facilities in the free version, which might be upgraded to the premium subscription at 20$/month.

  1. Placeit

Backed by Envato, Placeit is the perfect destination for you to create your customized intro video. In addition to the 20,000+ templates, Placeit provides perks such as apt logos, stylish slides, HD images, that can be easily used to customize the template to produce your video. The monthly premium subscription is 29$. 

  1. Motion Den

Experiment with the exotic colours and templates available for free at Motion Den. With your crazy imagination and the software’s user-friendly interface, you can create the required professional intro to hook the attention of the viewers. The premium subscription is 39$/month 9$/video.

  1. Flixpress

Flixpress is a cloud-based online software that can be your perfect companion to create the best of intro videos. The royalty-free music library is the best thing the software offers. However, it only provides 2 min of video creation per month, which can further be upgraded in the premium versions. 

  1. Ivipid

Choose your templates, enter your text and logo, and finally download the desired video. This simple process at Ivipid can produce quick and fun intro videos for you. However, Ivipid is best for funky intros rather than professional intros. 

  1. Tube Arsenal

This web-based platform requires no signup to have a paid subscription. With its attractive collection of templates and editing options, Tube Arsenal is specifically known for its ‘occasional intro’. However, you have to pay 9$/video (720p) and 13$/video (1080p).


No matter which platform you create your intro video on, you must take care of what it includes. Do not forget to add your perfect impression and your brand value for the short intro. It might be short, but the aftereffects can be considerable! Hope that you got a conclusive idea on how to make videos with the best intros!

Abu Bakar
Abu Bakar
Abubakar is a writer and digital marketing expert. Who has founded multiple blogs and successful businesses in the fields of digital marketing, software development. A full-service digital media agency that partners with clients to boost their business outcomes.


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